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Can You Be Too Tall To Ride A Bicycle

Over the last few years, bicycle technology has really improved. The constant engineering advances have helped broaden the market which feels much more diverse when it comes to larger folks.

I also see a shift in the cycling community that has become more inclusive.

Of course, there’s always more work that can be done to make fat people feel more welcomed no matter their shape and size.

For instance, brands need to realize that heavy cyclists can be really tall and their weight and height shouldn’t be an obstacle when it comes to choosing a bike.

So, can you be too tall to ride a bicycle?

Bicycles come in different sizes and some bike frames are designed for riders up to 6′ 6″ feet tall. Bicycles can also be adjusted to fit your height better, but if you’re much taller than that then riding a bike might be uncomfortable.

If you want to learn more about cycling as a tall and overweight rider then keep on reading!

Can You Be Too Tall To Ride A Bicycle?

As a short plus-size woman married to a much taller man, I can see the difficulty in finding the right bike if you’re at the two opposite height spectrums.

However, I think tall cyclists might be a bit luckier when it comes to bikes because there are plenty of bicycles with tall frames.

With frame sizes that go up to 24 inches that are designed for people up to 6′ 6″ feet tall most tall people can find a bike that can work for them.

But if you’re taller than 6′ 6″ feet tall then you might struggle to find a bike. So, you’ll either have to give up on the idea of cycling or you’ll have to look for specialized bikes.

What Is The Maximum Bicycle Height?

There is no standard maximum bike height, and each manufacturer can design a model with its own unique size chart.

Usually, bike frames start from 13 inches or X-Small and go all the way to 24 inches or XX-Large. The 24-inch frame is usually suitable for riders that are 6′ 6″ feet tall.

Of course, there are different brands that make bikes for taller riders For example DirtySixer bikes are a great option, with bike sizes that can accommodate riders that are up to 7.5 feet tall.

The company was created by David Folch with very tall cyclists in mind and Kickstarter helped his project come to life. But as you can imagine the price point of a DirtySixer is much higher than the average bike.

How To Choose A Bicycle If You’re Tall and Overweight?

As a heavy rider, the search for a bike with a high weight limit can be a challenge on its own, but let’s see how you can navigate the internet when you’re also tall.

Look For Large Bike Frames

The frame is the main part of the bicycle that makes a bike resilient and tall friendly.

That’s why as a large individual you should look for a thick bike frame made of steel or aluminum.

When it comes to frame size, 23 and 24 inches or XX-Large are the maximum sizes you can get on the market and these are suitable for 6′ 4″ to 6′ 6″ feet tall riders.

You should also make sure to check the total length of the bike, the handlebar height, and the maximum seat height capacity to determine whether it actually suits your dimensions.

Additionally, don’t forget to look at the reach the bike offers from the seat to the handlebar, because that could negatively affect your posture.

Switch To Large Wheels

If you want to add some extra centimeters to your bike you could go for a model with larger wheels.

Though I do want to mention that smaller wheels like a 26-inch wheel are usually more resilient, and can handle more weight.

So, instead, you could go for a fat tire bike instead. These bikes usually have a larger weight capacity which is great news if you’re overweight, and they tend to be more suitable for tall riders.

For example, the Addmotor Motan Electric bike that you can check out on Amazon is actually perfect for riders up to 6′ 6″ feet tall and up to 300 lbs heavy.

Adjust Your Bike

A great way to personalize your bike is customizing certain aspects of it, like the wheels we just mentioned above.

But before you decide to spend more money on your bike, make sure you’ve adjusted the seat, and handlebars to actually accommodate your unique proportions.

While I’m not tall myself, my legs are much shorter than my upper body, and finetuning my bike to fit my particular body type helped me feel more comfortable during my rides.

If you’re not sure how to adjust your bike you could take it to your local bike mechanic and let the professionals tweak your bike according to your height.

Is Cycling Harder For Overweight People That Are Also Tall?

Cycling is a fun activity, but it can also be physically demanding, especially for riders who are trying to be more active without previous experience in the cycling world or exercise in general.

As a novice overweight cyclist, you’ll definitely need more time until you get accustomed to riding a bike.

You’ll need to work on your balance, and endurance without putting too much pressure on your joints and bones.

Riding a bike as a tall and plus-size individual isn’t necessarily physically harder.

But I do want to mention that taller people might have a harder time balancing. Research has shown that tall athletes can exhibit poor limb control and balance.

However, through exercise and regular cycling, you’ll learn how to control your own body and whether you’re tall or not won’t really matter.

Does Being A Tall Cyclist An Advantage?

Being a shorter cyclist actually has more advantages because they can achieve acceleration much faster than taller riders.

That’s why many professional cyclists are shorter or have an average height. On the other hand, tall riders have longer limbs which can generate more power.

That being said, there have been successful tall cyclists, like Max Walscheid who is a professional road racing cyclist and is 6′ 5″ feet tall.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to cycling, being overweight can be seen as a major disadvantage, but once you have a bike that can handle your weight then you’ll know that any obstacle can be dealt with.

Similarly, your height can narrow down your bike search, but that only means that you’ll get a bike that is made to fit you like a glove.

Have you ever had trouble finding a bike that’s big enough for your height?

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