8 Best Jeans for Fat Guys and Big Thighs

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best jeans for fat guys

How many times have you wished jeans never even existed?

I mean, this is basically the most quintessential piece of clothing in the world, but they are so uncomfortable sometimes.

If you’re like me, you put them on in the morning thinking everything is great. Then, a couple of hours later, the pinching, pulling and chafing makes you full of regret.

Or maybe you busted one too many moves on the dance floor and ended up with an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?

Ah yes, this is the recurring struggle of the fat guy.  All of this can make you want to regress back to sweat pants and forget about denim completely.  I get it.

But sometimes, you can’t wear those trusty sweat pants. The ones from 15 years ago that have been washed so many times they feel like PJs?  We all love them, but there are occasions where you need to look more put together.

Maybe you have a hot date or dinner with friends and you need to look your best. What you need is a trusty pair of jeans that actually fit your larger frame and are so comfortable that you actually want to wear them.

As fat dudes, we need jeans made with us in mind.  And maybe you aren’t really even that fat. Maybe, you’re just super swole from hitting the gym so you have big thighs? This list is for you, too.

Whether it’s fat guys, muscular thighs, or big something else, you will always need a reliable, good fitting pair of jeans because they are a closet staple that never goes out of style.

So, what are the basic things you need to look for?  Concentrate on the measurements, fit, rise and durability of the materials.

If you are here to find your perfect pair of jeans and get moving, check out the Wrangler Comfort Flex Waist Jeans on Amazon. These are my ride or die, tried and true, have four pairs in all different colors #1 pick.


They check all the boxes (and then some). They’re loose and comfortable without being baggy. They’re flattering in all the right places, true to size and come in a wide range of colors.  Oh, and there is a one-year satisfaction guarantee on these puppies. I mean, what other jeans do you know that come with their own warranty? Case and point.

Who else made it on my list? Here’s an overview of the winners:

What To Look For In Jeans For Fat Guys

You might think it’s obvious what you need to look for in a pair of jeans. But if that was true, wouldn’t you have the perfect pair already? You wouldn’t need any help in this department… It’s more than just looking for jeans that have a bigger waist and large leg openings.  Ultimately, you want to concentrate on higher rise, relaxed fit jeans that accentuate your wider waist and flatter large thighs.  Make sure you take your measurements and concentrate on the fit (structure), rise, and durability. Each element is going to play a part in your comfort and style.


First of all, do you actually know your body type? Yeah, you might already know that you’re tall or that your beer belly is out there, but do you know the scientific type?

Way back in the 1940s, Dr. W.H. Sheldon theorized that there are three different body types humans are destined to have. Although we fall into all types of shapes and sizes, each person ultimately belongs to one of these groups.

The three types are endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph.  The high-level summary is that endomorphs are rounded and soft, mesomorphs are square and muscular and ectomorphs are small and thin-boned.  Keep in mind, this is just an assumption, but it’s good info to know. As heavy and fat people, we are going to be endomorphs.

Tuck this tidbit in your back pocket as you move forward on your quest for the perfect pair of jeans.

Do you already know your typical pants and jeans size? Probably.

But there’s more to it than just the number on the tag.  Plus, size charts vary so much between brands that your best bet is to take body measurements.

This way, you know precisely how big (or small) you need to go. Once you have your personal measurements, you can adapt them to any brand’s size chart for a more appropriate fit.

Do you know how to take your body’s measurements? All you need is a flexible measuring tape. If you don’t have one, you’ll need a piece of string and a ruler.  This is done best when the measuring tape has direct contact with your skin. Wearing a shirt or pants can falsely manipulate your true measurement.

So, if you can, do this in the privacy of your own home in your birthday suit.  The first measurement you want to take is your waist. Stand with your feet slightly apart and place the measuring tape above your belly button at the smallest part of your waist.

Having trouble finding your waist? Bend over to the side and see where your top half crunches over. That spot is your waist.  Keep your stomach relaxed and wrap the tape around the middle. Make sure to breathe normally. Don’t suck in, flex, or hold your breath. If you do, your measurement won’t be accurate.

Keep the measuring tape snug, but not too tight, and ensure it is parallel to the floor.  If you don’t have a measuring tape handy, you can use a piece of string. Just make sure you mark with your finger where the measurement stops. Then, you can lay the string flat and measure it with a ruler.

The next step in measuring is figuring out what your inseam is. The inseam is important because it affects how long the jeans are. If you have long legs, you will have a longer inseam. If your legs are short, your inseam number will be less.

Knowing your height is not enough to determine your inseam. Just because two men are the same height, doesn’t mean their legs are the same length. The inseam measurement is just as important as your waist measurement, so don’t skip it!

Use your flexible tape measure (or string) to measure the distance from your crotch to the bottom of your leg near your ankle. If you plan to wear boots or another shoe that gives you extra height, put the shoes on and measure with them.

Once you have the waist and inseam measurement in numbers, convert them to your actual jean size using the manufacturer’s size chart. If you are between sizes, I suggest going up a size for the best fit.


When you think of types of jeans, you probably think of the basics. Skinny, boot cut, flare, etc.

But what you should really be concentrating on is the “fit” of them. For example, you can have a boot cut jean with a narrow fit or skinny jeans with a wider fit.  The key features to look for are a flexible waistband and loose leg opening.

Concentrate on wider waists with elastic waistbands. If the waistband isn’t elastic, at least look for a pair that doesn’t narrow in the middle. You also want to stay away from narrow leg openings because we need a bit of extra room for our thick thighs.  Look for loose, relaxed fit leg styles. You want them to be forgiving, but not baggy.

If they are too baggy, you’re going to look like you’re in a skirt. Straight or relaxed cuts are the keywords to look for. Avoid the skinny jeans guys! You might also see some of the jeans marketed as “athletic fit.” This will work, too.

Again, there is so much variance among brands that sometimes “athletic fit” and “relaxed fit” actually mean the same thing. It’s really all about marketing. Typically, athletic fit means a roomier and more forgiving silhouette. Rather than hiding your legs under tons of heavy denim, this fit accentuates your legs and balances them out with the rest of your larger frame.  An athletic fit is somewhere between a relaxed and boot cut style that is very flattering on men with larger legs.


This is a pretty easy one to understand. The rise of the jean is where it hits on your waist. A low-rise pair will hit beneath your belly button and a high-rise pair will hit at or above your belly button.

High-rise is most flattering, but if your stomach sort of falls over like mine does, it can be pretty uncomfortable. No one likes a squished tummy.  I included some of both in this list, because the rise comes down to personal preference and where you actually carry the bulk of your weight.

Durable materials

Your new jeans are going to be your go-to choice of pants, which means they need to last a while.  How annoying is it when your jeans start to thin? For most of us, you can see this happen between the thighs or in the butt area. No thank you!  Whether you are using them to work or play, you need a pair that won’t give out.

Overall Winner: Wrangler Comfort Flex Waist Jean

The ultimate dream is to find a pair of jeans that make it feel like you’re wearing pajamas. They are the ones that suck you in in all the right places and accentuate your assets, right?!

Look no further than my #1 pick when it comes to best jeans for fat guys.

You’ve heard the name Wrangler before. Now, you’ll be singing their praises.

These jeans truly fit like a glove. The elastic waistband means these pants will grow (or shrink) with you. Since the waist is so forgiving, even if you are between sizes you can make these work. Elastic = comfort.

You’ll get a clean look without feeling stuffy. That’s because these jeans are regular fit. They give you enough room without being overly baggy.

The material is flexible enough to give you mobility without being too hot. Whether you are out on the town, hopping on a motorcycle or just sitting around watching the game, you’ll feel comfortable.

Wrangler always uses authentic, heavy-duty hardware (for the buttons, zippers, etc.) and the finest quality denim. In fact, all Wrangler jeans come with a 1-year warranty against any factory defects.

You know you have a good pair of jeans when they come with a warranty!

Read more and check out the 26,000+ reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: It’s rare to find jeans that both look good and have an elastic waistband…but these do! That’s one of the many reasons why I love them.

What I Wish They Had: I’d love to see a little bit of a higher waist on these. As it stands, they’re great but if I had to find something that would be it.


Runner-Up: Lee Performance Extreme Motion Series Slim Straight Leg Jean

These jeans are sort of a fake out…because they have “slim” in the title you might be apprehensive. But don’t be- these are perfect for fat guys and big thighs.

While these jeans do fit a little closer to your body (and hug the butt a little more than some others), they are a great option for fat guys like us.

How? Glad you asked. These super comfortable jeans feature Active Comfort denim. This unique material has all-way stretch which gives you the biggest range of movement you’ll find with any denim material.

They are a mid-rise style, so not too high and not too low. The soft, yet durable material will make you feel like you’re in your favorite pair of sweats, but with a uniquely polished look. The Extreme Motion waistband was made for all day comfort.

If you have a bigger belly but thinner legs, these are perfect for you!

But if you have big thighs, don’t worry, these will still work great. You just might feel a bit snugger than if you were wearing some of the other options on our list.

The generous leg opening may be “slim,” but it’s still plenty wide enough for boots or other big shoes.

Make sure you pay close attention to your measurements and the size chart for these jeans. The chart is very accurate, so you want a precise measurement of your bod for the best fit.

Check the latest price on and read more reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: The entire pant is nice and stretch which is perfect for fat guys and big thighs.

What I Wish They Had: They’re stretchy but they’re still a little snug. I’d love them to go for a baggy and stretching combination. Still, there should be plenty of room for most fat guys.


Best For Working Guys: Wrangler Riggs Workwear Carpenter Jeans

If you are a guy who needs his jeans to last through a tough day on the job, look no further. This denim will work as hard as you do.

The relaxed fit leaves plenty of room for your legs to move. It also has a generous opening in the crotch…no pinching here!

The durable material will withstand bumps, scrapes and scratches. The extra layer of lining adds to the material’s durability without making them hotter or stuffier.

If you’re using these on the job, chances are you have a lot of stuff to carry. Since these jeans are carpenter style, they feature plenty of storage. Two slash pockets and two back pockets on either side, plus two utility pockets on the right leg and one hammer loop on the left leg mean all your tools are easily accessible.

Check the latest price on Amazon (and read more reviews) by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: Plenty of extra pockets for your gear. There’s also a ton of extra space in the crotch and legs.

What I Wish They Had: The sizing isn’t 100% true (they run a little small) so make sure you’re sizing up a bit.

Best Light Wash Jeans: Lucky Brand 410 Athletic Fit

Guys with big legs, STOP! These are your dream jeans.

They are specifically designed for your shape because of the relaxed fit style. With a looser fit in the waist and thigh, there is additional tapering in the leg to give them an updated, modern feel. But don’t worry, you still have plenty of room to move!

They are mid-rise, which flatters your frame no matter how big your stomach is.

Personally, I don’t wear many light wash jeans, but when I do, these are the ones I wear. If you dig this look, these are the best light wash jeans on the market. Even though it’s light, the weight of the fabric is perfect. It will withstand a hot summer day with plenty of movement capability.

Notice the lighter lines at the top? That’s called whiskering. Sometimes, designers go overboard and the whiskering looks really pronounced, but the effect is perfect here. It looks very cool and natural, plus, it’s flattering!

It’s worth noting that if light jeans are not your style, there are twenty (yes, twenty!) other colors for you to choose from.

This pair comes in tons of sizes including big and tall.

Check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: These not only good but also have the big and tall sizing that fat guys need. Hard to beat.

What I Wish They Had: Bottoms can fray a bit if they’re dragging so make sure you don’t get them too long.

Best Jeans for Dressing Up: Nautica Traditional Collection’s Relaxed Fit Jean Pant

If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t know what dress pants are, you’re going to need a pair of jeans that you can wear to look a little fancy.

Maybe you have a big date, or an anniversary or even a wedding to attend? You can’t really show up in regular jeans, you need nice jeans.

That’s what my mom used to call them anyway. I remember when we were going somewhere and I was a teenager I’d ask my mom if I could wear jeans. And she would say, “Well, yes you can wear jeans if they are nice jeans.”

I’m still not exactly sure what she meant by that, but I think she would agree that this pair from Nautica does the job.

While they come in nine colors, the “Rigger Blue” is the one that I would put into the “nice jeans” category.

They’re true to size, have an amazing structure and are made from quality materials.

The stretch denim gives them enough comfort while maintaining that tailored look that’s necessary for a nicer event.

They come in a huge variety of sizes – up to 42W! The extra deep pockets will hold your keys, wallet, phone…and whatever else you need them to.

Pair these pants with some nice shoes and a button-down shirt and you’ll feel like a whole new man. Go get ‘em tiger!

Check the latest price and read more reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: You’ve got 9 color options to match just about any outfit you can think of along with big and tall sizes that are perfect for fat dudes.

What I Wish They Had: Watch the dryer on these because they can shrink or at least get pretty tight.


Best for Big Thighs: Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit

Specifically looking for jeans to accommodate your muscular, tree trunk thighs? Meet the denim designed with athletes in mind. In fact, professional athletes inspired the design for the 541 jeans.

They sit at the natural waist, but give some extra room in the upper leg and feature a slightly tapered lower leg. The leg opening is 15.75” which is more generous than traditional Levi’s designs.

The material is called “+Levi’s Flex.” It gives this model the most advanced stretch technology while still being durable. It’s engineered to deliver maximum flex and optimum comfort. Yes please!

Levi’s has a great reputation for quality. I own this pair myself and I bet I’ve had them over five years. They hold up through washing, washing and more washing.

Even when I take these pants out to a game and get beer spilled all over them, they look brand new once they’re clean. One time, I even got into an epic chili fight while wearing them, but that’s a story for another time… Suffice it to say, the jeans made it out alive.

Check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

What I Love About Them: Tons of stretch on these pants they’re perfect for all shapes.

What I Wish They Had: The stretch material has the tendency to get tight after the dryer so give your self some time to break them in after a wash.


Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions about finding the best jeans? Well, your local friendly fat guy is here to answer ’em!

What if I just have big thighs?

All of the recommendations on this list will work for big thighs. If they’re athletic and muscular or just fat, they’re still one of the biggest parts of you.

The key is to pay special attention to finding the right fit. However, if your legs really are disproportionately big, it’s even more important for you to get an accurate measurement of your body.

If your waist is much smaller than your legs and affects sizing, you are going to need a sturdy belt!

Should fat guys wear skinny jeans?

Just by the name, I think we can all agree that most skinny jeans are not the best for us fat dudes. They just aren’t designed with us in mind.

No offense to the guys out there who wear them. You do you! But if you have bulky legs and thick calves, skinny jeans probably aren’t going to be comfortable or flattering. The proportions of skinny jeans will make our legs look wider and could create an unflattering contrast between our upper half and lower half.

What are jeans made out of?

Jeans are made out of denim. Denim is made out of a sturdy cotton. The cotton textile is dyed into the indigo color, which is where the name “blue jeans” comes from.

How many pairs of jeans should I have?

Let’s face it, with our frames, it’s pretty hard to find a good pair of jeans. So, when you do, stock up! Go ahead and order two or three pairs. You can even order the same style in multiple colors to give you more options.

I do this all the time. When I find a winner I immediately go back and get several more! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

What color denim is the most flattering?

This really depends on personal preference. Believe it or not, I’ve seen heavy guys in very light and even white jeans that actually look pretty good.

For most men, you want to stick to a darker color. Dark blue and black are universally flattering.

Why are some jeans so much more expensive than others?

There are two reasons for this: material and designer label.

The first reason is that more expensive jeans probably use higher quality materials. They will have all (or mostly all) cotton. Bargain jeans are usually made of a synthetic mix of many materials.

The second reason for this is the brand name. Some brands have built a reputation on luxury and are able to charge more for their jeans.

At the end of the day, look for a mix of the both to get the value that works for you and your budget.

How do I keep my jeans from falling down?

Ah, yes, another pain point for fat guys like us. The dreaded jeans at the ankles fear. You have a few options here. The easiest one is to wear a belt. That way, you don’t have to worry about any accidental slipping.

Looking for more of a vintage vibe? You can go the suspenders route! Suspenders can instantly give you a retro look and keep your waist free from feeling too constricted.

Another option is to get your jeans tailored. If you can’t stand the idea of using another clothing item (like a belt or suspenders) to keep your jeans up, a tailor can do the trick. They will adjust and fit the jeans perfectly to your body shape.

It will cost a little more to use a tailor, anywhere from $20-$75, but there is real value in a truly custom fit.

How do I keep my jeans from shrinking?

How devastating is it when you finally find the perfect pair of jeans only to wash and ruin them? One time I put my favorite jeans in the dryer and when I took them out, they looked like they wouldn’t even fit a 10-year old.

The best way to avoid shrinking is to let your jeans air dry. Always look at the tag for specific washing instructions, but I’ve found that sometimes those tags lie. Even when they say it’s alright to put them in the dryer, I never do. Let them hang dry and avoid the risk.

Should I wear jeans over or under my belly?

Under. Always under. You might think it’s best to squeeze your muffin top into the top of your jeans, but resist that urge! Wearing your jeans under your belly is best because you can easily camouflage your gut with a shirt or jacket. Plus, it’s way more comfortable to let it hang free and just cover it.


Whether you are big boned, drink a ton of beer, spend a lot of time pumping iron or just have settled into your dad bod, we are all big dudes who need a sturdy, trusty pair of jeans to get us through life.

As much as I wish we could, we can’t go always wear those sweatpants and basketball shorts.

Once you own a pair (or two!) from this list, you’ll get it. You will actually like wearing jeans!

Which is awesome, because once you have a reliable pair of jeans in your closet, you will have a whole new world of wardrobe opportunities.

Leo Reed

Leo is fat and proud! Coming in at 405 pounds, Leo has been fat his entire life and is constantly on the hunt for products that help improve the life of fat folks around the world.

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