10 Best Bike Shorts For Fat Guys

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8 Best Bike Shorts For Fat Guys

Whether you want to get into bike riding to be more active or you’re ready to step up your cycling game you need the right equipment.

Aside from the bike itself, clothing is part of that equipment that can either make your cycling experience comfortable or a nightmare.

A good bike helmet will keep your head safe, and the right plus-size jersey will help regulate your temperature no matter what season it is.

But that’s not all.

You also need the right bike shorts that will fit your own body type, whether you are overweight or have thick thighs.

The padding, the right fit, and the material are all essential features that you need to consider, but it can be a challenging search since the market is not always catered to plus-size folks.

But you don’t have to worry about that here. We created a list of our 10 best bike shorts for fat guys, and we made sure to let you know under which criteria these shorts won a spot on our list.

However, if you’re short on time you can skip ahead and see our top picks here:

  1. Best Overall: Aero Tech Design Men’s USA Padded Mountain Bike Shorts
  2. Best On A Budget: Anivivo Cycling Shorts Men Cool Max Padded
  3. Best For Guys With Thick Thighs: Aero Tech Design All Day Cycling Shorts
  4. Best Fit For Big And Tall Guys: Aero Tech Design Men’s Top Shelf Cycling Bib-Shorts
  5. Best Mountain Riding Shorts: Silvini Rango MTB Shorts For Men
  6. Best Padding: Baleaf Men’s Cycling Shorts
  7. Best Compression: Aero Tech Design Men’s Spandex Workout Shorts
  8. Most Breathable: Souke Sports Padded Bike Shorts For Men
  9. Best For Sweat Control: Eco-Daily Men’s Cycling Shorts
  10. Most Lightweight: Aero Tech Design Men’s Big Plus Pro Bike Shorts

How To Choose Bike Shorts If You’re Overweight?

To ensure that your bike shorts will serve you right through the rough mountain terrain or the busy streets of your city we had to break down the factors that make bike shorts great in general and specifically for large men.

So, let’s take a look!


While it’s usually best to stick to shorts that are manufactured from natural fabrics or natural blends on a daily basis, the same logic doesn’t apply when we’re exercising or doing physically demanding activities like cycling.

That’s why bike shorts are mainly made out of synthetic, and spandex-based fabrics.

These fabrics have a lot of stretch to them, they are amazing at wicking away moisture, and aerodynamics is another reason why cyclists prefer synthetic bike shorts.

For a large person exercising is more taxing on our muscles and since cycling puts a lot of pressure on your thighs, that’s why it’s important to choose shorts made from synthetic fabrics that will reduce fatigue and promote blood flow during the exercise thanks to the muscle compression feature.


In order to get the most out of the muscle compression of your shorts is to go for a snug fit. This way the chamois pad will also stay in place.

That being said, the bike shorts should not be too tight. You still need to have perfect freedom of movement and feel them sit comfortably both around your waist and thighs.

Getting the perfect fit will also help you with thigh chafing, but in most cases, you might still have to use some anti-chafe cream, especially if you’re planning on going for a long ride.

I also want to add that you can get the most out of your bike shorts and the chamois pad without wearing underwear.

I know it might sound weird to new cyclists, but this way you are more likely to achieve a tight fit, keep the chamois pad in place and maximize the sweat-control properties of the shorts.


You’ll notice that many bike shorts on this list have a multiple panel design.

This helps create that snug fit that not only should make the shorts comfortable and stretchy for large men but also provide your muscles with adequate compression.


The inseam of shorts is measured from the crotch/rise to the bottom of the shorts along the inner thigh.

Bike shorts come in different lengths, the ones with a 5 to 7-inch inseam are considered short, while a 9 to 10-inch inseam is considered standard.

Of course, there are inseams that fall in between these categories, and they also depend on the brand. But at the end of the day, which inseam you’ll gravitate towards comes down to personal preference.

My husband doesn’t feel comfortable wearing short bike shorts, but he also doesn’t like the feel of a long inseam length.

He finds that the most comfortable inseam length is the one that stops a few inches above his knees. This way he gets plenty of coverage, and the fabric isn’t rubbing the back of his knee as he pedals.

If you’re tall then you also might want to look for shorts with standard length or brands that make tall-specific sizings for bike shorts that will get your proportions just right.


Another important feature that someone who is plus-sized will appreciate is the elastic waistband.

This seemingly minor detail will help keep the shorts in place whether you’re riding your bike at full speed or walking through town.

I’m sure most of us know what a nuisance a bad waistband can be. If the elastic is too small then it can roll or dig into your skin and if it’s too large then constant readjusting is inevitable.

You can avoid all that by going for the bib shorts alternative, which is listed in our tall and big guy section. These shorts use shoulder straps to make sure the shorts won’t roll down and they also keep the pad in place.

Chamois Pad

The chamois pad is what makes bike shorts stand out, but not all of them are going to work for you.

A good quality chamois pad should be sitting tightly against your skin, not only to control and wick away the sweat but also to keep your pelvic region or “sitting bones” as comfortable as possible while you’re riding.

Basically, this pad offers proper cushioning against the saddle. Even if you have the most comfortable bike seat, a pad can make things 10 times better.

The thickness of the pad and the materials used, like foam-based or gel-based pads, are the two features that will allow you to go on longer trips without destroying your rear.

Foam-based chamois pads are usually thinner and one great benefit is that they dry much faster.

The gel-based pads on the other hand are much thicker and they provide more support and comfort during long rides. Unlike foam-based padding, these are also considered beginners friendly.

Leg Grippers

Leg holes are not always listed on product descriptions and this can be an issue for men with thick thighs.

But when it comes to bike shorts you need to find the sweet spot. Having a very wide leg opening means that the shorts will ride up as you pedal.

Then again having a really tight leg hole could have the same result or it will simply feel uncomfortable.

If you want to keep your shorts from riding up as you cycle, then it’s important to look for shorts with silicone leg grippers.

Shorts that stay in place are less likely to cause chafing, and you simply won’t have to think about your shorts at any given moment, instead, you can focus on the ride.


Different brands will offer you different features that can improve your cycling experience.

For example, having a few secure pockets is an important element especially if you’re not planning on carrying any additional cargo on your bike.

Shorts with reflective stripes or intense neon colors make you visible in low-light conditions, especially out on the country roads.

10 Best Bike Shorts For Fat Guys

Knowing what to look for when you’re buying bike shorts is how you find the right pair for your body and size.

So, let’s see what we found for you!

Best Overall: Aero Tech Design Men’s USA Padded Mountain Bike Shorts

If you’re looking for a durable pair of bike shorts that can both withstand long bike rides as well as some additional off-bike hiking on your trips then these shorts are a great option. In fact, this is not the first time we have Aero Tech Designs featured on our lists for bike apparel, and at the top of the list for that matter.

My husband loves this brand for numerous reasons, and as a big guy, the fit of his bike shorts is at the top of his priorities. For the most part, he does try to avoid well-fitting clothes, and these loose-fitting pair of bike shorts are right up his alley.

More so, this pair has side slits on each leg hem that gives you a bit of extra mobility when pedaling. If however, you have slim legs this could cause the bottom to ride up, or it can affect the aerodynamics.

My husband has quite lean legs, to begin with, but his calves and knees are quite bulky, and let’s not forget that no matter how lean your legs might be if you’re tall and heavy you’re still more likely to have thicker thighs than the average person.

Speaking of tall, with a 12-inch inseam these are definitely longer than some of the other shorts on our list, making this pair a great option for tall guys. Unfortunately, they most likely won’t work for shorter men, and cycling with very long shorts can be an unpleasant experience for some cyclists, myself included.

The top material is made from 100% four-ply nylon that can withstand the rough mountain terrain, and the jagged rocks, and dirt that comes with it. But don’t be fooled by their resilient nature because you don’t have to just wear them when mountain cycling.

Just by taking one look at the simplistic design of these shorts, I’m sure you’ll also fall in love with them. You can basically wear these shorts while cycling in town and still look presentable in all three colors, black, charcoal, and navy.

Now we know that these shorts look cool, but let’s take a look at what’s underneath because these are two shorts in one.

The internal liner is a micro-mesh durable material that is designed to keep you well ventilated and dry, even on hot days. My husband tends to get really sweaty at the small of his back and thanks to the aero cool mesh at the back he no longer has to check his behind every few seconds in case it’s wet or has a massive white sweat stain.

The black chamois pad is made out of dense foam, and it’s more suitable for seasoned bike riders. Don’t get me wrong it’s designed to absorb shock, but it’s not necessarily as beginner’s friendly as a gel foam pad, but it is great at wicking away moisture.

The price point of these shorts is not as budget-friendly as one would prefer, but the quality, the engineering, and the style make this product a worthy investment for large and tall men.

If that sounds like a good deal to you then don’t forget to read the reviews and check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here!

Best On A Budget: Anivivo Cycling Shorts Men Cool Max Padded

ANIVIVO Cycling Shorts Men Cool Max Padded,Mens Bike Shorts Comfort Road Bike Shorts with Anti-Slip...
518 Reviews
ANIVIVO Cycling Shorts Men Cool Max Padded,Mens Bike Shorts Comfort Road Bike Shorts with Anti-Slip...
  • These are form-fitting shorts with sizes up to 5XL
  • The silicone around the leg hem prevents the shorts to ride up when cycling
  • The 7 designs are not as exciting and I'd love to see more color options
  • 11.81-inch seam

If you’re new to cycling then spending a lot of money on bike shorts may seem intimidating, especially if you don’t know how they’ll feel or look on you. If that’s the case then the Anivivo bike shorts are an affordable and a good quality option to get started.

Made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex these shorts are very stretchy, and you don’t have to worry about them losing their shape no matter how many times you put them in the wash. This fabric is just what you need when you cycle, it’s breathable and it will keep you dry even after long hours of riding under the sun.

I do want to warn you that the gel pad is quite thick, and it’s quite visible, which might be unusual for cyclists that are used to foam pads. Gel pads on the other hand are better at reducing discomfort for the sitting bone area, and they are great for those of us who are carrying additional weight and the hip hurt might be more intense.

However, I do understand that the padding on these shorts might still be a little too much for some. My husband is still not sure how he feels about it visually, but when it comes to cycling he has noticed that the pad does a good job at keeping him sweat-free and he describes the feeling like he’s “sitting on clouds”.

I’ll be honest and say that the sizing can be a little confusing, the 5XL did work for my husband just fine, and they are supposed to be true to size, but if you’re unsure I would recommend reaching out to the brand to make sure the waist size will fit you well.

When it comes to cycling apparel my husband loves crazy colors and designs. So he was not blown away by this particular line. If you do however enjoy shorts with discreet patterns that feature a bit of color, or you prefer an all-black look then this might just be the right brand for you.

All in all, these are great bike shorts for beginner cyclists, especially at this price, but if you’re looking for a professional pair with thinner padding then these might not work for you. But we have plenty of options that will suit your cycling needs on this list.

You can take a closer look at the sizing, the colors, and the reviews by other fellow big men and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best For Guys With Thick Thighs: Aero Tech Design All Day Cycling Shorts

Aero Tech Men's USA Classic Spandex Compression Workout Fitness Shorts
405 Reviews
Aero Tech Men's USA Classic Spandex Compression Workout Fitness Shorts
  • Sizing options up to 6XL with a tight fit and up to 62-64 waist
  • The chamois pad has dual-density and it's designed for all-day cycling
  • The nylon and spandex blend will support your thick thigh muscles without squashing them
  • 9-inch inseam for the ideal above the knee fit

You will probably notice Aero Tech Designs come up more than once on our list, and that’s because this is a brand that makes durable shorts for different body sizes. While our top pick was a loose-fitting pair of shorts, this one is a tight-fitting pair that even my husband enjoys wearing.

You might be surprised that we would choose tight-fitting shorts for guys with thick thighs, but despite the form-fitting design, these shorts can stretch in all directions while you’re cycling or doing your warm-up stretches. That’s because the fabric is made from an 84% nylon and 16% spandex blend and it’s rugged.

So, not only are these shorts capable of withstanding rough handling, but they are perfect for men with larger thighs and since they are very soft to the touch, they also reduce the chances of chaffing in those areas.

These shorts do offer a very light compression but if you’re someone who needs something that’s tighter, then you might want to go a size smaller. But I doubt you’ll need to go smaller if you have larger thighs.

If you’re someone who is afraid of your shorts riding up during intense pedaling then you can rely on the power-band silicone leg grippers to keep these shorts in place. The only thing I would change here is the waist. Don’t get me wrong it’s very spacious, and I do love the size inclusivity, but it does lack a bit of tightness and depending on your belly size the shorts might not stay in place. A drawstring is all we’re asking here.

The chamois pad is made out of foam which means that it’s great for touring and long distances, especially for experienced riders. The density is perfect for protecting your key bone areas from shock and it’s designed to stay cool and dry. However, if you’re a new rider you might find that it lacks thickness.

If you’re someone who hates the back pockets of your jersey, and as a larger individual I can relate since it’s not always easy to reach for your things, then you’ll be happy with the pockets on these shorts. The side pockets are large enough to store your phone and keys, and deep enough to keep them from falling out.

Now when it comes to style, you don’t get a great variety, in fact, these Aero Tech Design bike shorts only come in two colors. If you want to increase your visibility while cycling I suggest going with the reflective yellow sides design.

I do want to mention that these shorts are pricey, but when it comes to this brand it’s not surprising, and for the quality product you get I think it’s worth it.

Learn more about these bike shorts and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

Best Fit For Big And Tall Guys: Aero Tech Design Men’s Top Shelf Cycling Bib-Shorts

Aero Tech Men's Top Shelf USA Padded Cycling Bib-Shorts
58 Reviews
Aero Tech Men's Top Shelf USA Padded Cycling Bib-Shorts
  • Big and tall sizes up to 5XL with an up to 50-52 waist
  • These shoulder straps and the leg grippers will keep the shorts in place
  • The fabric offers plenty of stretch and mobility to larger men that also have thick thighs
  • 10.5 inches inseam

I’ll start by saying that bib shorts are not for everyone, or at least that’s what my husband firmly believed until he tried this pair and realized that these were designed for a tall and big guy like him.

First of all these bib shorts are capable of tackling a major problem that plenty of larger men face when exercising and cycling, and that’s shorts that keep falling down and need constant readjustment. As a cyclist, the last thing you want to think about is your rear being exposed, or the pad moving from its rightful place.

For those of you who are worried about having another layer on your back during the summer, I want to mention that these are designed to keep you dry, that’s why you’ll notice that the back is actually made out of a light mesh material. It’s also a great layer to have during the colder months to protect your back from the cold winds.

Another issue some of us face during cycling, even if we’re pedaling in the most relaxed way, is the leg hems riding up. I hate this feeling, not only because I keep pulling my shorts down as I ride, but also because it’s super uncomfortable since my thighs rub against each other. Just like the straps will keep your waist in place the silicone leg grippers on these shorts won’t let that happen.

Speaking of chafing, there are no seams on the inner thigh, these shorts are soft and smooth and the stitching all across the 8 panels doesn’t feel itchy. The multiple panels also offer adequate muscle compression during your ride and the spandex material increases your mobility when pedaling.

The pad is manufactured from a multi-layered foam that’s made out of Coolmax microfiber and it’s designed to keep you cool. This type of material also absorbs little fluid and dries quite quickly. Keeping the padded area dry isn’t just going to reduce your discomfort during long rides but also saddle sores.

I also want to add that the padding is definitely on the thick side, which is not for everyone, but it’s great for large men who have sensitive hips. The only major issue that my husband noticed is that the padding on these shorts is relatively narrow so it didn’t work well with his wide saddle.

When it comes to style these shorts come in 4 different black designs, one simple black and three with eye-catching sides of yellow, red, or blue. While I do like black shorts, if you want more visibility you should go for the flashy sides.

If you want to find out more about Aero Tech Designs, you can read reviews of other fellow big and tall dudes, and remember to check today’s Amazon by clicking here.


Best Mountain Riding Shorts: Silvini Rango MTB Shorts For Men

SILVINI Rango MTB Shorts for Men MT Bike Shorts MTB Mens Mountain Bike Shorts
1,725 Reviews
SILVINI Rango MTB Shorts for Men MT Bike Shorts MTB Mens Mountain Bike Shorts
  • These are loose-fitting mountain shorts with sizes up to 5XL with a max 52.8 waist
  • Windproof and water-resistant, suitable for any outdoor activity
  • The 5 zipper pockets are perfect for storing all your essentials safely
  • The padded liner shorts are not included otherwise it would have been the perfect pair
  • The 12-inch inseam will mostly suit tall cyclists

If you’re planning on taking your mountain bike for a ride across rough terrain then you need the right shorts. These might not be as easy to find if you’re a large and tall guy with a belly, and thick thighs, but with Silvini Rango it’s definitely not impossible!

Manufactured by a European brand, the Silvini shorts are made to last thanks to the ripstop material used. This fabric is much more resistant to tearing and ripping when it comes to the outdoor dangers that mountains provide.

Thanks to the triple-sutured seams, you also don’t have to worry about putting too much pressure on these shorts when you move during bike riding. Additionally, having a large belly means that you need a stretchy waistband, but you also need something to keep the shorts in place and that’s why we love that these shorts are both stretchy and come with a belt.

These are also quite roomy and I also think that big guys with thick thighs will appreciate the adjustable velcro closures at the bottom. But even if you are leaner at the bottom you can use that extra room for knee protectors and the padded undershorts that unfortunately are not included.

While these shorts look thick, they are light, airy, and breathable, they offer adequate sweat control, and can be worn all season as long as you layer them during the colder months.

You simply can’t argue against the high quality of these shorts, and one more thing I appreciate is how comfortable and stylish these look. You can conquer mountain tops or order coffee from your local cafe and still look good.

You can take a closer look at the sizing, read the 1,600+ reviews, and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Most Padding: Baleaf Men’s Cycling Shorts

On Sale ($15.00 OFF)
BALEAF Men's Bike Shorts 3D Padded Cycling Bicycle Clothes Road Biking Tights MTB Cycle Pockets UPF...
5,871 Reviews
BALEAF Men's Bike Shorts 3D Padded Cycling Bicycle Clothes Road Biking Tights MTB Cycle Pockets UPF...
  • Size options up to 3XL but these shorts offer a generous fit
  • The 3D cushion is placed in strategic areas to help you enjoy short and long bike rides
  • The synthetic fabric is breathable, wicks away sweat, and protects you from UV sunlight
  • More than 5,200 five-star reviews on Amazon
  • Up to 9 inseam

Let’s start with the padding because that’s what the Baleaf shorts excel at. I do however want to emphasize that these have gel 3D molding padding, so it’s made to be thicker than foam chamois pads.

The goal of the Baleaf shorts is to minimize vibrations that can cause sores and tire you out quicker during long rides. My husband was pleasantly surprised that even after 6 hours of cycling, he didn’t experience the sore bottom effect!

The design itself is more ergonomic than your typical chamois pad and it’s definitely more comfortable in the crotch. It bends naturally as you move and it minimizes possible friction during intense pedaling. More so, the strategic placement of the padding in key areas, guarantees that you won’t end up with a chamois pad that is bunching up in areas it shouldn’t.

While the pad is thick, it’s made in such a way that it’s almost seamless while you’re cycling. Since it’s also made from materials that are fast-drying, you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a puddle of your own sweat. Padding is of course important, but I also want to mention that these are great shorts for summer thanks to the super breathable and light fabric.

Hems that keep rolling up are another thing that can ruin your cycling vibe, that’s why Baleaf shorts have a silicone leg gripper to hold everything in place. That brings me to one disappointing aspect of these shorts and that’s the sizing. These shorts are not great for thick thighs. Instead, they are more suitable for men who are top-heavy and have lean legs.

Another great thing about these bike shorts is the price that is budget and beginner’s friendly, so if you are interested check this brand and the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Compression: Aero Tech Design Men’s Spandex Workout Shorts

Aero Tech Men's All Day Cycling Shorts with Reflective Pockets (Small, Black)
18 Reviews
Aero Tech Men's All Day Cycling Shorts with Reflective Pockets (Small, Black)
  • Sizes run up to 6XL with a tight fit with up to 62-64 waist
  • These compression shorts offer muscle support, increase blood flow and reduce fatigue
  • The chamois pad is definitely a feature that is missing from these shorts.

A good pair of compression shorts like the one from Aero Tech Designs offer unique benefits to cyclists of all sizes. They are designed to improve comfort and cut down chafing in the crotch and thigh area and improve your overall performance.

For heavy cyclists, compression shorts can also stabilize joints and reduce muscle pain, the risk of injury, and inflammation. Carrying extra weight is taxing on the body and it’s easy to get tired, especially for your leg muscles. That’s why having compression shorts will enhance the blood flow, warm up your muscles faster, and reduce fatigue.

When I talk about compression I don’t just mean your thighs, these Aero Tech Design shorts also provide you with good compression around your belly and lower back area. The biggest issue with these shorts is the waistband that tends to roll down depending on your body type and the size you go for. A drawstring would actually improve this issue.

If you’re not sure about the sizing, or the amount of compression you want you could get two pairs of shorts. One that fits you like a glove, plus a pair that’s one size smaller.

Another thing that I love about Aero Tech Design is the manufacturing quality because even after multiple wears and washes these shorts were left unaffected. They can stand up against the constant wear and tear without losing their compression properties or shape, which is something plus-size individuals like my husband and I can truly appreciate.

As you can imagine these shorts are not meant to be worn only when you’re cycling and they are also suitable for all types of exercising. These shorts are also quite affordable, so even if you’re not going to use them for cycling in the end you will still get your money’s worth by wearing them for some other activity.

If you feel like these shorts were made for your needs then read more about them and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Most Breathable Shorts: Souke Sports Padded Bike Shorts For Men

Souke Sports Men's Cycling Shorts Padded Bike Biking Shorts Breathable Bicycle Cycle Spinning Pants...
362 Reviews
Souke Sports Men's Cycling Shorts Padded Bike Biking Shorts Breathable Bicycle Cycle Spinning Pants...
  • Size options up to 4XL
  • The perforated and breathable fabric is suitable for men with sensitive skin
  • The 4D pad is designed with the male anatomy in mind, and they properly cushion the sitting bone
  • Inseam 9 is perfect for tall and short guys alike

Most shorts are designed with a very specific body type in mind, and that usually doesn’t include a belly or large legs. The Souke shorts on the other hand are durable and also stretchy enough to make your every movement feel effortless, basically a great option for heavy cyclists.

However, I find that the size is not the only problem a cyclist might face. Most of us also want to feel comfortable wearing synthetic fabrics. After all, they are not always easy to wear, especially if you have sensitive skin.

While the Souke shorts are made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex Souke made sure that their fabric has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These are also very breathable thanks to the mesh panels on both sides of the thighs. The back fabric also offers you additional air flow so you don’t have to worry about having a sweaty back.

These are great for summer and cooler weather and you can take them for long rides since you have the perfect pad to support your backside. However, one thing that my husband did notice is that he had to occasionally correct the position of the waistband as it would fold down when he leaned forward.

As for the leg hems, you don’t have to worry about them rolling up since they are quite tight and reinforced with an anti-slip silicone gripper. Speaking of security, the pockets are also quite deep and offer plenty of secure storage for your phone or keys.

Now back to the padding, I do want to mention that Souke used a 4D pad, perfectly designed for the male anatomy and it should reduce the wear and tear of that whole area. It’s also quite thick but not bulky so you don’t have to worry about how you look while spending long hours in the saddle.

The design selection might seem somewhat underwhelming, with only 5 color options on the sides of the shorts mind you. But if you don’t like flashy colors anyway then you can appreciate these shorts for the high-quality materials and detailed construction. Plus the fact that the price is so affordable makes them ideal for new and old cyclists alike.

You can take a closer look at the short’s features, sizing, and the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Best For Sweat Control: Eco-Daily Men’s Cycling Shorts

Eco-daily Men's Cycling Shorts Padded Bicycle Riding Half Pants Bike Biking Cycle Tights...
3,753 Reviews
Eco-daily Men's Cycling Shorts Padded Bicycle Riding Half Pants Bike Biking Cycle Tights...
  • Size options up to 4XL
  • The synthetic fabric is not only stretchy but it will wick away sweat, keeping you dry during the whole ride
  • The mesh panels on the thigh sides and waist reduce sweat
  • 8.7 inseam

Eco-daily is another brand worth your attention especially if you’re someone who is constantly worried that you’re sweating too much. These shorts are made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex and the woven fibers will work relentlessly to keep you dry as they wick the moisture away.

Instead of thinking about sweat stains or feeling the sticky and icky wet feeling, you can enjoy a comfortable ride and simply trust that the moisture absorption and sweat-releasing properties of the Eco-daily shorts will keep you dry.

Aside from the material that gives these shorts plenty of stretch, the 14-panel anatomic design offers enough compression to give your muscles adequate support. And while I do appreciate this feature, this brings me to my biggest issue with this brand and it’s the sizing which is not as inclusive as I would like it to be and these shorts won’t fit really heavy cyclists.

My husband’s weight tends to fluctuate a lot, and that will usually depend on the season, his workload, and overall activity levels. That’s why he only wears the Eco-daily shorts when he feels the most confident and comfortable, but he doesn’t touch them when he is at his largest.

As for the padding, I do want to add that, novice cyclists might also find it uncomfortable for long rides. Mostly because the material is not as thick and it will lose more of its thickness with a heavy rider onboard. It will however suit cyclists that are used to taking their bikes on the road on a regular basis.

Of course, the chamois pad is well manufactured and the smooth material is actually great at reducing chafing, but it was worth mentioning if you’re someone who doesn’t cycle that often.

When it comes to style these shorts are quite simple, but for cyclists that appreciate the more classic design, these are ideal.

You can learn more about this brand and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

Best Lightweight Shorts: Aero Tech Design Men’s Big Plus Pro Bike Shorts

Aero Tech Men's Pro USA Padded Bike Shorts (3X-Large, Navy)
5 Reviews
Aero Tech Men's Pro USA Padded Bike Shorts (3X-Large, Navy)
  • Sizing options go up to 5XL with an up to 54-60 inch waist
  • These shorts don't have seams on the inner thighs reducing the chance of chafing
  • The light fabric is perfect for the summer months

Last but not least, for those of you who are looking for lightweight bike shorts for the summer Aero Tech has you covered once again. Don’t be fooled by the simple design of these shorts because they are made from a spandex and nylon tricot knit blend that offers you plenty of give and stretch.

More so, it’s the cross grain cutting that gives you extra mobility and I find that during summer you need more of that movement ease. Additionally, the 8 panels will also contribute to your mobility, especially when taking the cycling position.

The fabric itself is super light and soft and feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. There are no seams on the inner thigh to cause chafing, which can be a nightmare come summer, and the leg grippers will keep the hems from rolling up while you’re cycling.

While they do feel light and airy these still offer some compression to support your muscles as you pedal through the mountains or the city streets. When it comes to padding it’s a very discreet chamois pad with a smooth surface that reduces the opportunity for abrasion and saddle sores.

Since these shorts are perfect for hot weather, I have to mention that the pad itself is made from Coolmax microfiber that is meant to keep that area dry as you sweat away the miles you’ve cycled that day. However, despite the multiple layers, it’s a foam pad that is designed for regular cyclists, that don’t need as much cushion as novice riders.

But even as someone new to this activity, I think these can be great summer bike shorts for large men, that can go past the initial sore feeling of riding a bike for too long, or the strange feeling and look that tight shorts can give you.

I do have a couple of complaints. The first major issue that some of you might share with my husband is the lack of a drawstring. This little detail would help keep these bike shorts more securely in place.

My second issue with these shorts, aside from the lack of a drawstring is the price. While it’s a good pair, I think it’s quite expensive for what you’re getting.

You can read reviews from other big and tall folks, and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Closing Thoughts

If you struggle to find shorts that fit your body type, then you are most likely to face the same issues with bike shorts.

More so, bike shorts tend to run small, but our list proves that you can still find a nice pair of well-fitting bike shorts as a big man.

One thing you might find difficult, however, is the snug fit, and that’s something most of us large-bodied people have to work on.

Letting our bodies show instead of hiding them under baggy clothes can be more of a challenge than cycling itself.

But it shouldn’t be this way!

So, get your bike shorts, and your funky bike jersey, and remember to always live life big!

Camila R.

Camila is a body positive blogger and fat activist that's focused on helping people of all sizes live life big! That means accepting yourself at any size and just enjoying life! She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two chihauhuas.

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