7 Best Women’s Plus Size Cotton Drawstring Pants

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7 Best Women’s Plus Size Cotton Drawstring Pants

While I do think the fashion industry is still not as inclusive and accepting of large bodies as it should be, I must admit that the rise of leggings and stretchy jeans has added plenty of variety to my wardrobe.

However, I have to declare that in this age of flexible and elastic materials, there’s nothing comfier than a pair of good cotton drawstring pants.

If you ask my husband, he’d tell you that half of my closet is filled with them.

I have a pair of drawstring pants for work, for when I’m lounging lazily on my couch, and of course, for when I’m doing some type of activity like walking around with friends or running errands.

But it’s not always easy to find a drawstring pair of pants that looks flattering on plus-size bodies. Some materials are too sheer, others turn into a shapeless baggy mess after one wear.

That’s why I made a list of my favorite plus-size cotton drawstring pants that fit perfectly our voluptuous bodies and look hella good!

I’m also going to give you a few tips on how to choose the right pair and all the things you need to consider before the final purchase. But if you want to skip ahead and see what our top plus size cotton drawstring pants are, you can check them out here:

Best For Loungewear
Luowan Women’s Joggers Sweatpants – Cotton Soft High Waist Drawstring Pants
  • Available up to sizes 4XL-5XL.
  • With the elastic waistband and the drawstring closure, you can regulate your waistline.
  • The stretchy tapered cuffs are perfect if you get swollen calves and ankles.
Best For Work
Cherokee Workwear Professionals Women Drawstring Pant
  • The sizes go up to 5XL with petite and long options.
  • The adjustable drawstring and elastic waist offer a comfortable and secure fit around the belly area.
  • The fade-resistant fabric makes it a great work-pant for demanding jobs.
  • The fabric has enough stretch, so they're suitable for women with larger thighs.
Best For Working Out
Hanna Nikole Women’s Plus Size Sweatpants Drawstring Joggers
  • The blend of cotton and stretchy material makes these the perfect workout pants for plus-size figures.
  • The loose fit is perfect both for curvy figures and plus-size women with narrow hips.
  • With the stretchy waistband and drawstring, you can adjust the waist according to your size.

Can Cotton Drawstring Pants Look Flattering On A Plus Size Figure?

The simple answer to this question is, of course, they can! But if a simple yes, is not enough then here is my honest opinion.

Most cotton drawstring pants are all about casual wear, they’re meant to be comfortable, with a loose fit and a waistband that you can control as you please.

The functionality of these pants is what makes them great for most body types especially if you’re a big girl with curves.

When it comes to pants, a major issue for us plus-size women is the waist. I’m sure you’ve tried a pair of pants only to find out that they sit perfectly on your thighs but the waistband is too wide and vice versa.

Regulating the waistband is one feature that I appreciate greatly throughout the day, but also throughout my cycle.

Whether I ate something that didn’t sit well with me, or I am bloated during a certain time of the day or month, I know that soft cotton pants with a drawstring can minimize the discomfort. After all, we all have those days we look (and feel) fatter than others.

So, stop restricting your wardrobe with just dress pants, loose skirts, and dresses, and add some cotton drawstring pants!

What To Look For In A Cotton Drawstring Pant?

When it comes to cotton drawstring pants there are no zippers or buttons that restrict my movement, but when it comes to aesthetics you might need to dig a little bit deeper to find drawstring pants that actually look good.

I want to make it clear that our body doesn’t have to align with any existing aesthetics, and in all honesty, you can be big or skinny. But, if a piece of clothing doesn’t fit your proportions and figure, then it’s the piece of clothing that’s the problem, not you.

Of course, there are certain nuances that each body type might need to consider if that’s something you care about.

So, what we need to explore here is what makes cotton drawstring pants look flattering for you personally.

The Right Fit

I’ve already mentioned how the right fit can make any pair of pants look good on plus size figures and show off your uniquely beautiful features.

I also understand that for some people the term “right fit” can be quite vague and confusing.

When I was younger, I didn’t know much about clothing, and shopping for my non-conventional body type felt scary and shameful somehow. But with more plus-size influencers appearing on different platforms like Georgina from Fullerfigurefullerbust, I felt suddenly encouraged to read more about it and to my surprise, I began to experiment with different garments.

But, what does it mean, to find the right fit?

When it comes to pants there are certain areas that we need to pay attention to, like the waistline, and the hip area.

We also need to look at whether we want to accentuate certain areas, and how different fabrics behave and look after being stretched and worn for a prolonged time.

So, let’s break it all down.

At The Waist

Women with full figures have different needs when it comes to their waistlines.

Most of my friends that have larger thighs have trouble finding the right pair of pants because while the trousers sit perfectly on their bottom and legs, the waistline is too wide, and it creates a large gap.

I have a different issue. Most pants will look saggy on me, while the waistband will be pushing into my larger tummy and sides instead.

What I love about cotton drawstring pants, is the fact that the waistline is usually wider so, I can go for a tighter fit on my thighs and simply not tie the drawstring as tight.

My friends on the other hand can simply pull the drawstring much tighter to create a more hourglass figure.

Of course, not all drawstring pants offer the same flexibility and room at the waistline. The design of the waistband and the string itself can add unnecessary bulk to your waist and belly area. So, while it’s a great feature you still need to be aware of the unique issues it can create.

At The Hips

Women come in all hip shapes and sizes, you can be a large girl with a pair of strong straight-line legs that can look amazing in loose-fitted drawstring pants, or even a tighter fit that is more flared out at the bottom.

Then again if you want to add more bulk to your hip area you can go for loose baggy style drawstring pants like the Hanna Nikole Women’s Plus Size drawstring pants on our list. The tapered shape with elastic at the ankles will also visually draw attention to your hips.

If on the other hand, you have wide hips, you can accentuate that part of your booty, by getting the same cotton drawstring pair.

I truly love this specific design because I think it looks flattering on most big bodies, especially if it’s paired with a nice loose elbow-sleeved top that’s slightly cropped.

At The Rise

I’m quite happy to look for new and different clothes and experiment with the different ways they compliment my body. I don’t necessarily try to follow any rules to avoid looking like an apple or any other fruit type out there.

But there’s one style of pants and jeans that I truly dislike and that’s the low-rise pants that were so popular during the 2000s. Low-rise is a nightmare for women with larger figures or basically anyone who has curves. Not only are these pants just unflattering, but they slid down constantly and this made them uncomfortable to wear.

Despite the ominous whispers that the low-rise jeans will rise again, we still have variations of mid and high-waisted pants that can look comfy and good on just about anyone.

With high-waisted cotton drawstring pants, the comfort level is truly through the roof, but they also look really cute and flattering since they hug the smallest part of your waist. Plus, it keeps your belly warm and there’s no hint of a visible back crack when you sit down.

Of course, every body type is different, and if you want to appear taller, and you want to elongate your legs, and accentuate your hips, high-rise cotton drawstring pants like this one can also give you that effect.

If on the other hand, you have a short torso, mid-rise cotton drawstring pants, like the ones from Athletic Works on our list can make your waist appear lower. This helps elongate your body so you don’t look as round in certain areas.

Consider The Cut

The cut of the drawstring pants is one more thing you might want to keep in mind.

Tapered pants are quite popular and since I prefer to add more visual bulk to my thighs and bum, loose-fitting drawstring pants with a tapered cut really help create the shape that I’m going for.

On the other hand, I’m also quite short, so sometimes heavy cotton drawstring pants with a tapered cuff can make me look even more petite. So, sizing is something you need to be careful with if you’re like me.

For people who are top-heavy, flared pants have the advantage of softening your proportions.

A straight line is a great medium between the two styles, it can help elongate the leg which can be a great choice for those of you who have a longer torso compared to your legs.

It’s also worth mentioning that flared-out drawstring pants and those with a straight line are easier to alter and make shorter, unlike tapered pants with elastic around the ankle.

But if you like the shape of tapered drawstring pants then you might want to consider something shorter.

By clicking here you’ll see me defend the right of all larger folks to wear capris, as well as my top list of plus-size capri pants.  is also a cotton drawstring pair!

Pockets vs No Pockets

I’m sure you’ve seen me comment on the criminal case of “why women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets?” before.

But I’m not here to rant about that. All I want to say is that pockets are part of a functional garment. Since I usually wear cotton drawstring pants around the house, to work out, and ultimately to feel comfy, then I do expect a few pockets that can hold my phone and a few other things in them.

So, if you have a choice between having pockets or not, I’d say go with the pockets. What I want to point out though is that pockets can affect your overall look in other ways. For example, side pockets on loose-fitting cotton drawstring pants can add bulk to your hip area.

However, this can work for those of us who want to add more volume to our hips. But if you want to avoid this type of bulk and you don’t have a big butt, then rear pockets are the way to go.

Something to remember is that some side pocket designs can also be far more discreet and placed in a way that doesn’t add anything extra to that area. For me personally, I avoid front pockets because they can add unnecessary bulk to the thigh area.

I generally think no matter how large your figure, side and back pockets are usually more flattering. Pockets with additional flaps, zippers, and their overall placement can also distort the shape of your body.

So, even though pockets are 100% essential and they can also serve a visual purpose, you need to choose them wisely.

My Top 7 Pairs Of Cotton Drawstring Pants For Plus Size Women!

This list was created with all of the above suggestions in mind, they can be worn on different occasions, and most importantly all the cotton drawstring pants options are meant for plus-size women with different body types!

Best For Loungewear: Luowan Women’s Joggers Sweatpants – Cotton Soft High Waist Drawstring Pants

Best For Loungewear
Luowan Women’s Joggers Sweatpants – Cotton Soft High Waist Drawstring Pants
  • The sizes go up to 5XL with petite and long options.
  • The adjustable drawstring and elastic waist offer a comfortable and secure fit around the belly area.
  • The fade-resistant fabric makes it a great work-pant for demanding jobs.
  • The fabric has enough stretch, so they're suitable for women with larger thighs.

For a long time, I wore my old and incredibly worn clothes to relax at home. As you can imagine, they didn’t look the best and they certainly didn’t make me feel good.

This is my top pick because these drawstring pants have some stretch and are comfy to wear around the house. They hug my body without being too tight, something that means I can run to the store without needing to change or looking sloppy.

I often get thigh chafing from certain materials, but these drawstring pants are 92% cotton and 8% spandex. This blend is what makes them so stretchy but still breathable. Plus, they feel soft against my skin.

These are the ultimate house pants because of the stretchy waistband. It easily stretches to accommodate your belly if you’re feeling bloated or ate too much, but it holds its shape enough you don’t have to worry about your pants falling off. Take a look at the stretch.

Turns out, the elastic is a good thing, because the drawstring isn’t very long and it may not help you hold these up. That being said, I love everything else about these, especially the tapered design that elongates my body.

Plus, these pants taper without being too tight. The cuffs on these are actually wider than the Hanna Nicole and Poseshe pants, despite the leg appearing slimmer.

Read more reviews and check today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: They have deep side pockets that remain seamless, so you can have your phone on you at all times.

There are also no pockets at the back, so it won’t add additional volume to your bottom.

What I Wish They Had: Unfortunately, these pants only come in three colors, black, navy, and grey. But you can always add a bit of color by choosing a t-shirt or a hoody with a colorful design!


Best For Work: Cherokee Workwear Professionals Women Drawstring Pant

Best For Work
Cherokee Workwear Professionals Women Drawstring Pant
  • The sizes go up to 5XL with petite and long options.
  • The adjustable drawstring and elastic waist offer a comfortable and secure fit around the belly area.
  • The fade-resistant fabric makes it a great work-pant for demanding jobs.
  • The fabric has enough stretch, so they're suitable for women with larger thighs.

I understand that scrubs are not for everyone, but they can work as casual, everyday clothing that you can wear at work in a lot of fields. Plus, they still look good at the end of a long and tough shift.

I’m actually really happy to see more and more people embrace scrubs outside the medical professions because they offer durability, comfort, and incredible plus-size options.

These specific drawstring pants by Cherokee Workwear are my favorite because they have a simple and classic design.

They are straight-line pants with a bit of a flair at the cuffs, which means that if you have larger calves, you get plenty of room without accentuating that part. Like the last pair, they also elongate the legs, which as a short individual is something that I truly appreciate in a pair of pants.

Depending on where you work, you might need durable pants that will still look nice and presentable throughout the whole day. That’s why I prefer scrubs- they won’t wrinkle or lose their shape even after multiple washes and wears. You’ll notice this is pretty common with certain fabrics if you have a full figure.

Let’s not forget the multiple pockets that these cotton drawstring pants offer. With front, side, and back pockets you can keep all your essential items on you, but be aware that carrying too much could add some extra bulk.

With 6000+ reviews these pair of cotton drawstring pants are worth your attention, so click here to read more about this brand and take a look at today’s price on Amazon!

What I Love About Them: The mid-waist gives this pair a modern look and the drawstring keeps the pants in place without suffocating you.

What I Wish They Had: If you want to avoid looking like part of a hospital or medical staff, then some colors won’t work for you. Thankfully there are 20 different color options that you can choose from.


Best For Working Out: Hanna Nikole Women’s Plus Size Sweatpants Drawstring Joggers

Best For Working Out
Hanna Nikole Women’s Plus Size Sweatpants Drawstring Joggers
  • The blend of cotton and stretchy material makes these the perfect workout pants for plus-size figures.
  • The loose fit is perfect both for curvy figures and plus-size women with narrow hips.
  • With the stretchy waistband and drawstring, you can adjust the waist according to your size.

This might be my favorite drawstring pair on this list because Hanna Nikole is a plus-size brand that knows what they’re doing! They’re clothes are designed curvy for the plus size woman’s body and they aren’t unflattering or ugly like some other “plus size” brands.

Because of the split color option, the darker and lighter shades of grey are strategically designed to draw less attention to the hips and belly, and it also makes this drawstring pair very modern and original. I also love the solid colors (you can see the green here).

So I just love how this pair (and their other clothing I’ve tried) can truly accentuate the curves on large bodies in the most flattering and feminine way. They have a loose, comfy fit, especially in the legs, but they don’t look bulky.

I’m not that curvy, but with the fit of these cotton drawstring pants, I actually can create that voluminous shape, thanks to the tapered ankle cuffs, and the adjustable waistline.

The high waist and the tapered cuffs can also keep you quite warm, and since I love doing outdoor activities, like hiking, even during the cold months this pair manages to lock the warmth within. Plus, these extra large pockets have plenty of room for anything I might want to carry on my hikes.

If you want to check the cool split design or more monochromatic options you can click here to take a closer look and see today’s price on Amazon.

What I Love About Them: If you enjoy working out and doing activities like yoga, you’ll find that when these pants stretch they don’t become sheer. So, if you don’t want to wear leggings these are the next best thing!

What I Wish They Had: The deep front pockets might add too much bulk in the belly and hip area, especially if you overstuff them with various items.


Best Relaxed Fit: Allegrace Women’s Plus Size Comfy Stretch Long Pajama Drawstring Pants

Best Relaxed Fit
Allegrace Women’s Plus Size Comfy Stretch Long Pajama Drawstring Pants
  • Available in sizes up to 4XL and according to reviews they are true to size.
  • There's no elastic so the mid-waist shouldn't look bulky in your belly area.
  • The loose fit and light fabric make them perfect for plus-size women that seek comfort.

I’m sure some of you have had enough of these tapered cuffs, and that’s why I’ve added this option to the list. These Allegrace cotton drawstring pants are perfect for those lazy days when you want to lounge on the couch or do some relaxing yoga stretching.

As you can see the fit is totally loose, the cut is long and flowy, but they’re not flared out like cabana pants. Instead, these are straight-line drawstring pants that work great with most body types, whether you’re curvy or not.

If you’re short they might come a bit long, but to be honest as a short person myself this can be easily fixed as long as the overall fit is great.

Elastic waistbands can be a blessing and a curse, so thankfully this pair offers only a drawstring to help you choose your own preferable tightness instead. More so, these are mid-waisted, and they sit well over the stomach without creating any unnecessary bumps.

You can check out today’s price on Amazon by clicking here as well as the 7 different color options. Most of them are grey and monochromatic, and if you ask me the purplish-red is the true winner here!

What I Love About Them: Elastic waistbands can be too tight for plus size figures, especially if you are mid-heavy, but this pair doesn’t have one, instead, you can regulate the tightness with the drawstring only.

What I Wish They Had: My only complaint is the material. This pair of drawstring pants aren’t exactly a cotton blend. Only 10% of the whole blend is made of cotton and the rest is polyester and spandex. But not everyone is as concerned with fabrics, and most reviews have pointed out how soft they feel.


Best Straight-Line Pants: Athletic Works Women’s Relaxed Fit Cotton Blend Pants

Best Straight-Line Pants
Athletic Works Women’s Relaxed Fit Cotton Blend Pants
  • Available up to sizes 5XL.
  • The straight line is great for women with curves or a straight silhouette as it elongates the leg.
  • The material is durable for working out and doesn't show sweat.

This is another great pair of cotton drawstring pants by Athletic Works with a relaxed fit, and if you’re a larger girl the soft material will hug your curves, instead of squeezing you.

These pants are mid-waisted so they do offer some coverage around the belly and upper hip area. Most importantly, they shouldn’t restrict your movements at all, even if you’re working out.

I think this particular design will look great on women that have large thighs and a smaller waist since the drawstring will keep the pant securely in place and the loose fit won’t stretch awkwardly around your bum and thigh area.

This is definitely a more toned-down version of the Allegrace loose drawstring pants from this list. They’re not as baggy, and they also have a 62% cotton blend, which makes them a little more breathable.

The large front pockets are definitely my favorite feature, but you should be aware that they could gape slightly when sitting, but they’re deep enough so they should keep your belongings from falling out.

The length might be tricky because even though the company offers petite sizes up until XXL, the sizing is a little confusing and that can make it hard for shorter gals like me to get the length that they need. Plus, there isn’t a petite version if you were a 3X-5X.

If you feel like this is the one pair of cotton drawstring pants for you or you want to take a closer look before making the final decision, click here to take a closer look and check today’s price on Amazon!

What I Love About Them: These pants are great for working out, because the material wicks away any moisture and they keep your temperature balanced.

What I Wish They Had: These cotton drawstring pants don’t come in a large color range to choose from, but they do offer classic back, navy, and grey options that can be matched with any top.


Best For Thick Thighs: Poseshe Women High Waisted Drawstring Jogger Pants

Best For Thick Thighs
Poseshe Women High Waisted Drawstring Jogger Pants
  • Available in plus sizes up to 5XL.
  • The adjustable drawcord and stretchy fabric make it a perfect fit for plus-size women with thick thighs.
  • It comes out in 8 different colors to fit your unique style.
  • The thin white line on the sides helps lengthen your leg visually.

The Poseshe high-waisted drawstring pants are truly stunning for multiple reasons.

First of all, they were made with plus-size women in mind, so you can forget the fear of your panties showing when you work out or when you simply bend down to pick up something. The fabric itself isn’t too thick, but it’s thick enough.

The 70% cotton blend makes it breathable and soft on the skin. Plus, I also really love the style of these pants because they have that curve-friendly design. It has white accents that have a slimming effect as they run along your curves.

The 5% spandex gives you enough stretch and plenty of freedom of movement and your curves will have enough space without the garment looking baggy. Take a look at how the 2X looks on a 5’6″ and 260 pound woman.

The side pockets are really discreet and lay flat against the fabric so you don’t have to worry if you have large hips and they won’t gape open when sitting down. However, they’re big enough to hold your phone, wallet, or whatever else you like to keep handy. My hand easily fits in the pocket.

Since we’re here to specifically look for the perfect cotton drawstring pants, I need to mention how comfy this high-waisted adjustable waistband is.

Not only is the waistband stretchy on its own for a better fit, but the drawstring gives you complete control over how tight you want these pants to sit on you.

The 5-star reviews made specifically by plus-size women are really impressive, and you can read all of their opinions (and check today’s price) by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: The tapered ankle cuffs are stretchy enough for those of us who can experience swelling in that area.

What I Wish They Had: The back pockets can add bulk if you have a big bum, but this can come to your advantage if you feel like you’d want some volume there.


Best For Summer: Amazon Essentials Women’s Linen-Blend Drawstring Wide Leg Pant

Best For Summer
Amazon Essentials Women’s Linen-Blend Drawstring Wide Leg Pant
  • Great plus size selection that goes up to 6XL, but according to reviews they might run big.
  • The 55% Linen and 45% Cotton blend makes this a perfect pair for hot weather.
  • The straight line and loose design are perfect for women that are bottom-heavy.
  • Despite the high-quality materials these pants are budget-friendly.

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got the Amazon Essentials linen-blend drawstring pants. This is my go-to pair for the summer, and I practically own them in all 5 colors.

I love these drawstring pants not only because they’re breezy, but because they fit so perfectly well on my plus-size figure. They are breezy because instead of a cotton/spandex or cotton/polyester blend, they are made from 45% cotton and 55% linen, so they really are perfect for those summer months you might sweat more.

These are easy to style with flowy tops or loose-fitting summer shirts of the same material, that I will usually keep tucked in for that extra curvy effect.

The drawstring and elastic waistband are easy to manipulate to sit comfortably on my waist, but what I’m even more excited about is the relaxed fit around the thigh area.

Being top-heavy doesn’t always mean I want fitted pants. The right flowy undergarments usually give me some needed volume at the bottom, to create more balanced proportions.

If you’re looking for cotton drawstring pants for this summer check more reviews for this pair on Amazon as well as today’s price by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: If you have sensitive skin then these drawstring pants made of natural linen and cotton fibers are the most natural option!

What I Wish They Had: Linen is a thin and delicate material so after a couple of months you might notice the material between your thighs wear, especially if you wear them non-stop like I do.


Closing Thoughts

I truly hope you’re happy with the 7 different options of cotton drawstring pants we have on our list. I would stand by any of these options- each suggestion is comfy and I feel I’ve offered a variety of different cuts, sizes, and styles to suit your day-to-day needs.

Personally, I won’t give up my love for cotton drawstring pants. They get the job done and they make me feel cute and curvacious in a sporty kind of way.

Then again if you’re looking for the same effect but with a different material, we have a great selection of stretchy jeans with an elastic waist that will definitely push you to live life big and beautiful!

Camila R.

Camila is a body positive blogger and fat activist that's focused on helping people of all sizes live life big! That means accepting yourself at any size and just enjoying life! She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two chihauhuas.

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