How to Keep Underwear from Rolling Down

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how to keep underwear from rolling down

Underwear. Panties. Call it what you want. It’s not something that is usually mentioned aside from between spouses or our closest friends. And what we really aren’t talking about are the struggles that we have with underwear, including how to keep them up on our bodies instead of rolling down.

Wondering how to keep underwear from rolling down?

You can keep underwear from rolling down by choosing underwear that has stronger elastic around the waist and a higher waistline. Making sure they are the right size and not worn out will also help. Finally, some alternatives include going commando or using dressing tape to help underwear grip your skin better. 

Next, we’ll take a closer look at how to stop your underwear from rolling down. I’ll also talk about why underwear rolls down and I’ll offer some tips on keeping shapewear in place, too.

Why Does My Underwear Keep Rolling Down?

Generally, underwear rolls down when it’s a little bit small. If you’ve ever tried to squeeze into a pair of jeans or underwear, then you know sometimes just because something fits doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay in place on your body.

Underwear is no exception. The curves that larger people have tend to make underwear roll over onto itself, folding the waistband down and making them uncomfortable to wear. When your underwear fits properly, however, there’s a much smaller chance that they will roll down.

By contrast, if your underwear seems to be falling down your body without rolling, then the size is also to blame. However, it’s more likely that your underwear is either too big or the elastic is stretched out in this case.

How to Keep Underwear from Rolling Down

Wearing underwear comes with its own set of challenges when you’re plus size. Some types of underwear don’t let things breathe down there, while others are just uncomfortable. Something that a lot of people also struggle with is underwear that just roll down instead of staying put. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do about that.

1. Check the Sizing

Underwear isn’t really one of those things that people are trying on before they buy them (I hope). With that being said, I know there’s been more than one time when I’ve decided to go a size larger than I needed. Just to “be on the safe side”.

Unfortunately, this usually results in underwear that slides down and constantly needs to be adjusted. The downfall of going with your typical size also means there’s a risk of underwear being too tight and not rolling down. This comes from manufacturers using different sizing depending on the cut and style of underwear.

If you do find a brand or style you love, it’s best to stick with it. I find it’s really hard to find that perfect fit more than once or twice in your life, particularly when you have a curvier body.

2. Try Out Different Cuts and Styles

Different brands and styles of underwear are going to fit your body differently depending on where you are curvy and how much coverage you want. Styles like boyshorts offer the most coverage, while briefs are a close second. You can also find bikinis in high-waisted varieties that I find are better for the plus size woman.

Styles beyond that tend to get a little cheekier, and some styles like G-strings or thongs are for the woman who really likes to bare it all. Fortunately, as a bigger woman who leads a fairly active lifestyle, I have tried on different cuts and styles of underwear that work well for FUPAs you can learn about here.

3. Consider Strong Elastic and Non-Slip Materials

Some of the features I’ve found are most important in underwear for curvier girls are a higher waistline, a strong elastic band, and non-slip materials. Higher waistlines are something I prefer even in cheekier styles because it seems like the best first-line of defense against underwear that slides all the way down.

I also look for a strong, supportive elastic band. Something that is a little strong isn’t going to fold over as easily when I’m moving around.

Finally, I prefer materials like cotton that aren’t as slippery as something like satin or silk. Plus, cotton is a lot more breathable for better sweat control.

4. Try Fashion Tape

Fashion tape (or dress tape) is perfect for those situations when you want to wear a specific style of underwear that is just being difficult about staying where you want it to. (Note this is not to be confused with dressing tape, which is surgical tape and something entirely different).

Dress tape is double-sided tape that’s safe to apply to the skin. You just put it on your skin and press down whatever fabric you want to stay in place. Some brands are even sweat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose either.

While I personally wouldn’t use dress tape for recreational outings or when I’m planning on being super active, they are a great choice for when you want to look your best. It’s especially nice for those events like formal dinners or weddings when you really don’t want to worry about sneaking off to the bathroom to adjust your undies.

5. Avoid Worn-Out Undies

While worn-out undies are more likely to fall down than to roll down, it is possible that’s what causing your problems. Aside from obvious signs like rips or tears, worn-out elastic in the waistband is a good indicator it’s time to toss out your undies.

You’ll know the elastic is worn out if you stretch it and it stays stretched, rather than bouncing back. If you can’t stretch it at all, it’s also stretched beyond the point of no return.

6. Go Commando if You’re Inclined

Something else that people don’t always talk about is the option to just skip out on the undies altogether. While that might not be an option depending on your outfit choice, there are times when it’s practical to go without.

Going commando is a personal choice, but it does have a lot of benefits. There’s also the major advantage of helping control sweat, which is something curvier bodies tend to struggle with.

How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

Like those sensitive topics like how to bathe when you’re overweight or how to shave a curvier body, people don’t always talk about things like shapewear to hold everything in place. As a curvy girl, I love that shapewear helps smooth out my curves and really accentuates all my favorite parts of my body while keeping my tummy in check.

One problem that I’ve had with several shapewear brands is that they roll. I’ve had them roll down at the top around my waist, as well as at the lowest part of the shapewear when it comes down my thighs. Rolling is uncomfortable, plus it’s hard to focus on how great you look when you’re worried about if everyone can see your shapewear lines.

Like with underwear, your shapewear starts rolling down your body when you have a smaller size than you need. This means the best thing to do is start with the right size. It helps if you have your measurements when you go to the store, because I’ve noticed a lot of shapewear does have the sizing chart right there on the package.

Something else that you should do is look for designs that have silicone or a rubbery material around the waist and/or legs of the shapewear. This material grips the skin and holds the shapewear in place.

Finally, fashion dress tape is an option with your shapewear too. I definitely recommend this if you’re out at a big event where you want your shapewear, dress, and everything else to stay in place.

Final Word

By buying the right size and looking for features like a high waistline and strong elastic, underwear are less likely to roll down. You can also try fashion tape to hold underwear in place.

Hopefully, this article has given you some great tips on how to keep your underwear from rolling down so you don’t have to deal with awkward adjustments anymore.

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