Why Is Torrid So Expensive?

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Why Is Torrid So Expensive?

It’s not easy to find fashionable retailers that cater to plus-size folk, and just when you think you’ve found the right one you realize that they cost a fortune.

This is exactly how I felt about Torrid. I looked through their catalogs marveling at the beautiful large women wearing modern clothes that were nothing like the matronly plus-size clothing I was used to, but the price took some of that excitement out of me.

So, why is Torrid so expensive?

Torrid is a retailer that sells exclusively to plus-sized women and plus-size clothing requires more materials and has a higher production cost. Torrid is also expensive because they create exclusive and unique designs and produce high-quality clothing that is durable and long-lasting. The lack of competition is another reason why torrid can charge higher prices.

If you want to explore the 9 reasons explaining the highly-priced clothing at Torrid, plus find out whether this retailer is actually worth it and whether a plus-size woman can find cheaper alternatives, then keep on reading!

Why Is Torrid So Expensive?

If you’ve been looking for a plus-size retailer you’ve most likely come across Torrid, but seeing those prices you might be having second thoughts.

So, let’s see why is Torrid so expensive!

Reason 1: They Exclusively Sell Plus-Sized Clothing

I think the number one reason that explains the high price tag of Torrid clothes is that they are a niche brand. While other brands might have a plus-size section or limited plus-size options, Torrid is an exclusively plus-size retailer.

Since Torrid is selling to a less mainstream group and they don’t have a lot of competitors when it comes to sizing, age demographic, quality, and style demographic it can dictate its own prices.

Reason 2: Plus Size Clothing Requires More Fabric

Another reason why Torrid has to price its products much higher is the fact that plus-size apparel is more expensive than standard-sized clothing simply due to the size of fabric and materials that are needed to create plus-size clothing and accessories.

So, not only does Torrid has to sell their clothes at a higher price to make a profit because of the supply and demand, but also because they spend more money on the materials and the tailoring skills that are required to produce modern plus-size clothing.

Reason 3: They Use High-Quality Materials

While it’s clear that being one of the leading brands for plus-size people is a reason enough to have higher prices, that doesn’t mean Torrid doesn’t offer high-quality apparel and accessories to their customers.

Using high-quality materials and fabrics costs more and that quality is what draws more plus-size women to buy from Torrid.

For example, when it comes to jeans I often find that Torrid uses premium denim that justifies the price tag you see attached to them.

However, I must admit that not all Torrid clothing uses natural fibers like linen and cotton, which can be disheartening to a lot of plus-size women with sensitive skin or to those of us who may sweat more than it’s normal.

If you scroll down their catalog you will see that a lot of their clothing is made from fabric materials like 100% polyester, rayon, and acrylic among others. These are not so different from the fabrics you see fast fashion brands use, and that’s where I feel like things get too pricey for no reason.

Reason 4: They Manufacture Durable And Long-Lasting Clothing

Shopping at Torrid might seem expensive at the start especially compared to mainstream fast fashion brands like Shein, but you will soon realize that this transaction is an investment into long-lasting pieces of clothing.

For the most part, Torrid clothes are made to last you a long time, they are durable and will look just as good as new after a number of washes.

As a full-figured and plus-size woman I find that a lot of my clothes will start to rip at the seams, especially if they are badly manufactured, however, Torrid doesn’t simply use better and more durable materials but the stitching is much stronger.

Of course, I need to add that consistency isn’t always the same in most clothing brands and Torrid is no exception. You can get clothes, as I have, that can last you for many years to come, or you might get unlucky and end up with a shirt or a dress that won’t last more than a few months.

Reason 5: They Offer Unique Designs

You can find a white simple T-shirt pretty much anywhere, even as a plus size individual, but if you want to get some trendy high-waisted jeans that fit your curves just right, or you want a retro aesthetic that doesn’t make you look like your aunty then you have to look for specialized retailers like Torrid.

In order to develop a base pattern and a unique design of it for various plus-size sizes, Torrid has to spend more money especially if this company wants these designs to actually fit their customers well.

With Torrid, you get to wear clothes that were previously meant for slender people exclusively. And don’t get me wrong I don’t want to look skinny, I just want my body to look good in clothes that were tailored for my body type and Torrid is one of the few places where you can achieve that, for a certain price of course.

Reason 6: They Offer Diverse Plus Sizes

Plus-size women come in different shapes and sizes and since Torrid is an exclusively plus-size retailer they understand that and they provide different styles of clothing that look good on various body types.

Being able to provide to plus-size women of various body shapes is one more reason they can charge more for their apparel and accessories.

Reason 7: Plus Size Clothing Production Is More Expensive

Not only does plus-size clothing require more materials but they also require different tailoring skills to produce clothes that look good and stylish on full-figured women.

Unlike mainstream retailers, Torrid has skilled sewers and additional staff in order to create clothing that reflects the modern trends but also the physical and stylistic needs of plus-size women.

As you can imagine this means that the process can be much more time-consuming and time equals money, so this is also something that is reflected in the price.

The production process whether we’re talking about the designers, sewers, equipment, real plus size models, photoshoots, and other operating expenses will add up, and in order to make a profit, Torrid clothes cost more.

Reason 8: They Produce Limited-Stock Clothing

Another reason Torrid prices might be much higher compared to mainstream fast fashion brands that are not plus size friendly is the limited-stock clothing.

People of all sizes usually want what they can’t have. So, if you see a cute top or a fancy wool coat on Torrid that you know is out in limited numbers then you are more likely to buy it because you don’t want to miss out.

Additionally, younger plus-size women are more likely to buy from Torrid because of the trendy clothing and accessories that are produced in limited stock, especially if they want to follow the current fashion trends.

Reason 9: They Are Popular

As you can imagine all the above reasons equate to the simple fact that Torrid is really popular with plus-size women and this means that their clothing is in great demand.

Many of us are willing to pay for Torrid clothes because they are one of the few plus-size retailers that make clothing that looks modern and fashionable.

This popularity alone gives Torrid the power and authority to charge us more because they understand that no matter what the price tag says most plus-size women will try to buy their clothes and accessories.

Is Torrid Worth Your Money?

If you’re looking for affordable clothing that is specifically and exclusively designed for plus-size women then you probably won’t find them at Torrid, unless of course, you wait for special offers and deals and clearance prices.

So, is Torrid worth the fuzz, and should you be willing to save up to buy their clothing?

The truth is that there’s no one-size-fits-all here. Torrid clothing looks great, it’s durable and there are plenty of high-quality garments that you don’t see being made for full-figured women elsewhere.

I personally buy my jeans from Torrid because they simply last me a long time and they make my booty look good as my Queen MissJemima can attest in the video below.

When I feel like splurging I will also get a few dresses from Torrid that I can wear on special occasions. But when it comes to casual clothing I try to look for cheaper alternatives like the ones I list below or at my local retailers that have a plus size section.

Like most retailers out there you can find amazing pieces to elevate your style, and Torrid can certainly make you look stylish, but just like you can find amazing pieces that are high quality you can also end up disappointed with some of them.

After all, Torrid is a fast fashion brand that is simply catering to plus-sized women, and since this is a niche market they dictate their prices as they please.

I also want to bring up another point here and say that Torrid has also failed to provide the public with any information regarding its supply chain, so they make it very difficult to determine whether they are following eco-friendly or humane manufacturing practices.

Of course, I understand that as plus-size women we have limited options, but being aware of where we are investing our money is important regardless of our size or shape.

Are There Any Alternative Plus Size Brands to Torrid?

Torrid might be one of the most popular and trendy plus-size retailers out there, but they are not the only one designing clothes exclusively for full-figured women.

If you want to look for a decent clothing retailer with a large size range and more affordable prices then you could check Bloomchic which offers sizes from 10/M to 30/6XL. They have an excellent selection of clothes that are made to fit plus-size women of different body types. Bloomchik’s goals are accessibility, diversity, and empowerment which I’m all for it!

Chic Soul, Ashley Stweart, and the Boohoo plus size department are also great alternatives but you might want to shop there when they offer discounts since their original prices might be more similar to the prices you find at Torrid.

Finally, I also want to mention the ASOS plus size department because they have some really affordable and durable clothing that looks really good!

Closing Thoughts

Torrid is a retailer that offers plus-size clothing with unique designs and most importantly these clothes give us big girls an opportunity to flaunt and enjoy our curves without having to simply hide them under oversized shirts and pants.

However, being stylish comes with a price and the price of Torrid might not be something you can afford. You can, of course, see Torrid as an investment into your style and into long-lasting pieces, or you can simply look for alternative plus-size brands like the ones we mentioned above.

Whether you decide that Torrid is worth your money or not is up to you, but it’s important to know what this retailer is all about!

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