5 Best Fanny Packs For Fat Guys and Big Men

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Best Fanny Packs For Fat Guys and Big Men

Fanny packs are one of the most controversial accessories that a man can wear- especially if you’re a fatter guy or just a big dude.

Sure, pleated pants and turtle necks get their fair share of attention but fanny packs bring out much stronger opinions than just about anything else.

Some guys are afraid to wear them while others rock the fanny pack with pride.

If you’re here, then you’re one of the chosen few that have realized just how stylish the fanny pack is all while carrying just about everything you could need. If you can rock the fanny pack with confidence, you’re going to get plenty of good attention all while carrying everything you need for a good time.

But it’s not always easy to find a fanny pack that actually fits big guys and large bellies. That’s why I’ve done the research (and some testing with my own belly) to find the best fanny packs for big men. I’ll explain everything I looked for in a great fanny pack but if you just want to skip ahead and see what made the list you can check out our favorites here:

  1. Best Overall: MAXTOP Super Large Men’s Fanny Pack
  2. Best Size Options: Zodaca Fanny Pack With 60 Inch Waist
  3. Most Durable With High Storage Capacity: Carhartt Adjustable Waist Pack For Men
  4. Best For Shoulder Carry: SINO Men’s Fanny Pack
  5. Best For Sporting Events: Veckle Clear Fanny Pack

Let’s get into it!

What Should Fat Guys Look For In A Fanny Pack?

Whether you’re buying a dress shirt, a pair of shorts, or a fanny pack, the requirements are usually different when it comes to bigger guys. There’s a big difference between a fanny pack made for plus size women and one that’s made for a big dude so let’s break down some of the key considerations that go into finding the perfect fanny pack.

Size Matters

Size matters and bigger is usually better, especially when it comes to fanny packs.

This is the first consideration and usually the limiting factor for most fat guys so every fanny pack on this list has a waist size of at least 47 inches on the low end including one with a waist size of 60 inches so we really have something for (almost) every big guy.

Keep in mind, that a fanny pack is going to be worn outside your clothing. I know, that’s obvious but it’s often overlooked when it comes to finding the right size. So just because you can fit into a size 45 pair of jeans doesn’t mean you only need a 45 waist in your fanny pack. Instead, you’ll need an extra inch or two to make up for the clothing.

Big Accessories For Big Guys

But waist size isn’t the only consideration and bigger accessories look better on bigger bodies. Whether we’re talking about the straps of a tank top, your new suspenders, or a watch on your wrist, big guys should almost always go big.

Of course, if you’re stashing your fanny pack under a giant hoodie or otherwise keeping it out of sight then this isn’t as big of a deal. But if you’re going loud and proud with your fanny pack make sure your big body doesn’t dwarf it and consider going for larger options.

Shoulder, Chest, Or Around Your Waist…Where Are You Going To Carry Your Fanny Pack?

Where do you want to wear your fanny pack?

I know, just based on the name it seems like it should go around your fanny but these little pouches are a lot more versatile than that and you can wear these around your waist, over your shoulder, across the chest, or just about anywhere else.

Of course, some fanny packs do better in one spot than the other and you’ll need to make sure the strap adjusts large enough. If you’re looking to wear it across the chest occasionally, then you’ll need to make sure you stick with longer straps since could be a larger circumference than you’re belly depending on how you carry your weight.

For me, my belly wins and if it fits my belly it fits across the chest but that’s not the case for every bigger guy.

Storage Capacity and Pockets

There’s a wide range of storage capacity between different fanny packs and how big difference in how they organize that storage.

Some guys may be trying to completely replace their backpacks while others may want to just store their passport and keys. Many fanny packs keep things simple with only a few pockets while others include some hidden pockets which can be a great deterrent from pickpockets if you’re traveling in big cities.

So consider where you’re going to use your fanny pack and make sure you have a storage capacity and layout to match. Also, if you’re thinking of using your fanny pack for athletic activities like running, I’d suggest going with a running belt instead. These are purpose made for athletics while fanny packs for better designed for a walking pace.

Water Resistance

There’s no fanny pack that’s completely waterproof (it’s hard to be waterproof with a zipper) but there are many that are water-resistant. Just about any of the sporty designs will have some element of water resistance and some of the more style-focused versions may not.

If you’re hitting the theme park with water rides or you’re just a big sweater (like me) then you may need to move water resistance up your list of priorities.

Skip The After Market Waist Extenders And Go For The Real Thing

If you’ve done your own research on fanny packs or even just regular belts, you may have run into a few extenders that are designed to make belts, straps, and similar devices fat-friendly. Or at least fat friendlier.

Fanny packs are included in this and you can see a dozen or so options on Amazon but there’s one thing that’s common across all these…they usually don’t work very well.

That doesn’t mean they can’t work and if you take the time to find the perfect one for your particular fanny pack then it could be just what you need.

But instead of measuring buckles on your fanny pack, I generally recommend that you stick with fanny packs that are already fat-guy friendly or fanny packs that come with an extender from the manufacturer included.

That will guarantee a perfect fit and fewer headaches.

What The Heck Is A Bumbag?

The last thing we need to do is clear up some terminology that you may see floating around when it comes to fanny packs.

I’ll be the first to say that fanny pack isn’t exactly the greatest or most appealing name for these handy little accessories so you may see some folks refer to them as waist packs, belt bags, belly bags or even moon bags. And if you’re from the UK, you’ve probably heard them called bumbags.

These are all pretty much the same thing and you’ll see a lot of Amazon sellers using all terms just to get people to the page. Some sellers will even call them “manny packs” to try and make men feel more comfortable with them.

And if fanny pack doesn’t feel masculine enough you’re welcome to start using a belt bag or waist pack…but we’ll still know that you’re rocking a fanny pack!

Best Fanny Packs and Belt Bags For Fat Guys

With the background information out the way, let’s get into our best fanny packs for big dudes starting with our best overall.

Best Overall: MAXTOP Super Large Men’s Fanny Pack

On Sale ($5.20 OFF)
MAXTOP Large Crossbody Fanny Pack with 4-Zipper Pockets,Gifts for Enjoy Sports Festival Workout...
37,774 Reviews
MAXTOP Large Crossbody Fanny Pack with 4-Zipper Pockets,Gifts for Enjoy Sports Festival Workout...
  • 56.8 inch waist in the super large version for bigger bellies and bigger guys
  • Huge selection of 28 colors so you can find exactly what you want
  • 2 storage capacity options so you can get just the right amount of space
  • Great price and easy on the budget
  • More than 21,000 five star reviews on Amazon

Big guys need choices when it comes to fanny packs and the simple but high storage capacity fanny pack from MAXTOP has plenty of choices.

To start with, it’s one of the only fanny packs I’ve seen that has more than one size option to pick from and you can choose from the large or super large version. However, the downside to having these options is that things can get confusing.

To start with, the waist size on the large is 50 inches but the waist size on the super large is 56.8 inches and that can be a big difference for bigger guys. So make sure you pay close attention to what size you’re getting!

Beyond the larger waistband, the super large also has more storage capacity and an extra pocket.

Because we’re talking about big guys and fat dudes, I’d generally recommend the super large so you can get a fanny pack that doesn’t look out of proportion with your big body. Even if you don’t completely need the larger storage capacity or extended waistband going big is usually a better option and you want to avoid teeny tiny accessories.

But your choices don’t stop with the sizes and you can also choose between 28 different color options. That’s more than enough to find just want you’re looking for.

Of course, it also helps that there are more than 21,000 five-star reviews for this fanny pack on Amazon. That’s a lot of people and definitely includes some big guys in the mix.

You can take a closer look at the size options, all 28 colors, and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Size Options: Zodaca Fanny Pack With 60 Inch Waist

Black Plus Size Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap 34-60 Inches, Expands to 5XL
495 Reviews
Black Plus Size Fanny Pack with Adjustable Strap 34-60 Inches, Expands to 5XL
  • 60 inch waist covers most big guys and fat men
  • No waist extenders to mess with and the adjustable strap is ready to go right out of the box
  • Super simple and sleek design
  • Smaller but still has enough room for all the essentials including most phones (even the large ones)
  • Plenty of reviews for other big people

When it comes to size options, it’s almost impossible to beat the fanny pack that Zodaca has brought to the market. Able to accommodate 60-inch waists, it’s the most inclusive option on this list and even better it doesn’t include a waist extender.

Yes, you read that right. I’m happy that it doesn’t include a waist extender because that means there’s one less thing to worry about. So instead of having to attach a waist extender, you just take it out of the packaging and it’s ready to go up to 60 inches. Nice and simple, which is exactly what I want. 

Because the waist strap on this fanny pack is so long (at least compared to most) that gives bigger guys the option to wear this over your shoulder, off to the side, or just about any other way you could want.

Even though it’s smaller than our best overall pick, there’s still more than enough room for phones along with a handful of other essentials.

While it’s the size inclusivity that really makes this fanny pack stand out, the budget-friendly pricing also helps…a lot.

The only downside is that you’re stuck with just one color option and this fanny pack is only available in black. Still, black goes with pretty much everything and while it is a bit of a fashion statement, I’m wearing my fanny pack more for function than style.

If you don’t want to worry about whether or not you’ll get a good fit, this fanny pack is worth checking out. You can read more reviews (most of which seem to be by other big guys and gals), take a closer look at all three pockets, and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Most Durable With High Storage Capacity: Carhartt Adjustable Waist Pack For Men

Carhartt Waist Pack, Durable, Water-Resistant Hip Pack, Carhartt Brown
2,775 Reviews
Carhartt Waist Pack, Durable, Water-Resistant Hip Pack, Carhartt Brown
  • Comfortably fits waist sizes up to 52 inches
  • 4 simple and masculine colors to choose from
  • Heavy-duty material that can handle just about anything you throw at it or put in it
  • More than 1,400 five star reviews on Amazon with many from other big guys

Carhartt is trying to keep things masculine by calling this a “waist pack” but we all know what it is…a fanny pack!

Look, if you’ve made it this far then you gotta be comfortable calling it what it is.

But regardless of what it’s called, this thing can really haul some gear.

Not only is it larger than most fanny packs, but thanks to its deeper design (which makes the pack look taller), it’s able to hold odd-sized items that other fanny packs wouldn’t be able to handle. That makes this a good pick for more unique cargo (some guys are carrying x-box controllers in here) or dads that need to carry extra essentials for the kids. Or dudes that just want to carry a lot of stuff no matter what it is is. 

I also love that the material is more durable than you’d see on most fanny packs. Even though it’s polyester it still reminds me of the same Carhartt material you’d expect to see on their pants or other work clothing.

You also get the choice of 4 colors and it’s clear that Carhartt is catering to a male audience with colors that you’d actually want to wear like brown, black, and gray.

On top of all that, you also get a waistband that can extend to 52 inches so that big guys aren’t left out. That will also give you the option to wear this over the shoulder and if you’re really loading this fanny pack up to capacity a shoulder carry may be a better option.

Its large size will also match really well with bigger bodies. Again, larger guys should usually rock accessories that match their size, and the shape of this larger fanny pack will look natural next to a big guy.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there are also more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon with plenty from big guys. If you want to learn more about this “waist pack” you can read some of those reviews, check out all 4 colors, and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best For Shoulder Carry: SINO Men’s Fanny Pack

SINNO Black Mens Fanny Packs for Women Fashionable Waterproof Gifts for Running Sport Workout Hiking...
4,185 Reviews
SINNO Black Mens Fanny Packs for Women Fashionable Waterproof Gifts for Running Sport Workout Hiking...
  • Adjustable waist up to 51 inches which allows for big bellies or shoulder carry
  • 10 colors to work with including several camo variations
  • Long and big designs look great on bigger guys and can easily be worn across the chest
  • More than 1,000 five star reviews on Amazon

While our previous pick featured a tall and square-like design, this fanny pack from SINO takes the opposite approach with a long rectangle-shaped design that makes it perfect for tossing over your shoulder or across your chest. Of course, you can also wear it around your waist and the 51-inch waistband will work for a lot of big guys.

But just because it has a different shape than our high-storage option doesn’t mean it can’t carry what you need and the rectangle shape does a perfect job matching the shape of a large cell phone.

The other things that really help this fanny pack stand out are the price and color options.

Having a budget-friendly price is always a good thing and the more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon tell you that the folks at SINO aren’t sacrificing quality just to keep the price lower. And while some guys may not care about color choices, it’s still definitely nice to have. You can choose from all the basics like black and gray but there are some camo variations that look pretty good too- especially the dark black and gray version.

Even if you don’t want to carry your fanny pack over your shoulder, this could still be a good choice for you if you dig some of the more unique colors. You can see all 10 colors, read more reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best For Sporting Events: Veckle Clear Fanny Pack

On Sale ($4.00 OFF)
Clear Fanny Pack Stadium Approved, Veckle Fanny Packs for Women Men Waterproof Cute Waist Bag Clear...
4,794 Reviews
Clear Fanny Pack Stadium Approved, Veckle Fanny Packs for Women Men Waterproof Cute Waist Bag Clear...
  • Waist size up to 47 which isn't amazing but still gets the job done
  • Clear design is compliant with many sports stadiums and NFL standards
  • Easy on the budget
  • More than 2,500 five star reviews on Amazon

Whether it’s a college game or the NFL, if you’ve been to any sporting events recently you’ve probably been required to carry your stuff in a clear bag or just shove it into your pockets.

The NFL recommends that guys carry their stuff in a clear Ziplock bag and to put it simply, that kind of sucks.

Not only is it a pain to carry your stuff in a baggy, but after a few stadium beers, there’s a very good chance I’m going to completely forget about that bag.

That’s where this clear fanny pack comes into the picture and it’s fat-friendly, usually stadium approved, and can definitely help with forgetfulness after a few beers. With a waist size of 47 inches, it’s going to be a tight fit for a lot of big guys but the real selling point is the fact that this fanny pack is clear.

However, even though most guys have no trouble getting into stadiums with this (including the NFL), each stadium will have different requirements and this clear fanny pack may not always get a pass. Keep that in mind and consider coming prepared with an extra gallon bag in case you have no other choice.

It’s not the largest bag or the most stylish so unless you’re specifically looking for something to use at the stadium I’d go with another fanny pack on this list. But if you need something for the stadiums this is a great pick.

You can check out all the color options, read more than 2,500 five-star reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Closing Thoughts

Even though there’s no rule that says big guys can’t rock a fanny pack there’s still some hesitation around it.

But I’m almost certain it’s because most guys just aren’t aware of what their options are!

There are (obviously) fanny packs that look great on bigger guys and fat dudes if you know where to look…and you’ve seen the 5 best options! We’ve covered everything from fanny packs with mega storage to special use cases like stadiums and everything in between.

However, looking good is actually the second step when you’re a big guy and the first thing you need to do is find a fanny pack that fits bigger bodies.

I think I’ve done a pretty good job taking care of both with awesome fanny packs that are ready for bigger guys but I’d love to hear what you think. Did you find your new favorite fanny pack?

Leo Reed

Leo is fat and proud! Coming in at 405 pounds, Leo has been fat his entire life and is constantly on the hunt for products that help improve the life of fat folks around the world.

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