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How to Use the Bathroom in Shapewear

Anyone who ever put on full-body shapewear has likely realized that at some point, they’ll probably need to use the bathroom. And, I don’t know about you, but the thought of having to remove my clothing and the shapewear, probably in a small bathroom stall, just sounds like a nightmare of a situation.

The good news is that you don’t have to ditch the shapewear altogether, which is a relief if you have an occasion when you want to look your best. What you need instead are these tips that I’m about to share.

So, how do you use the bathroom in shapewear?

For starters, shapewear that opens at the bottom or crotchless shapewear have openings that make it easier to use the restroom. When these aren’t an option, you can also take everything off (and put it back on), pull your shapewear to the side, try a she-wee or other urination device, or have your shapewear altered. 

Below, I’ll go into more depth about how to use the bathroom in shapewear, including the best shapewear styles for easier access in the bathroom and what you can do if you are in a full-body piece without any snaps or buttons. Let’s dive in!

Opt For Shapewear That Opens

If you’ve struggled to use the bathroom in shapewear, trust me when I say you are just one of many women who have had this same problem. That’s likely why there is shapewear that opens at the bottom, usually using snaps or some other type of fastener.

Having snaps at the bottom of your shapewear makes it pretty convenient to lift up your dress, un-snap, and take care of business. But of course, this isn’t always an option for one reason or another, and some people find these snaps in their crotch area really uncomfortable, so keep reading for some more tips that apply to other styles of shapewear.

How To Use The Bathroom In Crotchless Shapewear

They do make “crotchless” shapewear that has an opening at the bottom meant to make it easier for women to use the bathroom. If you’ve ever bought this, though, and expected for it to be much easier to use the restroom, you’ll know that isn’t necessarily the case.

Trust me, many women struggle with this. Yes, crotchless shapewear does have an opening. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily always make it possible to use the restroom without peeing on yourself or your shapewear. Plus, you have to be sure you aren’t wearing any underwear that are going to get in the way.

The good news? The solution is pretty easy for these types of garments. All you need is two pieces of toilet paper.

Basically, you want to place a piece of toilet paper on either side of the opening in the shapewear. Then, pee through the middle hole. The tissue paper should soak up anything that would normally end up on your shapewear.

How To Use The Bathroom In Shapewear Without An Opening

There are times, however, when you don’t necessarily have an opening to use the bathroom in your shapewear. Don’t worry- I have tips for those instances, too!

1. Take Everything Off (And Put It Back On)

As it turns out, there might be a reason that women usually spend a little more time in the bathroom than guys. This is especially true if you’re wearing tights, shapewear, or anything else that you have to put back in place before exiting the bathroom stall.

The most full-proof way of going to the bathroom without peeing on yourself is removing anything that’s in the way of your shapewear, such as your dress, and then pulling down or taking off the shapewear to go potty. Afterward, you’ll have to put everything back on.

In my opinion, though, this is a little bit too much hassle when the goal is to have a good time. Plus, if you’ve been having drinks at dinner or a formal event, completely re-dressing yourself might not be the best choice.

2. Buy Shapewear Specific To Your Dress Or Outfit

Shapewear comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why it’s possible for plus size models to wear shapewear, even when they are in a revealing outfit. Sometimes, the best option might be planning ahead and buying shapewear that makes it possible to go to the bathroom in your dress.

For example, if you are wearing a slip or shapewear that resembles a dress, it already has an opening for you to pee, so you will just need to lift everything. Two-piece shapewear is also an option. You’d need to pull your dress up and then pull your bottoms down.

3. Pull The Shapewear To The Side

For shapewear like bodysuits or ones that resemble a leotard or one-piece bathing suit, the easiest solution is pulling the crotch area to the side. To prevent spraying or getting pee on yourself, you’ll want to pee at a 45-degree angle. This should help the pee fall into the toilet without getting it all over yourself.

Of course, if you are worried about spraying, cover the crotch area of your suit with toilet paper before pulling it to the side. Also, be sure you are using your left hand if you are pulling to the left and your right hand if you are pulling to the right to avoid peeing on your hand, too.

4. Use A She-Wee Or Similar Urination Device

When I first saw products like the She-Wee, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Not only is the name a little funny sounding, but it also left me curious about whether these types of devices work. If you aren’t familiar with either of them, they basically make it possible for a woman to pee standing up (or in some other awkward position), kinda letting us go to the bathroom anywhere, just like the guys can.

Basically, the top of it resembles some sort of funnel that you fit over your lady parts. There’s also a thinner attachment that you use to “aim” for lack of a better word. If you are wearing certain types of shapewear, it’d be pretty easy to pull it off to the side, position the device, and then use the restroom.

5. Consider Having Your Shapewear Altered

If you have a piece of shapewear that you absolutely love, and you don’t really like any of the options here, the final piece of advice is to consider having your shapewear altered. While most people think of alterations as something done to jeans or a fancy dress, there are instances where women have their shapewear altered, too. This is especially true if they are wearing it for a formal occasion, like if they were trying to hide back fat in a dress for their own or someone else’s wedding.

Plus, if you’re handy with a sewing machine or some needle and thread, you can even make this alteration yourself. All you have to do is cut a hole in the crotch area of your shapewear. Then, sew around the edges to prevent further fraying and you should be good to go.

Final Word

When it comes to how to go to the bathroom in shapewear, there are several options. If you are aware of the problem beforehand, consider buying shapewear with a crotchless opening or one that has snaps so you can easily use the restroom.

Alternatively, take everything off, buy shapewear specific to the dress, pull shapewear to the side, use a urination device like a she-wee, or even have your shapewear altered.

Struggling to use the bathroom is really not something women want to worry about when they are trying to look their best. Hopefully, this article has provided some useful tips that make it easier for you!

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