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can you get a belly button piercing if you're plus size

If you haven’t been here yet and it isn’t obvious- I am 100% all about women embracing their curves no matter how big (or small) they may be. Nothing is quite like finally gaining enough confidence to flaunt your curves and what better way to add a bit of flair than with a cute piece of belly jewelry.

But, can you get a belly piercing if you’re plus-size?

Absolutely, plus-size teens and women get belly piercing all the time! While there are some instances where the shape of your tummy might make a traditional belly button piercing a not-so-great choice, there are other styles of belly piercing, too! Plus, plus-size tummies look adorable with belly button jewelry!

Below, we’ll talk a little bit about belly shape and belly piercings for plus-sized women. I’ll also talk about a few obstacles you might come across with a navel piercing as a curvier woman.

Can You Get a Belly Piercing if You’re Plus-Size?

Yes, you can get a belly piercing if you are plus-sized. And, like with pole dancing or wearing a crop top, I feel like if you can get the confidence to do it then you absolutely should! The curvy young woman in this video looks like she’s going to rock that belly button piercing when it’s healed!

That being said, it’s important that your belly button isn’t covered by skin or tucked too far inward when you sit down. This all comes down to the shape of your belly- we’ll get to that next!

Even if you can’t rock a traditional navel piercing, which goes through the skin at the top of the belly button, piercing at the bottom might also be an option if it is more exposed.

Curvy girls aren’t the only ones that can’t always rock a belly piercing, though. People with outie belly buttons usually cannot get their navel pierced either.

How Belly Shape Effects the Healing Process

While people come in all shapes and sizes, bigger people generally have a belly that is either “B-shaped” or “D-shaped”. A B-shaped belly is one that looks like the letter “B” and sometimes, the belly button may be hidden under a roll while sitting.

By contrast, a D-shaped belly is one that is just rounded. Even when sitting, the belly button is usually exposed to air that facilitates the healing process. This is especially important with navel piercings because the area you can’t always see inside your belly button is a breeding ground for bacteria and you need to be vigilant about the healing process.

When it comes to piercings, it’s important to remember that they are basically open wounds. For the piercing to heal properly, it needs to be kept clean. That’s hard to do if you sweat a lot or if the piercing isn’t getting any air exposure.

Choosing Belly Button Jewelry When You’re Plus-Size

A quick search on Instagram will show you that there are plenty of plus-size body types rocking a cute, glittering piercing. And while they may have to deal with the occasional negative comment, there are always so many others boosting them up and reaffirming that you really don’t have to have a special body type to be confident and love yourself.

Something that you might want to look into is plus-sized navel jewelry. Chubby tummies might have extra skin around the navel, so having a piercing with a bar that is a little longer fits better, looks cuter, and makes it easier to keep the piercing clean. Just be sure to choose high-quality metals and don’t change your navel jewelry until after the piercing is fully healed!

Finally, while dangly piercings are incredibly cute, they don’t always work well for the plus-sized woman. More often than not, whatever dangles also ends up stuck in your belly button. Fortunately, there are plenty of other types of belly button jewelry that don’t dangle down!

Does Having a Chubby Tummy Make Cleaning a Navel Piercing Harder?

The actual size of your tummy doesn’t really matter when it comes to piercing- it’s all about the anatomy of your belly button and your overall shape. That being said, as long as your navel is visible when sitting, then you shouldn’t have any difficulty cleaning your piercing. Being curvy doesn’t really affect the healing process as long as the piercing has air and can be kept clean.

Be Wary About Clothing Choices, Though

As your piercing heals, you’ll want to be vigilant about where your pants sit naturally. I tend to prefer a little higher of a waist on my pants, but they do sit lower than my belly button so this wouldn’t be an issue.

You can always swap out your clothes for now until your piercing starts to heal. It’s most important that you don’t put pressure on it or cover your navel with tight-fitting clothing for the first week or so, but you shouldn’t do anything that is painful until it heals. You also should avoid sleeping on your belly, but this isn’t the most comfortable sleeping position for bigger people anyway.

Is a Belly Button Piercing More Painful if You’re Chubby?

No, belly button piercings are not more painful if you’re chubby. In fact, several people report that healing is actually a little less painful as long as the piercing isn’t infected.

Unlike people who have flatter stomachs, a little extra padding actually gives the belly button more leeway when you are stretching and bending. This makes the piercing less piercing when you’re active.

Can I Gain or Lose Weight When I Have a Belly Piercing?

In most cases, yes, you can gain or lose weight with a belly piercing as long as your piercing is healed. I even know women that have kept their navel jewelry in through pregnancy because it never felt uncomfortable.

In some cases, and most likely with rapid weight loss or gain, the skin can stretch or loosen uncomfortably and cause pain. If you experience pain with your piercing or any signs of rejection, then it’s best to schedule with your piercer to have it checked out and see if it needs to be removed.

How to Choose a Good Navel Piercer When You’re Plus-Size

Size aside, you should always choose a certified, experienced artist at a professional shop. When it comes to plus-sized body modifications like tattoos and piercings, experience also matters. The skin on a chubby person is generally more malleable and may shift, so you want someone that is aware of these challenges and how to overcome them.

When someone is in the business a little longer, they have had more time to work on all body types. You should never be intimidated asking about their experience, certification, or how long they have been piercing. After all, it is something going into your body.

If you aren’t sure about if your body type will allow you to safely have a belly piercing, ask about a consultation. Most professional shops offer consultations for free- plus you can always get something else pierced if you decide a belly piercing isn’t a good fit for you!

Final Word

Being able to get a navel piercing really has nothing to do with curviness- it’s all about confidence! Plus, even if you don’t have the confidence to rock it in public right now, you’ll always have that option later down the road.

There are some belly shapes that don’t allow for a navel piercing simply because of where the belly is located on the body. However, a less traditional bottom navel piercing might also be an option for some plus-sized women. Hopefully, now you know that you can get a belly piercing when you’re plus-size.

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