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how to cuddle if you're fat

Cuddling is one of the best ways to show affection, and it helps you build a deeper bond with others.

When you are in a relationship or have someone in your life that you adore it is normal for you to want to cuddle with them. If you are fat, you may be unsure about how to cuddle with someone, and still be comfortable. 

It can make you curious about how to cuddle when you are fat?

Start in a position that you enjoy being in regularly. Whether you are sitting, laying on your back, or on your side doesn’t matter, as long as you are comfortable. Have the person you are wanting to cuddle with position their body close to yours so that the two of you are touching.

It is as easy as that!

Cuddling while fat doesn’t have to be harder than when thinner people cuddle. If you are curious about specific positions that we recommend, keep reading to find out more!

What Exactly Is Cuddling?

Cuddling is a way for people to show affection. It is a physical activity that helps you bond with others and stay connected to them.

Cuddling is a great way to share intimacy with a romantic partner or to show them that you are interested in taking the relationship to the next level. But cuddling doesn’t have to require touch from someone that you know, since touch is an important part of life, there are professional cuddlers that will offer cuddle services to you. This is a great example of a professional cuddling service that helps people who don’t have a cuddle buddy!

When people cuddle, they use their bodies to become closer to one another physically and emotionally. The physical part can be embracing, touching, or holding each other. You can cuddle in any way that makes you feel comfortable. The emotional side of cuddling consists of the emotions felt when sharing such an intimate experience.

You may feel happy or excited, and feel as though the other person is really there for you.

What Are Good Cuddling Positions For Fat People?

There are unlimited ways to cuddle when you are fat. People do not have to cuddle the same way with every person they cuddle with. You may cuddle your romantic partners in a more intimate way than you would your children or parents. Depending on how your bodies align, and where you are determine which position is best when you want to cuddle. 

Here are our top recommendations for cuddling positions for fat people.

Holding Hands

Did you know that something as simple as holding hands is considered cuddling?

It is a form of intimacy that doesn’t have to be romantic. But, it can be romantic if you want it to be. Holding hands bonds two people by joining them together. It is easy for fat people because you don’t have to worry about shifting your body or contorting into an uncomfortable position.

Hand holding can be done while walking, sitting, or laying down, which makes it the easiest way to initiate cuddling. It is also a great way to show someone that you care about them. It tells them that you are there for them and that you like them.

Did you know that holding hands with someone you love can help ease your pain! This makes sense why people who are getting tattoos or piercings like to have their partners hold their hands!

That is why this is our top recommendation for cuddling while fat.

Sitting Close 

Another great way to cuddle is by sitting close to each other. Sitting nearby someone that you enjoy is a great way to show them that you like being close to them. This is another form of cuddling that doesn’t have to be super intimate, but it can be if you want it to be. Stare into each other’s eyes, add hand-holding, or caress their face. These are all great ways to turn a non-intimate cuddle session into something a little more intimate.

Sitting close is perfect for fat people because you don’t have to worry about laying down or being in an uncomfortable position. 

Head In Lap

The head in lap cuddling position is perfect when one person wants to lay down, but the other person enjoys being in a seated position. While one person is seated, the other person lays their head in the lap of the seated person. 

The head in lap cuddling position is great if the seated person is fat because the person who lays gets to feel their soft belly as a nice comfortable pillow!

Spoon Position

The spoon position is definitely a little more involved way of cuddling. When two people decide to spoon, they both lay down on their sides, one directly in front of the other. The person in the back uses their arms to reach out and hold or embrace the cuddler in the front. The front cuddler can reach back, or embrace the arms wrapped around them.

This position can be great for fat people because the smaller of the two people can be the front cuddler aka the little spoon, and the bigger person can be the back cuddler aka the big spoon. 

Seated Side Hug

If laying down causes breathing issues due to weight or pressure on your lungs, don’t feel discouraged! The seated side hug is also a great way to cuddle that doesn’t require you to lay down. 

When you do the seated side hug, both people will sit next to each other. While in the seated position, one or both people will extend their arms to the side and embrace the other. You can lay your heads together, or one person can lay their head on the other shoulder. You can even add holding hands to the mix!

Sitting In Their Lap

If you enjoy cuddling, you may want to take it one step further on an intimate level. Another great position for fat people is the lounge chair position. This cuddling position is also beneficial for fat people who can’t lay down due to pressure on their lungs. 

When you do the lounge chair cuddling position you will start with the bigger person sitting down with their legs out. The smaller person will sit in between the other person’s legs and lounge against them. 

If it is hard to keep your balance, the bigger person can sit against a wall, in a chair with a sturdy back, or anywhere that provides support for your back. This will help balance and support both people so that you don’t roll backward. 

Head On Chest

The last cuddling position that we recommend for plus-sized cuddlers is the head-on-chest position. Unlike the head in lap position where one person is seated and the other is laying, both people lay in this position. 

While both people are laying down next to each other on their backs, one person places their head on the other person’s chest. This position can be super comfortable for fat people because you get a soft place to rest your head!

Can Fat People Cuddle With Other Fat People?

Fat people can definitely cuddle with other fat people. Cuddling does not have to consist of acrobatic positions or require one person to lay on the other. Cuddling can be simple and still have intimate moments. 

Can Fat People Cuddle With Thin People?

Fat and thin people can also cuddle together! Fat people are soft and sturdy which makes them the ideal cuddle buddy! There are many cuddling positions listed above that would be ideal for a mismatched cuddle pair! 

What Are The Benefits Of Cuddling?

Cuddling is great for new couples, parents and children, or even friends! There is a connection created when you touch someone. This connection has multiple benefits, one benefit is the release of the hormone oxytocin. 

When we are physically affectionate, our bodies release the hormone called oxytocin. The more affectionate you are, the more you release, and the higher your oxytocin levels are, the more you want to be affectionate. It’s like a cycle!  Oxytocin helps us bond with others and allows us to trust and feel secure. But it also can help you in many other ways.

Oxytocin is an amazing hormone with many benefits such as:

Decreased Pain

Sometimes fat people can have pain due to the extra weight pushing on their joints, causing alignment issues and joint pain. Cuddling is known to help decrease pain, which can help alleviate some of the pain caused by your aching joints. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Oxytocin can help lower your blood pressure, and reduce cardiovascular reactivity. Stable and low blood pressure can help fight heart disease and keep your heart healthier. This is great for people with heart issues because it can help them combat their heart disease!

Reduces Cortisol 

Oxytocin isn’t only great for your heart! It also helps reduce the amount of cortisol that you produce. Cortisol is a stress hormone that has been linked to depression. 

Since cuddling is a great way to release oxytocin, and oxytocin fights cortisol, cuddling is a great way to combat depression or other ailments that high cortisol can have. 

Helps You Sleep

Oxytocin has been known to help regulate sleep patterns and help you stay asleep. This study shows how oxytocin is a great benefit for people with sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. 

Boosts Immune System And Overall Health

Oxytocin is also known to boost and regulate your immune system and help with overall health. Oxytocin helps to strengthen barriers within your body that can aide in wound healing and suppress inflammation. It helps support immune function and activates immune receptors which help your body regulate your nervous system.

Can Help You Lose Weight

Not all fat people want to lose weight. But some do. Some fat people don’t want to lose weight because they don’t like being fat, they want to lose weight because it may help ease a health disorder. Some health issues can be reduced with the loss of just a few pounds.

Oxytocin has been shown to help with reducing the urge to overeat, boost metabolism, and increase fat oxidation. All of these things combined can help you loose a few extra pounds of you want to!

Can I Be Too Fat To Cuddle?

You are never too fat to cuddle! While some positions may be harder to achieve if your body is limited to the positions it can be in, such as laying down or being on your side. But holding hands is a form of cuddling, and everyone with hands can hold hands! Even sitting close to someone is a form of cuddling.

Don’t feel limited by your size when it comes to cuddling. Explore new ways to cuddle in positions that you enjoy! You can even create your own ways to cuddle that aren’t listed above!

Our Final Thoughts

When you have someone in your life that you care for or love, cuddling is a natural, and beautiful way to express your interest in them. Whether it is romantic or not, cuddling is a great form of expression that doesn’t need to be too extravagant! There are simple forms of cuddling that are great for anyone, including fat people. Don’t feel limited by your body or intimidated by new cuddling positions. 

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