9 Best Bikes For Big Men and Heavy Guys

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9 Best Bikes For Overweight Men

Bikes are hands down the most practical activity because not only are you working out and keeping yourself healthy, but you also get to reach your destination whether that’s your work, the park, or even the mountain.

I love cycling because you can easily fit it into your daily routine, but the process of getting the right bike can be intimidating, especially if you’re a heavy guy that doesn’t know where to start looking.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be!

Instead of wasting your time googling all the bike sites or driving over to your local bike store, you can find the best bike options gathered here in one place.

You can also read individual reviews of each bike and their plus-size qualities that explain why they made it on our list.

At the same time, we cover important questions like, what makes a bike suitable for heavy cyclists. But if you want to skip ahead and see which bikes made it on our list then you can find them here.

  1. Best Overall: Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike
  2. Highest Weight Capacity: PanAme 21 Speed Fat Tire Mountain Bike With 500 LB Weight Capacity
  3. Best Bike For Big And Tall Guys: Addmotor Motan Electric Bike
  4. Best Road Bike For Overweight Men: Schwinn Phocus Adult Road Bike
  5. Best Mountain Bike For Fat Men: Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike
  6. Best Hybrid Bike For Big Guys: Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike
  7. Best Cruiser Bike With High Weight Capacity: Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Crouser
  8. Best Fat Tire Bike: Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Mountain Bike
  9. Best Electronic Bike: Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike

Now let’s get started!

Best Bikes For Big Guys

To have the best experience cycling, it’s important to find the right bike that not only can handle your weight but also your cycling needs.

So, let’s take a look at our top favorites!

1. Best Overall: Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

On Sale ($83.38 OFF)
Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed,...
3,025 Reviews
Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed,...
  • The recommended weight limit is 350 lbs.
  • Sized for adult cyclists from 5,6 feet to 6 feet tall.
  • The budget-friendly price makes it a great beginner’s bike.
  • This bike is easy to assemble with minimal mechanical knowledge.
  • It comes in multiple colors, red, navy, and light blue to match your style.

What I Love About It: While the handlebars are in a great position if you want to minimize any back tension and discomfort you can adjust them according to your height.

What I Wish It Had: Some customers found the seat uncomfortable to ride on, so you might want to replace it.

If you’re an experienced rider then you probably know that the Mongoose brand is famous for manufacturing reliable bikes.

Then again if you’re new to riding, then I’m here to tell you that the Mongoose Dolomite model is a great and affordable option, especially for those of you who are looking to get into cycling.

Most importantly this bike ticks most of the boxes that make a bike plus-size friendly.

Let’s start with the 17-inch frame, which is made out of steel. This material is much denser than typical aluminum frames and it’s also much stronger and more durable.

This means that the whole bike frame will be able to handle your weight without budging, as long as you are within the weight capacity of the bike.

But I do want to mention the numerous reviews where large folks over the 350 lbs limit rode this bike with complete ease.

Of course, going over the limit isn’t always the best option, but if you’re planning on losing that extra weight with the help of this bike then it should be fine.

I also want to mention that the only downside of the steel frame is the weight, and along with the fat tires the Mongoose Dolomite stands at 52 pounds, which could be challenging for someone who has an average physique.

When it comes to the bike’s wheels these 26-inch babies are specifically equipped to handle heavier cyclists, and the fat tires on this bike are also one of the reasons it’s number one on our list.

The Dolomite has 4-inch thick tires that are suitable for all types of terrain from mud and snow to smooth city roads. More so, they are much stronger than regular tires and they are designed to hold the extra weight.

Let’s also not forget that fat tires offer a more cushioned ride even if you choose to go off-road.

Now when it comes to brakes, the Dolomite is equipped with front and rear mechanic disc brakes that can safely help you stop when needed during your ride, and they are easy to replace.

All in all, this is a bike that can be a great starting point for heavier men that want to work on their fitness, as well as for seasoned cyclists that want to cruise around town or rougher terrain.

So, if you want to check out the Mongoose Dolomite, read the reviews of fellow heavy people and check today’s price on Amazon then click here!


2. Highest Weight Capacity: PanAme 21 Speed Fat Tire Mountain Bike

On Sale ($30.00 OFF)
PanAme 21 Speed Fat Tire Adult Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheel Bicycle, 4-inch Wide Tire, Steel Frame,...
89 Reviews
PanAme 21 Speed Fat Tire Adult Mountain Bike, 26-inch Wheel Bicycle, 4-inch Wide Tire, Steel Frame,...
  • The bike’s weight limit is 500 lbs, so anyone in between this weight can confidently ride it.
  • The recommended height for the riders of this bike is 5.3 feet to 6 feet tall.
  • The price is budget-friendly so it’s perfect for novice riders.
  • The fat tires offer a comfortable ride on all terrain.

What I Love About It: Even though the bike is mostly meant to be used on rough terrain, mountains, muddy grounds, and snow, plenty of reviewers state that they use it to commute to work every day, so it can be used pretty much everywhere.

What I Wish It Had: Before riding it you should take the bike to your local shop for adjustments to ensure that it’s working properly and that it fits your size and comfort level.

Mountain bikes are usually much more resilient, and they can handle more weight than other bike categories.

The same can be said about this PanAme model. Paired with a steel frame and 4-inch wide tires on 26-inch wheels this beast of a bike has a 500 lbs weight capacity.

As you can imagine the whole construction is capable of handling various types of bodies, or extra cargo. So, not only can this mountain bike carry heavy loads but it can do so on rough terrain.

As a heavy rider, you also don’t have to worry about the performance of this bike’s powerful disc brakes that are positioned at the front and the rear.

I’m sure even after one drive you’ll appreciate this bike for its comfortable seat and overall comfy ride thanks to the shock-absorber fork that will work wonders as you climb steep hills and ride across rocky pathways.

So, if you want speed and security as a heavy rider then make sure to check the PanAme bike and today’s price on Amazon.


3. Best Bike For Big And Tall Guys: Addmotor Motan Electric Bike

Addmotor Electric Bikes for Adults, 65MI Long Range Mountain Ebike, 26"x4" Fat Tire EBike, M-560 P7...
  • The frame is suitable for 5.10 to 6.6 feet tall riders with a 300lbs weight limit, so it’s great for large men.
  • The bike can ride a 55-65 mile distance per charge, so you can take it for longer trips and climb moderate hills without pedaling.
  • The battery is removable so it’s easy to disassemble and recharge.
  • The bike is easy to assemble, or you can have it assembled by an expert for an extra fee.

What I Love About It: Addmotor’s attention to detail is amazing, from the front fork suspension that offers a smooth riding experience to the bright headlight that will keep you safe and seen in all kinds of weather.

What I Wish It Had: By looking at the price of this e-bike it’s clear that it is an investment and it might not be an option for everyone.

While most bikes on our list are suitable for heavy and tall riders, I think it’s important to have a bike that can work for really tall individuals that may be up to 6.6 feet tall.

But being tall-inclusive isn’t the only reason I chose the Addmotor Motan model, aside from this perk this is a really high-quality e-bike.

The aluminum frame is sturdy and can definitely take on a larger load whether you’re a heavy rider or you’re carrying heavy cargo.

While I also appreciate an e-bike for its assistance, this bike has 4 working modes:

  • The first mode will take you on a carefree trip without any pedaling.
  • The second offers pedal assistance that can ease you into riding or take some of the pressure at the end of the ride.
  • The third mode is a walking mode that you can use when you’re tired of riding or you’re faced with a steep hill that your e-bike can’t take. So, in this case, your bike will ride at a walking speed while you’re holding the handlebars and you’re walking beside it.
  • Finally, you can use this e-bike as a regular bike, with no assistance. Which is a great feature for those of you who feel confident in your fitness.

The manufacturer has made sure that you can rely on the performance of this bike with a range of gearing that you have complete control of, as well as the alloy disc brakes that will stop the bike when you need it.

As you can imagine the fat tires on this bike can take you on any type of journey you desire, whether that’s the city or off-road terrain.

So, if that’s something you’re interested in then you can read more about this bike and check today’s price on Amazon.


4. Best Road Bike For Overweight Men: Schwinn Phocus Adult Road Bike

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Adult Road Bicycle, 58cm/Large Alluminum Step-Over Frame, Carbon Fiber...
  • These bikes are usually used for on-road racing so they have a 250 lbs weight limit.
  • Phocus offers three different bike frame sizes to accommodate riders from 5.3 feet to 6.2 feet tall.
  • The 16-speed shifter and brake lever combination guarantee smooth and precise gear changes while you’re on the road.
  • The bike is lightweight so you can move it around with ease.

What I Love About It: If you’re looking for a truly fast ride this Schwinn model is the one!

What I Wish It Had: While this is a high-quality bike you might need to tune and adjust certain parts like the brakes, and a few cables before riding.

Unlike fat bikes and even mountain bikes, road bikes are known for their limited weight capacity and that includes Schwinn Phocus. Nonetheless, with a 250 lbs limit, it can still handle a bit more than that as long as you’re driving it on level ground and at 10 mph.

The purpose of a road bike is speed, that’s why Schwinn Phocus has a strong aluminum frame that is lightweight, but it can still handle a lot of pressure.

Each wheel has 32 spokes and while that should keep them from breaking under pressure, having a 29-inch diameter means that the wheels might be too big and weak for someone over the 250 lbs weight limit.

Unlike the fat-tire bikes on our list that are catered to larger individuals, the Schwinn road bike has road-style tread tires that may be too thin to carry extra weight.

However, if you stay within the weight capacity of this bike then these tires will offer you a smooth and fast riding experience.

You can check out the helpful reviews and today’s price on Amazon!


5. Best Mountain Bike For Overweight Men: Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike 21-Speed, with High Carbon Steel Frame, Double Disc Brake and Front...
257 Reviews
Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike 21-Speed, with High Carbon Steel Frame, Double Disc Brake and Front...
  • This mountain bike has a 440 lbs weight limit.
  • With the right handle and seat adjustments, this bike is perfect for riders that are 5.2 to 6 feet tall.
  • This bike is 85% assembled when it arrives, so you don’t need to be an expert to install the basic parts.
  • It has three front gears and seven in the rear so you can comfortably ride at different speeds across varying terrain.
  • The price is budget-friendly so it’s a perfect bike for first-time users.

What I Love About It: I just have to quote one of the customers who wrote “Great Bike! Very fun to use on trails and different terrains. Also comfortable for big guys like me, I’m 6’4 and 270 lbs and this bike is perfect for me.”

What I Wish It Had: The seat might be uncomfortable, especially for long rides, so you might want to splurge some more and get a comfy seat. Thankfully the bike itself is not pricey so possible modifications won’t hurt your wallet too much.

If you want to conquer steep hills and ride through narrow dirt trails, but you’re afraid that your weight stands in your way then this Max4out bike model is just what you need.

While the fat tires make this bike an all-terrain vehicle, you can safely take it for a ride on off-road trips.

The tires on this bike are 5 times more wear-resistant with an anti-slip technology that will keep you balanced even on loose grounds like the beach or a snowy hill.

More so, the front and rear double disc brakes will handle steep climbs and descends, while the front suspension will absorb any shock from the impact, even with a heavy rider onboard.

The frame is made out of carbon steel which means it’s not only capable of carrying heavy loads but it’s resilient to long-term wear and tears.

Of course, this also means that the bike is quite heavy, weighing around 63 lbs, of course, if you’re a big strong guy then you don’t have anything to worry about

If you want to check the Max4out sleep design, as well as today’s price on Amazon then click here.


6. Best Hybrid Bike For Overweight Men: Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

On Sale ($34.00 OFF)
Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame,...
  • This hybrid bike has a 300 lbs weight limit.
  • The price is budget-friendly which makes it a great investment for a city bike.
  • The size can accommodate different people, from 5.5 feet to 6.2 feet tall.
  • You can choose different wheel sizes with the 26-inch wheel being the best choice for overweight people.

What I Love About It: With this bike, you don’t have to hunch over the handlebars. Instead thanks to the swept-back handlebars you can sit upright and in a more comfortable position during the ride.

What I Wish It Had: If you don’t have any bike experience then you should take this bike to a mechanic to be properly assembled, especially if you require a few adjustments to suit your own unique needs.

Just one look at this bike is enough to fall in love with the vintage style and it’s easy enough to imagine yourself riding it every day, whether that’s to work or to cruise around your neighborhood.

The steel frame and steel fork can handle the pressure of a heavy rider so you can even take it for a ride on light trails outside of town.

Being a hybrid bike, you know you’re getting the best of two worlds, so you can rely on the 7-speed shifters to change quickly and easily with one motion during your ride no matter the outside conditions.

The rear rack offers you a great opportunity to go on a ride to your local park while having all the picnic essentials with you.

I also want to mention that the bike comes with a large cushioned saddle, but some customers have replaced it with one that’s more comfortable.

Take a closer look at the hybrid design, read more reviews, and check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


7. Best Cruiser Bike With High Weight Capacity: Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Crouser

EVRYjourney Mens Bike
  • This cruiser bike has a 300 lbs weight limit.
  • This model is height inclusive and can fit cyclists from 5.4 to 6.2 feet tall.
  • This is also a hybrid model so it can handle both city roads and some uneven terrain.
  • The minimalist design makes it a comfortable bike that is easily maintained.

What I Love About It: Being tall and overweight often comes with back problems, that’s why this cruiser is ideal for those of you who suffer from a sore back. The frame is designed to keep your back, shoulders, and wrists properly aligned. Similarly, the pedals are also positioned to prevent soreness in your hips, knees, and ankles.

What I Wish It Had: The wide handlebars can be somewhat awkward for cyclists that are used to mountain or road bike handlebars, so it may take some time to get used to.

Cycling doesn’t have to be competitive or an extreme sport and many of us simply want to enjoy a pleasant ride on even ground.

In this case, a cruiser, specifically the Sixthreezero men’s cruiser is all you need.

Since this bike doesn’t have thick tires the weight capacity is much lower, but the steel frame and the 26-inch wheels make up for it that’s why it can safely handle a 300 lbs heavy rider.

Unlike mountain and road bikes, this cruiser offers a comfortable ride for those of you with sensitive backs. The way the frame and handles are positioned helps you sit in an upright position without putting pressure on the various parts of your body, that could be already strained by the extra weight you carry.

While it’s a chill city bike you shouldn’t be fooled because this 3-speed cruiser has smooth shifting and can handle longer distances and even a somewhat uneven terrain. But if you live in an area with extremely high hills then go for a 7 or 21-speed bike instead.

For a stylish and most importantly functional cruiser like the Sxithreezero, you get a bike that’s reasonably priced.

You can read more reviews, take a closer look at the design and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


8. Best Fat Tire Bike: Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Mountain Bike

On Sale ($65.16 OFF)
Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 7-Speed, Twist Shifters, Steel Frame,...
  • The bike can handle a cyclist up to 400 lbs.
  • The 18-inch frame is suitable for tall men, from 5,4 to 6.2 feet tall.
  • With the fat tires, you can ride this bike all year round.
  • The 26-inches wheels can handle more weight.
  • It’s easy to assemble, but the company offers a personalized expert assembly for an extra fee.

What I Love About It: For the fat bike’s great quality, you still get the Malus model for a fair price which makes it a wonderful option for beginner cyclists that are unsure about how well a bike will handle their weight.

What I Wish It Had: Similarly, to the Dolomite the Malus model needs a more comfortable seat which might be a bit narrow.

As you can imagine we have a solid reason why another Mongoose bike made it on our list, and that’s because their bicycles can handle strong, heavy, and tall individuals!

Unlike the Dolomite, the Malus model has slightly thicker wheels that can take on more pressure and offer that extra stability that we large folk often need.

However, these tires are much lighter which makes the Malus model 10 lbs lighter than the 50 lbs Dolomite.

This bike is perfect for all types of travel, and with its cruiser-like frame, you can have a comfortable riding experience along your local area, the park or you can simply use it to commute to work.

The frame I must add is made out of high-quality steel, the most resilient material you can have, while the rims are alloy-made which makes them equally durable under heavy stress.

I definitely can appreciate this bike’s braking capabilities. With disc brakes positioned at the front and rear wheel, you can stop at any given moment on both loose and firm grounds.

The Malus also has a decent gear system, with twist shifter controls and 7 speeds, but for some bike owners, these gears might not be enough.

If you’re an aspiring cyclist who weighs over 400 lbs, then according to the heavy reviewers you might still have a great experience with this model.

So, click here to check these reviews and today’s price on Amazon!



9. Best Electronic Bike: Cyrusher XF800 750W Electric Bike

On Sale ($500.00 OFF)
Cyrusher Electric Bike, Full Suspension 750W XF800 Electric Bikes | 26x4'' Fat Tire Mountain Ebike 7...
  • This sturdy E-bike has a 360 lbs weight capacity.
  • The adjustable seat height can accommodate riders from 5.3 feet to 6.4 feet tall.
  • The rated power of the motor is 750W and Max power of 1500W which allows you to run at speeds from 15 to 31 mph.
  • The fat tires make this bike suitable for all types of terrain during all seasons.

This Cyrusher bike is definitely a great investment for those of you who need some assistance while cycling.

While it’s more expensive than a regular bike, this e-bike has a lot to offer.

Take a look at the 13A long-lasting battery alone, it offers 5 different pedal assist speeds and it only takes 4 hours to charge.

Once you’re done charging you can be on your way riding as far as 40 to 60 km on one charge. This, of course, will depend on your trip and how much uphill riding you’re planning on doing, and how much pedal assist you’ll require.

While you can adjust the speed at which you’re going, you can rely on the bike’s top-quality hydraulic dual disc brakes to stop you any time you need to, even on a steep hill.

I also want to mention the amazing double suspension. There’s a steel suspension fork at the front and a rear suspension that can absorb any bumps which are so crucial when a rider is a heavy person.

So, if you don’t mind splurging then I truly think this E-bike can ease you into cycling and since it will make riding a bicycle a piece of cake the Cyrusher will also keep you motivated.

Remember to check out the reviews and today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About It: This bike comes with lots of necessary accessories like a rack on the back for your cargo, a light on the front to keep your road well lit, and wheel mud guards, as well as a cable lock and keys.

What I Wish It Had: While the bike itself has been received well by most customers, there are a few reviews complaining about the company’s communication skills.


Why You Need A Bike For Large Men?

This might be a straightforward answer, but I want to take a moment and explain why a bike with a suitable weight capacity, like the ones on our list, is a better option for large people.

It Can Support Your Weight

Looking for plus-size friendly bikes can be a difficult process and having a number in mind can limit your choices, but in reality, this only means that you’re going to get a bike that is right for you.

After all, a bike that can carry your weight and meets your measurements is the safest option and it will last you much longer.

The last thing you need is to waste your money on a bike that will break down after a few rides. More so, if it does break down because you exceed the weight limit then you won’t be able to claim any warranty money back or ask for a replacement.

Instead, you need a sturdy bike that you can cycle on for years on end, on any terrain you choose, without your weight being an obstacle and that includes an exercise bike in your home!

For Better Comfort

As a large-bodied person staying active can take more motivation especially if you’re at the beginning of your journey.

That’s why it’s important to get a bike that is comfortable to ride on and that can only happen if you choose a bike that was specifically designed with large cyclists in mind.

This includes features like thick tires that offer an extra cushion for heavy riders, a steel frame, and a comfortable saddle that you can adjust according to your height.

Improved Balance

It’s not easy carrying extra weight especially when you need to balance your whole existence on a two-wheeled vehicle. That’s why it’s crucial that this vehicle is made with your weight in mind.

A well-structured bike with a sturdy frame can hold your weight but it can also keep you balanced while you’re riding on difficult terrain.

The right gears and strong brakes, as well as the suspension, can all play their role in helping you achieve that careless and smooth ride no matter your size!

What Makes A Bike Suitable For Overweight Men?

I’m sure most of us understand that having a bike that was catered to our bodies and needs is going to make a huge difference to our cycling experience.

But not all of us are bike specialists, so let’s take a look at the few key ingredients that make a bike resilient overall and plus-size friendly.

A Strong Frame

The first thing you need to look for is a bike with a frame that’s made out of a sturdy material.

Most bikes have an aluminum frame which is an acceptable option for most people because it’s strong and lightweight.

But if you want something stronger steel is a great option for heavier folks. Steel is much more resilient than aluminum, and it can absorb more blows, but it’s heavy to handle.

Try to avoid carbon frames, because this material is much lighter and it’s not as durable. Titanium on the other hand is as strong as steel, but it’s not as reliable since titanium bikes are much more likely to break because of defective materials.

Additionally, look for bicycles with thick frames because they can handle more long-term pressure from overweight people.

The Right Wheels and Tires

Next, your bike needs to have wheels and tires that are strong enough to carry your weight.

Usually smaller sized wheels and to be more specific 26-inch wheels in diameter are structurally stronger and can handle more pressure.

The connecting rods between the bike’s hub and the rim, which are called spokes, also play a major role in transferring your weight across the wheel.

That’s why you should look for a bike with at least 32 steel-bladed spokes because they can support a heavy cyclist and you will also prolong the life of your bike.

I’d also go for thicker tires because they can carry more weight and they can offer you a stable riding experience.

That’s why the PanAme fat tire bike on our list is a great option because it has a 500 lbs limit, but as you can see most of the bikes on this list have thicker tires.

Reliable Brakes

Being able to stop your bike anytime anywhere is an important function no matter your size, but it’s understandable that your bike brakes have to put in a little extra work.

Good and reliable brakes are essential for your safety, and as you can imagine mountain bikes have the best on the market because they have to deal with multiple forces, the weight of the rider, and an uneven terrain full of uphills, and downhills.

That’s why mountain bikes have disc brakes instead of rim brakes, and that’s where they get their great stopping power.

With new technologies innovating the bike game you can choose a hydraulic brake system that the Cyrusher E-bike is equipped with or mechanical-disc brakes that you can spot on the Mongoose Dolomite.

They have the same braking power, but mechanical disc brakes require more pressure at the lever, on the other hand, they are much easier to maintain and they can be more economic.

Suspension or No Suspension

You don’t have to be a bike mechanic to understand how a suspension works, trust me if I get it, you’ll get it too!

The suspension lets the wheels move up and down as you ride on the ground and it absorbs small bumps while maintaining the tire in contact with the ground.

Basically, it protects you and the bike from the large shocks when you’re riding on rough terrain. That’s why mountain and hybrid bikes usually have suspensions.

This feature isn’t necessary for those of you who are planning on using your bikes on even roads, but since most of us may live in areas where the terrain is versatile and the roads can be bumpy then a suspension can protect the bike from long-term wear and tear.

If you want a bike with a suspension, then a suspension is the best at absorbing these bumps and by locking the suspension on uneven grounds you can minimize the negative impact on your bike.

My Final Thoughts

I see a good bicycle as an investment, not only because of the possible cost but also because I want to get a quality product that can serve me and my plus-size body for as long as possible.

Unfortunately finding a heavy-duty bike that can support the weight of a large man, possibly tall as well, is not always an easy task, but it’s not impossible.

That’s why we created this list that has a variety of bikes for multiple different uses that not only can support a heavier cyclist but even his extra cargo!

Let us know which bike caught your eye or give us your own bike suggestions so we can share them with the whole plus-size world!

Leo Reed

Leo is fat and proud! Coming in at 405 pounds, Leo has been fat his entire life and is constantly on the hunt for products that help improve the life of fat folks around the world.

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