About Us


My name is Camila and if you’re on this page you might be wondering what Live Life Big is all about. 

Simply put…there’s a movement happening and I couldn’t be happier about it! 

Body positivity, fat acceptance, highlighting bigger bodies- whatever you call it, I think it’s a great thing for people.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what this all about. Accepting people for who they are. 

This site all about sharing my voice. I can’t say it’s always consistent but it’s more about just putting myself out there. 

What started as a way to answer curious questions from the skinny side of the aisle has also become a source of product reviews for big, talk, and fat folks. 

I’ve been plus-sized, big, or whatever else you want to call it all my life. The sad reality is, most products aren’t made for bigger folks.

On top of that, my hubby is a 6′ 8″ mountain of a man who’s always had a hard time finding the right products for his big body. 

Together, we want to help everyone learn more about fat-friendly lifestyles while finding products that make sense for their body. 

In other words…we invite you to Live Life Big!