Why Do I Look Fatter When I Wear Glasses? (Choosing Glasses That Won’t Do This)

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Why Do I Look Fatter When I Wear Glasses

Like jewelry, shoes, or other accessories can completely change the overall look of an outfit, the glasses you are wearing can completely change the look of your face. Some glasses are incredibly flattering, while others make your face look rounder, or even fat.

This can leave you wondering, “Why do I look fatter when I wear glasses?”

The way glasses look on your face changes based on the shape of your face. There are no hard-and-fast rules on what to wear or what to avoid. At least, not until you identify your face shape and choose from frames that flatter instead of making your face look round. 

The good news? I’ve done the work to compile some different face shapes and some tips on which glasses may or may not suit your face. So you aren’t doomed to wearing contacts in order to feel confident (unless you want to, that is).

Why Do I Look Fatter When I Wear Glasses?

The reason you look fatter when wearing glasses, aside from bloating that might make you look fatter some days compared to others, is because of how the shape and style of the frames change the perception of your face.

Much like the way that clothing can flatter the shape of a person’s body, certain glasses change your face shape by drawing attention to or away from certain features.

For example, if you are someone with a rounder face, wearing glasses that are oval or round is going to accentuate those round, softened features. This makes your face look even rounder at its widest points and can make your face appear fat, even if it isn’t.

People with oval faces might find their face looks fatter if they wear glasses that cover a significant portion of their face. Glasses with especially big frames throw off their natural proportions and gives their face a rounder appearance.

There’s always an exception to the rule, and often times the quality, style, and overall construction of the glasses can give you unexpected results. In this video, Lulu is going through a number of glasses of different shapes and styles, and they all look gorgeous on her!

One thing worth mentioning is that all glasses are fairly large, so they cover a large portion of her face without overbearing it of course. If you have similar features to Lulu, a more soft and rounded face and more prominent cheekbones, then you might also find that these types of glasses will frame your face nicely.

Why Does My Face Look Rounder When I Wear Glasses?

The reason your face looks round when wearing glasses likely has less to do with the glasses and more to do with the shape of your face. I can’t say that there is any style of frames that are perfect for everyone’s face, because the way that certain glasses compliment (or don’t compliment) someone’s face really depends on the individual and the unique shape of their face.

It’s just like the way contouring makeup or shaving a certain way can make someone’s face look fatter.

Glasses and Face Shape

Like with clothing, not every type of glasses is going to suit every individual’s face. It would make it easy if I could just tell you to pick a certain style of glasses to flatter your face, but the truth is, the “right” glasses shape varies for every person.

Like the way clothing looks on you as an individual is affected by your specific body type, the way that a pair of glasses flatters (or doesn’t flatter) your face is affected by your facial shape and features.

Knowing your face shape is a really useful tool when selecting glasses. For our list, we’ve included square, round, diamond, oval, and heart-shaped. Below, we’ll take a look at what these face shapes mean and how you can choose flattering glasses based on the shape of your face.

Keep in mind, though, that there are no hard-and-fast rules, and sometimes, a person’s face shape might be a variation of one of these. This is meant to give you a starting place as to where to look, but you should always choose the frames that make you feel most confident, regardless of the shape of your face.

What Is a Square Face Shape?

Square-shaped faces have stronger features including a sharp jawline and wide hairline. Generally, these people have a face that is about as wide as it is long. Their jawline, forehead, and cheekbones are all about the same width.

What Type of Glasses Are Best for Square Faces?

For people with square faces, glasses that sit high on the bridge of the nose stop a square face from looking bigger. Opt for frames that reduce angularity and add softness, like round or oval glasses.

When it comes to what to avoid, try to avoid frames that draw attention to your angularity, like square frames or those with hard lines. This draws attention to your square face shape in all the wrong ways and can make it appear boxy.

What Is a Round Face Shape?

People with round faces have soft, delicate features and a shorter face from top to bottom. The jawline and forehead of people with round faces are usually about the same width across. Additionally, the widest part of a rounder face is the cheekbones.

What Type of Glasses Are Best for Round Faces?

For a round face, glasses that are rectangular or square help offset the roundness of your face, especially if they are a little wider. This helps make your face appear more proportional by balancing your rounder features. Bigger glasses usually help with making your face appear longer and more balanced, too.

You should avoid frames that make your face appear rounder. This includes smaller frames, round frames, and rimless frames that draw attention to or accentuate your roundness more.

What Is an Oval Face Shape?

Oval face shapes are proportionally balanced, but they tend to be longer than a round face. People with this face shape also have a rounded chin and jawline and in most cases, their forehead is the widest part of their face.

What Type of Glasses Are Best for Oval Faces?

With an oval face, it’s best to opt for frames that are wider than the biggest part of your face. Geometric frames also flatter an oval face, as do glasses that have a prominent bridge.

Even though wider frames work well, people with oval faces should avoid glasses that are too large and that cover more than half your face. This throws off the natural symmetry of an oval face in a bad way.

What Is a Heart-Shaped Face?

People with heart-shaped faces often have hairlines that mimic the rounded parts on the top of a heart. Additionally, they’re known for having a narrow, delicate chin and wider cheekbones. Their cheekbones are generally the widest part of their face.

What Type of Glasses Are Best for Heart-Shaped Faces?

For people with heart-shaped faces, the best choice is glasses that balance the face by pulling attention away from the wider forehead and add width to the narrower areas like the chin. To achieve this, opt for glasses with low-set temples and heavier lines on the bottom. Square eyeglasses with rounded edges and round glasses both can achieve this.

To avoid drawing attention to your forehead, it’s the style rather than the shape that matters when you have a heart-shaped face. Avoid glasses with frames that are colored on top but not the bottom or those that have embellishments that draw attention to the top of your face.

What Is a Diamond Face Shape?

A diamond face shape is a variation of a heart-shaped face. In most cases, people with diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead. This shape is also characterized by high cheekbones and a pointy chin.

What Type of Glasses Are Best for Diamond Faces?

The best glasses for diamond-shaped faces are those that soften features like a thin forehead by drawing attention to wider cheekbones. Often, you can achieve this softened look with oval or cat eye frames.

You should avoid frames that are rectangular or square. Glasses that are boxy won’t enhance your naturally thin features and end up drawing attention to your narrower features in all the wrong ways instead.

Why Do I Look Skinnier With My Glasses Off?

Face shape aside, some people notice that their entire body looks different in the mirror when they take their glasses off. This has little to do with what your body actually looks like, though.

Remember that glasses serve different purposes. When you wear glasses for distance, it’s going to magnify everything and bring it closer. This means that if you are looking at yourself in the mirror through glasses, what you are looking at is magnified.

Plus, what you see in the mirror changes based on the mirror you’re looking in based on factors like lighting, how far you’re standing from the mirror, what you’re wearing, and even how old the mirror is.

Final Word

Did I answer all your questions about why you look fatter when you wear glasses? It all comes down to perception and how the frames that you choose flatter (or don’t flatter your face). Certain glasses are going to draw attention to certain features and that all changes based on the shape of your face.

While face shapes can be even further broken down into different variations, hopefully going over some of the main face shapes is a great starting point as far as helping you find frames that flatter your face. After all, everyone deserves to feel confident in their glasses!

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