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Should Fat Guys Wear Oversized T-Shirts

Fat people hear a lot of opinions when it comes to their weight. There’s always someone out there saying one thing or another when it comes to what you should (or shouldn’t) be eating and how you should dress for your body type.

While I don’t mind advice from the right source, more often than not, I find this advice comes from people who really have no idea what they’re talking about. So, I’m here to answer a common question about fashion, from one fat guy to another.

So, should fat guys wear oversized t-shirts?

The oversized t-shirt look can be comfortable and attractive, even on a fat guy, but it really has to be done right. There’s a fine line between oversized and sloppy. A too-baggy or too-long shirt looks sloppy while a slightly oversized t-shirt is going to skim over your body in a flattering way.

In this article, I’ll talk a little more about what exactly I mean by oversized, how big is too big when it comes to t-shirts on a fat guy, and offer a few other tips that will have you looking sharp, even in a t-shirt.

Should Fat Guys Wear Oversized T-Shirts?

Fat guys absolutely can wear oversized t-shirts but as I mentioned earlier, there’s a fine line between something being slightly oversized and fitting your body well and something that looks sloppy.

So, yes, fat guys can wear something a little oversized. Personally, I’m someone that is both tall and who has a big belly and I find that a shirt that is a little bigger gives me that extra coverage I need to make sure my belly isn’t poking out from under my shirt.

When you go too oversized with your t-shirt, though, it ends up looking sloppy. While you might think that you are hiding your body, something too baggy makes your silhouette a lot bigger. Not only does it not hide your body, but wearing a too-big t-shirt makes you look fatter than you actually are.

Do Baggy Shirts Make You Look Thinner?

Yes, a shirt that is slightly bigger than you need actually can make you look thinner, especially compared to a shirt that is much bigger than you need. While a too-oversized shirt might look nice on a thinner body type, it actually has the opposite effect on a fat guy. If I were to wear a shirt too much bigger than I needed, I would look sloppy, unkempt, and bigger than I actually am.

The thing with fashion, though, is that the basic rules don’t always work for everyone. While I’m not the type of guy who can pull off the oversized t-shirt look, I’m sure some guys out there feel confident rocking it. Basically, if you feel like you look good, don’t be afraid to rock the style even though most people will tell you to stay away from oversized t-shirts as a bigger man.

Should Overweight People Wear Oversized Clothing?

Generally, oversized clothing is going to make a fat person look bigger than they actually are. This is true whether we’re talking about t-shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, or any kind of jeans or bottoms.

As someone who once didn’t feel as confident in their own skin, I know how putting on something bigger than you need can make it feel like you are hiding your body and any insecurities. The reality though is that when you look in the mirror, you are going to look even bigger than you would if you chose something that fits your body well.

How Should A Shirt Fit A Fat Guy?

When it comes to dressing yourself as a bigger man, the first thing that you should know is that you do have assets to show off. Even if you have a bigger belly like I do, the right shirt can show off your chest and arms in a flattering way. These areas don’t just look big- they look muscular.

So, the most flattering shirts are going to fit your arms and chest well. You want them tight in these areas, but not so tight that the cuffs cut into your biceps or it feels uncomfortable when you move your arms around.

While you do want the chest area to fit your body well, you also don’t want your shirt too tight around your belly. A t-shirt that’s too tight is going to draw attention to a bigger belly and your shape, while something that is slightly bigger than your body skims over your body and fits comfortably without looking too sloppy.

Should I Buy Big And Tall Shirts If I’m Fat?

For me, big and tall clothing is a must. I am a taller man and I have a big belly. The dimensions of big and tall t-shirts mean that they are long enough to cover my belly without having to choose something that is wider and looser in the chest area. They are really flattering on my body type.

While big and tall shirts can be a good option if you’re fat, they also aren’t going to work well for everyone. For example, shorter guys who choose big and tall shirts are going to end up with a lot of loose fabric hanging around their waist or even down past their butt. The problem with this is that it makes your legs look even shorter and skews the dimensions of your body. You end up looking shorter than you are and this makes you look proportionately wider.

Can Fat Guys Wear Extra-Long Tees?

Generally, fat guys should avoid extra-long tees. Just like with shorter guys, an extra-long t-shirt is going to make your legs look shorter and your body proportionately wider. It can make you look fatter than you actually are.

And, when you do inevitably find a t-shirt brand that fits your body type well- stock up on them! A t-shirt that is comfortable and fits your body well can be hard to find when you’re a fat guy.

Tucking can be an option for some shirt styles, but generally, t-shirts are casual wear and don’t get tucked in.

Of course, depending on your body type, it might be best to opt for something a little longer, but then tuck it in. Whether you wear your shirt tucked or untucked really depends on your preference, but it is a good way to make your overall look more polished, especially if your shirt is longer than you’d like.

What Colors Or Patterns Are Best For A T-shirt For Fat Guys?

If you are trying to look slimmer in the belly area, you can create that illusion by pairing lighter-colored pants with a darker-colored top. The contrast is going to help balance your proportions and make your silhouette more flattering.

However, you shouldn’t wear anything but dark, solid colors. Let’s face it, those darker colors aren’t always going to show off the big personalities that us bigger guys are known for and I don’t like the idea of limiting my wardrobe.

There are also people who say that fat men should avoid large, busy patterns or certain kinds of stripes. Honestly, I’m not the fashion police and I hate the idea that any guy out there would avoid a shirt they love just because someone says it won’t look good on their body type. In fact, the right kinds of stripes can actually be really flattering, and big, bold patterns can look great on a fat guy when they’re done right.

Should You Avoid Certain Fabrics If You’re Fat?

Yes, just like with patterns, the fabrics that you wear are going to change how clothing sits on your body. I generally avoid clingy materials that are too small and opt for cotton or a cotton/polyester blend instead. Not only does cotton help if you sweat more like I do, but cotton also sits nicely on my body. It hugs my silhouette without clinging to it.

Closing Thoughts

So, what’s the bottom line when it comes to the question of should fat guys wear oversized t-shirts? Most of the time, something that is too big or too baggy should be avoided. Whether you think the extra-big look is comfortable or you are trying to hide your body, the reality is that something too large for your body makes your silhouette appear bigger and can make you look fatter than you actually are.

Ideally, you should opt for a well-fitting shirt that isn’t too tight. A T-shirt that is just a little bigger than you need is going to be more flattering without being uncomfortable. However, you should always default to wearing whatever you feel most confident in!

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