7 Best Bike Helmets For Big Heads

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7 Best Bike Helmets For Big Heads

Just like our bodies, our heads come in different shapes and sizes, however, I find that most of us don’t really take our head size into account, at least not until we have to wear a helmet.

Because, unlike most hats, bike helmets are unforgiving if you get them a size smaller, so you really have to be careful.

More so, if you’re part of the big-headed club like me and my husband then you’ll have to spend more of your free time looking for specialized bike helmet sizes that will work for your needs.

To save you from researching every product we made a list of our top bicycle helmets for large heads.

I do want to specify that when I say big I mean bigger than the average head circumference which is 24.7 inches for men and 23.6 inches for women. It’s also fair to say that if you have a hard time finding a hat that’s big enough for your head, you’re probably going to have the same problem when it comes to bike helmets.

So, if you feel that you fall on the larger side of this head spectrum, then I’m sure you’ll find our list helpful, as well as the additional information explaining why these products made it here.

But if you want to get straight to the point then you can see our top choices for people with big heads here:

  1. Best Overall: Smith Optics Signal MIPS Road Cycling Helmet
  2. Best On A Budget: Schwinn Trasher Lightweight Bike Helmet
  3. Best Bike Helmet Up To 25.5 Inches: Giro Cormick MIPS Cycling Helmet
  4. Most Durable: Giro Agilis MIPS Cycling Helmet
  5. Best Mountain Bike Helmet: Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Helmet
  6. Best Bike Helmet For Commuting: ABUS Bike-Helmets Hyban 2.0
  7. Best For Sweat Control: Giro Aether Spherical Adult Road Cycling Helmet

How To Properly Measure Your Head?

If you’ve never measured your head before it might seem like a strange thing to do, but the process is quite straightforward.

All you need to do is measure the circumference of your head by using a tailor’s measuring tape that you can wrap around your head. Alternatively, you can use a flexible piece of string which you can then hold up to a regular ruler to get the right number.

You also need to measure the widest part of your head and Graham from Frontenac Cycle does a great job explaining the process in detail.

So, basically, he suggests placing two fingers right above your eyebrows and at the top of your fingers, you’ll find the area that you need to measure. Make sure the tape or piece of string isn’t too tight, instead it should sit comfortably just like you want your future helmet to feel.

I’d also suggest measuring your head a couple of times to make sure you have the right number and be careful when you’re converting cm to inches or vice versa.

How To Choose Bike Helmets If You Have A Big Head?

Whether you’re a commuter or a mountain bike adventurer a bike helmet is an essential part of your equipment and your personal safety.

That’s why apart from the size we also need to look at all other features that make a helmet suitable for your needs and safety on and off-road.

Size & Fit

Whether you have a small, average, or large head it’s important to get a bicycle helmet that fits you well.

If it’s too small or it fits you too tight then you will experience discomfort during your ride or when you finally take the helmet off. Aside from the possible headaches, you might also experience obscured peripheral vision which is very dangerous.

Then again if the fit is too loose your helmet will keep sliding forward and backward. Not only will that be a distraction, but the movement can also cause itchiness as the plastic rubs against your skin.

The helmet should sit snuggly and securely in place without squeezing your head and it should sit level. Since head shapes can differ in order to get the perfect fit, helmets come with adjustable fitting systems.

The removable foam fitting pads can also give you a bit more space, while the buckles on the straps and the dial-fit system, which is an adjustable knob on the helmet’s back can make those areas fit better.

As you can imagine to get the right size and fit you need to know the size of your head circumference first.

Most basic bike brands manufacture one-size helmets that are usually compatible with a head circumference up to 24 inches (61 cm) big. Some brands however go over that number, so it’s possible as you’ll see from our list, to find bike helmets between 23,2 inches (59 cm) to 25,6 inches (65 cm.)

I also want to add that the shape of your head can also play a major role in how well a helmet fits you. The size might be right, but if the helmet is designed for large oval heads then someone with a round or wide head can experience discomfort. Luckily our top pick is great for most head shapes!

Unfortunately, this is not something you can always know before you order the helmet, nonetheless once you have a good idea about where your head size stands you can start looking for the bike helmet that will properly fit you.

After all, a well-fitted helmet is an important aspect of helmet and cycling safety overall.

Material & Construction

There are two main components that make up a bike helmet. One is an outer shell, usually made from a plastic material like polycarbonate.

The other component is the inner layer beneath the shell which is usually made from expanded polystyrene foam.

These are all very standard materials that most manufacturers use, but some might have additional layers or parts made from nylon or metal mesh, etc.

Another important part of a bike’s helmet is the adjustable straps that can come in different materials, like nylon and leather, usually with a plastic buckle.

I also want to add that regardless of the quality of your bike helmet according to CPSC you should replace it every 5 to 10 years. That’s because the materials used will degrade over time and will reduce the effectiveness and safety that the helmet is supposed to offer.

Despite how long you’ve had the helmet CPSC also states that “cracks in the shell or liner, a loose shell, marks on the liner, fading of the shell, evidence of crushed foam in the liner, worn straps, and missing pads or other parts, are all reasons to replace a helmet.”

Protective Features

The reason we have to wear helmets when cycling is safety. In fact, according to the Cleveland Clinic “wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury to bicyclists by as much as 85 percent.”

Most helmets will protect you from head injuries, but some helmets have additional protective features that can absorb more impact.

These helmets are designed with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System also known as MIPS. Studies have found that MIPS helmets are more successful at reducing brain trauma and injuries by 42% and 54% respectively.

Another feature that is important is the straps. A good and sturdy strap system will keep your helmet in place, and it should be easy enough to clasp and unfasten it without the fear of breaking it.

I’m also the type of cyclist that wants to keep myself visible at all times. Both my husband and I go for flashy jerseys, but I will also go for a neon bike helmet as well, a light at the back, or at least one that has visibility stickers.

This way you can stay safe no matter what the light conditions are outside. But even if your helmet doesn’t have any flashy features, you can get visibility stickers from Accuform on Amazon by clicking here!


While safety should be your priority, you should not neglect your comfort.

After all, if you’re not feeling comfortable when cycling you might stop cycling altogether, or worse you’ll choose to cycle without your helmet.

As we’ve already talked about, a helmet that properly fits you will most likely feel comfortable. If it doesn’t then there might be a chance that the size is not right for your head.

However, there are certain features that can enhance your comfort.

My husband can get quite sweaty when he’s active, and I usually experience excessive sweating during the summer. So, we both appreciate bike helmets that have pads made from sweat-absorbing materials.

There’s nothing ickier than feeling your sweat trickle from your helmet down your face and back.

So, you need a pad that can wick away sweat efficiently and preferably one that can be removed and washed separately after a day of cycling. Breathable materials or ventilation systems should also be in place to keep your head cool and reduce sweating.

The straps should sit comfortably under your chin without digging into your skin and some helmets feature cushioned chinstraps that can reduce discomfort and chafing.

I know some of these may sound like I’m not talking about bike helmets anymore, but these features are truly going to determine whether your head is going to have a pleasant cycling experience or not!

Full-Face Option

The market is full of different bike helmet designs, some are meant for city cyclists others are catered toward the mountain and off-road bike riders.

If you’re the latter, then you might want to look into helmets that have built-in eye protection and chin protection.

Some of these, like the Troy Lee Designs on our list, might have detachable visor shields or goggles that not only will protect your eyes from the possible debris, but also from the sun, wind, rain, and worst of all bugs.

7 Best Bike Helmets For Large Heads

Now that you know what makes a bike helmet great for every cyclist, it’s time we took you through our top picks that are also designed for people with large heads.

Best Overall: Smith Optics Signal MIPS Road Cycling Helmet

Smith Signal MIPS Bike Helmet Black XL
974 Reviews
Smith Signal MIPS Bike Helmet Black XL
  • Head size up to 25.5 inches or 65 cm
  • The helmet uses the certified MIPS system to reduce the risk of brain trauma and injury
  • The adjustable dial allows you to achieve optimal fit regardless of your head shape
  • Unfortunately, the largest size only comes in the color black

The Smith Signal is designed for riders that enjoy regular cycling, whether that includes on and off-road cycling. But before I start mentioning any special features I do want to start with the size since we’re here to talk about helmets that are compatible with cyclists that have large heads.

In this regard, the Smith Signal has 6 different sizes, the XL is designed for a head circumference between 24 to 25.5 inches (61-65 cm.) But size is not the only thing that dictates whether a helmet will fit you or not, that’s why the Signal model can be fine-tuned to fit different head shapes, oval and round alike, thanks to the 270-degree dial adjustment.

This is also great for people that have thick hair, or locks that require that extra space to feel comfortable. Additionally, the straps that go around your chin and keep the bike helmet in place are easy to connect, but they might feel a bit awkward to adjust until you get the hang of it.

As someone with a large head myself, I tend to find larger helmets bulkier and heavier, which is the type of discomfort that I don’t want to experience while I’m on the road. Not only does the Smith Signal looks discreet while I’m wearing it but it also feels super lightweight, even after hours of cycling on bumpy roads where your head can be quite wobbly.

Now I couldn’t have a helmet at the top of our list without the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS.) But that’s not the only reason I feel safer with this model, this helmet also offers more protection in the back. As you know yourself, cycling can be unpredictable and you are just as likely to fall backward during mountain riding, only you won’t have your hands to break the fall, but most likely your head.

When it comes to looks, as I already mentioned, this helmet is quite simple, and it’s not bulky. The largest size only offers the black option, so it doesn’t stand out, it does however a good job of protecting you, and for me, this is the most important role a helmet will ever play. If you’re looking for a helmet with a unique design then we have flashier options on our list.

The only issue with the black color is summertime since black does absorb more heat. This “flaw” is actually counterbalanced by the 21 vents. Smith Signal uses the AirEvac ventilation system to prevent fogging. You also don’t get a sweaty head, I can attest to that because unlike my husband, I do have a full set of thick hair.

Furthermore, the helmet lets a decent amount of airflow without your scalp feeling too cold, but I must admit that this will also depend on how cold your winters and how hot and sunny is the region you live in during the summer.

That being said, the price of the Smith Signal is also quite reasonable, especially for all the features you’re getting, and let’s not forget this is a helmet with a MIPS system in place to keep you well protected.

You can find out more about the Smith brand, and the signal model and also check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best On A Budget: Schwinn Trasher Lightweight Bike Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet, Lightweight Microshell Design, Adult, White/Silver
21,626 Reviews
Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet, Lightweight Microshell Design, Adult, White/Silver
  • Head circumference up to 24,4 inches or 62 cm
  • The design choices make this a great helmet for women and men cyclists
  • I wish it had a MIPS system in place
  • More than 21,000 five-star reviews on Amazon!

As a female cyclist, this might actually be my favorite helmet on this list, and if it was MIPS certified and offered a larger size option I bet you this would be our number one helmet on the list.

While it doesn’t have MIPS it’s still a really durable helmet, but I wouldn’t necessarily take it with me on off-road excursions, instead, I would use it to cycle in the city and the local parks in my area. So if you prefer commuting on your bike instead of seeking the high mountain peaks this is a great choice.

This Schwinn model has a plastic outer shell that in fairness doesn’t look as much, but the thick, black solid foam beneath it can take a beating and the foam padding can also be removed whenever you want to wash it. The rear of the helmet actually covers a large portion of the back of your head. So regular city cyclists can actually feel protected while on the road and keep this helmet clean during long summer rides.

While the size options are not amazing, the adjustment wheel on the back can be turned and can help you find the right fit for your size. Additionally, the padding can also be moved around to match your head shape better. I must say that men with heads larger than 24.4 inches will most likely be disappointed with the fit, but that’s why I think this is a great option for women with large heads.

Another thing you can be grateful for when wearing this helmet is the airflow. If you’re someone who sweats a lot, this Schwinn model will keep your head cool with the 20 air vents. If you are bald then one thing to keep in mind is sunscreen. Despite the padding, the multiple vents can still let some of the sun rays come through, and the last thing you want is to get sunburned.

Call me shallow, but I really love the design on this bike helmet. It’s not bulky or over the top, and it just looks cool. I know, bike helmets are designed to keep your head intact and looking good is a secondary factor but I can’t help but prioritize it! Maybe I feel this way because you have 24 color options to choose from and all of them are so unique and cute. My only advice here is to avoid white straps because they will quickly start to look nasty really quick.

While the Schwinn Thrasher helmet has a lot of good features, a couple of them seem quite useless like the detachable visors, and the yellow sticker on the inside that tells you which side of the helmet is the front, it’s also quite difficult to remove.

All in all, it’s a great helmet and most importantly it’s just great value for the price alone. If you are a new cyclist that simply wants to ride around town this is a great starter pack helmet.

You can read the 21,000+ reviews, look at the amazing designs and check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Bike Helmet Up To 25.5 Inches: Giro Cormick MIPS Cycling Helmet

Giro Cormick MIPS XL Adult Urban Cycling Helmet - Matte Black/Dark Blue (2022), Universal X-Large...
463 Reviews
Giro Cormick MIPS XL Adult Urban Cycling Helmet - Matte Black/Dark Blue (2022), Universal X-Large...
  • For up to 25.5 inches or 65 cm head circumference
  • The helmet is equipped with the MIPS system to increase your safety
  • Despite the size, the construction keeps this helmet lightweight
  • I would love to see more color options other than black for larger heads

If you’re someone looking to get back into cycling and you want a high-quality helmet that will fit your head then Giro Cormick is a good choice that will help you remember why cycling is fun and enjoyable.

This is a generous helmet when it comes to size, perfect for men and women that have a head circumference reaching 25.5 inches. It has a pretty straightforward adjusting system with a tightener in the back that can dial the helmet into the right fit for you. My husband actually loves this particular model because it suits the wide shape of his head.

The only issue he ever had with it had to do with the Y straps under his ears that were non-adjustable. This made the chin strap rest uncomfortably especially when he tilted his head towards his chest when going down a slope.

Another great detail is the practical hat-style sun visor. It does a decent job at protecting your eyes and face from the dust or any insects flying in your direction. I actually use it in the winter to keep the cold wind from hitting me directly into my eyes that tend to water.

You can also flip the visor up or completely remove it, so you don’t have to commit to a helmet with a visor. In this case, you might want to get some additional foam padding to protect your forehead from the velcro at the front which can make things uncomfortable.

The 18 vents should also keep you cool and offer plenty of airflow while keeping you safe from the sun, but the padding might not be enough to control your sweat if you tend to perspire a lot.

When it comes to looks, the helmet is quite simple, like our top pick the largest size only comes in black, but if you’re comfortable with a 24-inch helmet then it also comes in grey and neon yellow. I also want to add that it may look a bit bulky on a larger head, because of the rounded shape, but at least you know that that shape is there to give you more space.

For its great features and the MIPS system, you are definitely getting this helmet at a fair price. More so, you can attach a rear light which increases your on-road visibility, but unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase that separately.

If you want to become more familiar with the Giro brand, read the reviews, or simply check today’s price on Amazon then click here.


Most Durable: Giro Agilis MIPS Cycling Helmet

Giro Agilis MIPS Mens Road Cycling Helmet - Highlight Yellow (2022), Small
1,744 Reviews
Giro Agilis MIPS Mens Road Cycling Helmet - Highlight Yellow (2022), Small
  • Head size available up to 24.8 inches or 63 cm
  • There are 6 colors to choose from and the bright yellow will increase your on-road visibility
  • The MIPS system, the hardbody shell, EPS foam liner, and deeper core coverage enhance durability

The most important reason to wear a helmet when you’re riding your bike is of course safety. No matter how good of a cyclist you are you can never be sure and accidents can happen no matter how careful you are, especially if you live or cycle in an area with high traffic.

I mostly drive around town, but my husband likes to take his mountain bike off-road, and even though we are both really careful, we’ve fallen more than once and there were moments where I was truly thankful that we were wearing good-quality helmets with the MIPS system.

The Giro Agilis uses this multi-directional impact protection system, to keep you safe even if you fall head down on city concrete or a rocky mountainside. It also offers deeper coverage and instead of sitting atop your head it actually wraps around it securely.

Being a mountain cyclist means that you mostly fall forward or backward, or at least that’s what my husband’s experience has been so far, and while you can sort of block the fall with your hands if you fall forward, there’s not much you can do if you fall back, so it’s good to know that this Giro model offers more coverage to the back of your head.

It’s clear that this helmet has excellent construction and it will keep you safe, but will it also feel comfortable? Well, this is something that I can’t personally answer for you because each head has its own unique shape, but I must say that this particular model is more suitable for narrow heads, so if you have a round head then it might feel a bit too tight at the sides.

That being said, this helmet is actually quite lightweight and if the fit works for your head then you can bet that the inner helmet cushion will feel comfortable, and you might not even feel like you’re wearing this helmet at all.

The straps might feel a bit thin, but they will keep this helmet in place without biting into your skin, as long as you make sure to adjust them for your personal fit. I do need to add that when it comes to size adjustments having thick fingers can be an issue since the dial is quite small.

The Giro Agilis is also a great helmet if you’re someone who is worried that your head is too large and you don’t want a helmet that will make you look like a giant mushroom.

With all that being said, the price is also quite budget-friendly, especially for a helmet that is enhanced with the MIPS system.

If you want to learn more about this particular model, read the 1,500+ reviews and see today’s price on Amazon then click here.


Best Mountain Bike Helmet: Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike Helmet

On Sale ($60.10 OFF)
Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Stealth Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet. Max Ventilation Lightweight EPP...
65 Reviews
Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Stealth Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet. Max Ventilation Lightweight EPP...
  • Sizes available for up to 25.5 inches or 65 cm head circumference
  • This helmet comes with 3 sets of different-sized pads to help you get the perfect fit
  • This full-face helmet has MIPS protection to keep mountain cyclists as safe as possible

As you may have gathered by now me and my husband are the complete opposites when it comes to cycling. I mostly enjoy the chill vibes of the countryside and use my bike to commute to work, while my husband loves to test his bike and his cycling skills against the rough mountain terrain.

While he likes the adventurous aspect of mountain cycling he makes sure to stay on top of his safety and that’s why he will mostly wear a full-face helmet. According to him the Troy Lee Designs actually make top-notch full-face helmets that can also fit his big head.

He loves the fact that you can get the right fit because you can actually customize this helmet. When you receive the TLD you get 2 different headliners, 2 neck pads, and 3 cheek pads with different thicknesses. You can easily pick and choose the padding that works for your head anatomy and comfort.

The padding is also quite resilient and I’ve noticed that even after washing it, it keeps its shape for the most part at least. You do have to be careful though when you remove the padding because if you’re not it might break off. Of course, you will only have to remove them whenever you need to wash them which might not be as regularly for some.

To stay on the topic of safety, this helmet has of course MIPS, otherwise, it wouldn’t be on this list or this spot, but the outer shell is also extremely durable. You will also find the adjustable and removable visor super useful when you’re on the road, so you also don’t have to worry about bad weather or regular dirt getting into your eyes.

With a full-face helmet, you also want to make sure you have adequate ventilation, especially if you live in a region where summers are really hot. The TLD helmet offers a great balance between ventilation and coverage even when it’s hot and humid outside. Of course, it’s not as airy as a half shell, but that’s to be expected.

Full-face helmets can also feel quite heavy and if you have a large head then the largest size could add more bulk and weight. However, this model is designed to be lightweight and it barely feels like you are wearing a helmet as you bounce down a rocky pathway.

I also want to add that even though this TLD helmet is perfect for rough terrain cycling, it might not be as suitable for your everyday bike riding on regular asphalt. Even though it is lightweight, it’s still quite bulky, and in a city setting, it may feel too much.

Finally, I do want to mention the great color variety. You get to choose from 7 different designs if you go for the largest size. My personal favorite is actually the mat black, it’s giving me some serious batman vibes!

I also want to mention that the price of this bike helmet is not as budget-friendly as most of the helmets on our list. But given the fact that this is a full-face bike helmet and it has some amazing features, including MIPS, I believe it’s well worth it.

If you’re looking for a full-face mountain bike helmet then you need to check out this TLD model, read the reviews, and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Bike Helmet For Commuting: ABUS Bike-Helmets Hyban 2.0

ABUS Hyban 2.0 - Polar White - XL (58-63)
333 Reviews
ABUS Hyban 2.0 - Polar White - XL (58-63)
  • Suitable for head sizes up to 24.8 inches or 63 cm
  • The helmet is low maintenance, with pads that are machine washable and you can clean the outer shell with a single wet wipe
  • Performs better in an urban setting that longer bike touring and off-road excursions
  • Unfortunately, this helmet is not MIPS certified

If our budget-friendly option is too flashy for you then the ABUS bike helmet is a great investment and alternative and it will go well with either a casual pair of jeans or even a flowy dress. Being a regular city cyclist the Hyban model ticks most of my boxes when it comes to daily bike commute, but let’s talk size first.

This model comes in three adult sizes and the XL can accommodate cyclists with heads that measure from 22,8 to 24,8 inches (58 to 63 cm.) To be fair this is not the largest helmet on our list, and it might not work for some people, mostly men, but as a woman, I find that this helmet fits my big noggin perfectly.

Pretty much like most helmets this also has a dial that you use to adjust the fit depending on your head shape. What you can’t change is the fact that this helmet will most likely sit lower on your head. I don’t really mind this because it doesn’t obscure my vision and I simply feel that my head is more protected. Similarly, the back is also quite low.

The major drawback with the Hyban model is that it’s not MIPS certified, the ABS hard cover meets basic safety requirements but that’s about it. When it comes to safety my favorite feature is actually the integrated LED rear light that flashes red and it’s actually really useful when coming back late from work during the winter when the sun is nowhere to be found.

At 400 grams, this is definitely heavier than some of our other picks, but it’s not noticeable over short distances. I do like the style as well since it’s not really out there, it actually gives me some retro vibes and it comes in 5 different colors, and the Glacier Blue is definitely worth a look.

As a city commuter, you don’t want your hair to turn from clean to greasy, and thanks to the 18 large vents you get a lot of cooling airflow without freezing your head. I also appreciate the mesh material that is attached to the front two openings which stops dust, and insects to enter the helmet. Basically, when you take off the helmet you don’t have to worry about not looking presentable.

I also like the fact that the vent openings are quite large and you can put this helmet through the cable that you use to lock your bicycle, so you don’t have to carry it everywhere with you. That’s of course if your area is safe enough to leave your bike and helmet exposed.

All in all, this is a cute and durable helmet to own if you use your bike in the city, but as I already mentioned this helmet does lose some major points for not having MIPS especially when it’s quite pricy.

If you want to achieve that retro vibe on your commuter, check out the ABUS helmet as well as the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best For Sweat Control: Giro Aether Spherical Adult Road Cycling Helmet

On Sale ($75.00 OFF)
Giro Aether Spherical Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Matte Ano Blue (2022), Small
482 Reviews
Giro Aether Spherical Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Matte Ano Blue (2022), Small
  • Suitable for head sizes up to 24.8 inches or 63 cm
  • The helmet is MIPS certified to reduce the risk of brain trauma and head injury
  • The 21 wind tunnel vents enhance airflow and the overall cooling power of this helmet
  • The price will scare off most cyclists

Last but not least we have another bike helmet from Giro the Aether model that has a few key features for all my fellow cyclists that get easily hot. But let’s start with your sizing options. Again this helmet falls a bit short compared to our top pick, however, it can still accommodate certain big heads with the largest size suitable for 23,2 to 24,8 inches head circumference.

When it comes to the actual fit adjustment you get to choose three different height positions at the back and if you as most people don’t have a symmetrical head you can get a more customizable fit because each side can be individually adjusted.

Giro Aether actually uses the Roc Loc 5+ Air fit system to achieve such precise fit, and you can change it with the clicky dial that is located at the back. The only problem you might come across with the fit is when you wear sunglasses. My husband has a high nose bridge and most helmets end up moving his sunglasses, including this model. More so, the back of the helmet curves down which can also interfere with certain sunglasses.

But aside from the comfortable fit, one of the most important features of this bike helmet is its ventilation system. The airflow you get is simply excellent, thanks to the huge vents so you get lots of cool air coming through. This means that when you take your helmet off you will have a dry head, even if you tend to be on the sweaty side.

Of course, if you are bald make sure to apply lots of sunscreens because the vents will expose some skin. But even if you do get sweaty as one does when taking their bike for a summer ride, there’s an internal pad that stops the drops of sweat drip down your forehead and into your eyes.

Despite the massive vents you’re still getting excellent protection, thanks to the innovative MIPS Spherical technology used for this model. In the case of the Aether, the MIPS isn’t just another protective liner but it is basically the helmet. Additionally, the two-part dual-density EPS foam rotates independently of each other and can redirect energy during angled impacts.

While I do think this bike helmet is great for cyclists that go for intensive rides or ones that sweat a lot, I’m still not sure if the price point is actually worth it.

If you’re curious to read more about the Giro Aether, you want to look at their 15 sleek designs, or simply want to check the latest price on Amazon then click here!


Closing Thoughts

A bike helmet is a piece of important cycling equipment that is meant to keep our head and brain as safe as possible. But having a larger than average head can make helmet hunting a difficult task.

This might also be just another frustrating thing to look for, for those of us who are overweight and maybe even tall cyclists on top of that. And while I know how difficult it is to always look for plus-size clothes, bikes, and cycling gear, it’s going to be totally worth it.

Once you have everything a cyclist would ever want in your size, there will be no stopping you. With the right helmet, you’ll also be safe, you’ll feel comfortable not only in your own body but as a bike rider!

Most importantly you will remember how wonderful it is to live life big!

Camila R.

Camila is a body positive blogger and fat activist that's focused on helping people of all sizes live life big! That means accepting yourself at any size and just enjoying life! She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two chihauhuas.

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