Why Do Fat Guys Wear Shorts In Winter? (5 Reasons)

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Why Do Fat Guys Wear Shorts in Winter

I’ve seen all sorts of body types outside in the winter wearing nothing more than shorts, some shoes, and maybe a hoodie. Bigger guys like me seem like they prefer shorts though. I even have a few friends that you’ll see in nothing but shorts, year-round, no matter how cold it gets.

So, why do fat guys wear shorts in the winter?

Fat guys wear shorts in the winter for several reasons including comfort, style, and because they like the cold. They also might opt for shorts if they already have them on and aren’t planning on being outside for too long. These are the same reasons other body types might wear shorts in the winter, too. 

Below, we’ll talk a little more about why a lot of fat guys opt for shorts in the winter over other clothing styles. We’ll also talk about how weight affects body temperature and if heavyset bodies are insulated better than people with little to no body fat.

Why Do Fat Guys Wear Shorts In The Winter?

As I mentioned, fat guys wear shorts in the winter for a number of reasons. Sometimes, shorts are just the most comfortable clothing item that they own. Other times, bigger guys might prefer the way shorts look on their bodies compared to other types of clothing.

People who prefer cooler temperatures are also more likely to wear shorts in the winter. Finally, a guy might wear shorts in the winter just because that’s what they were already wearing and because they don’t plan to be outside long.

Reason 1: For Comfort

I’d imagine that some fat guys wear shorts in the winter for the same reason women wear thin leggings that don’t provide much warmth in the winter- they’re comfortable! When you’re a bigger guy, sometimes you find something that works and stick with it.

A good pair of shorts can easily become a staple of your wardrobe and when winter rolls around, you just might not want to switch them out for something warmer. You aren’t really hurting anyone by wearing shorts, so why not wear them in the winter if that’s how you feel comfortable!

Reason 2: For Style

Fat guys also might wear shorts in the wintertime for style purposes. Some guys wear shorts as an everyday staple of their wardrobe and the cold winter temps won’t deter them from doing that.

We’ve had various articles where we’ve talked about how hard it can be to find clothing for big guys that actually fit well. Jeans and khakis are both among those hard-to-find clothes for big guys. Sweatpants, which are another good choice for warmth in the winter, can look sloppy on big guys, especially if they are oversized.

So, some big guys just like the way that shorts fit on their bodies, and that’s something that doesn’t change in the winter. If you like shorts and you aren’t freezing, even in colder temps, don’t be afraid to rock them!

Reason 3: They Like The Cold

Some people just like colder temperatures. Or, at the very least, they just aren’t bothered by the cold enough to change their wardrobe in the winter.

While I can’t say that I’d go sledding or snowboarding in a pair of shorts or brave the elements if it was below zero and windy, cold isn’t something that bothers me.

I keep my house pretty cool by choice, just because I don’t like sweating when I’m up moving around. And, if I’m cool and comfortable in my shorts inside, I’m not going to take the time to change those shorts if I’m just running to the gas station or taking the trash to the curb.

Reason 4: Males Don’t Notice Temperature Changes As Much

My wife is always freezing. There’s nothing she loves more than getting under the covers at night and putting her ice cold toes right up against me.

Turns out, while there is no difference in the average internal between men and women, women are more sensitive to cold and temperature changes. That’s the reason women are often freezing, while guys can do things like wear shorts in the winter and not bat an eye.

Reason 5: Because They Don’t Plan On Being Outside Long

In some cases, big guys might be wearing shorts because they just didn’t change their clothes before going outside. Inside temperatures aren’t any cooler in the winter than they are in the summertime. If I’m already wearing shorts around the house or at work, why would I go through the extra effort to change them to be outside for a few minutes?

I’d assume there are plenty of other guys whose brains work the same way. All that extra effort to run to the grocery store really isn’t worth it, especially when you’re only spending a few minutes outside.

Does Being Fat Keep You Warmer?

It’s not uncommon for people to think that fat guys wear shorts in the winter just because they’re hotter than the average person. While fat on a person isn’t going to protect you from the cold the same way an animal’s fat might, it can still make you run a little hot.

Being on the bigger side means you might sweat more if you’re being active or just walking around. This is because your body works harder to move your total body weight than someone who is thinner.

However, when you’re fat, there’s no guarantee that you are going to feel warmer. In fact, some larger people struggle with keeping warm because their metabolism is slower or they have poor circulation. It really depends on the individual.

What Factors Affect How Cold Or Hot You Are?

There’s a lot that affects how hot you are, how cold you are, and how sensitive you are to changing temperatures. For starters, biological factors like your sex, age, metabolism, blood circulation, overall health, and others affect how hot or cold you feel.

There are also factors outside of your body that change how you react to temperature. Lifestyle habits like whether you smoke or drink, how much you sleep, meal times, and how physically active you are affect temperature. Even stress can make you feel hotter or colder.

Closing Thoughts

So, why do fat guys wear shorts in the winter? Probably for some of the same reasons that other body types wear shorts in the winter. They prefer shorts because they are comfortable and stylish, they like the cold, or they just don’t plan on being outside long.

While there might always be someone who gives you crazy looks when you step outside in your shorts, don’t let this deter you from wearing them. Not everyone is a fan of the cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to change your wardrobe!

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