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can you wear a crop top if you're fat

The first time I put on a crop top and looked at myself in the mirror, it wasn’t long before I was changing my outfit. It just wasn’t comfortable for me the first time around and I didn’t really believe that I could “pull it off” if you will.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I have seen probably hundreds of women in plus-sized fashion and on social media that pull off the crop top look very well. They looked bold, confident, and even hot. I just didn’t think the look for me. Since that first time though, my attitude has changed.

So, can you wear a crop top if you’re fat?

Absolutely. Plus-sized women can wear crop tops and they absolutely should. Crop tops create cute and confident looks that really make your personality pop. Plus, there are several ways that you can style your outfit with a crop top that looks amazing on a bigger, curvier body. 

Keep reading to learn about all things crop top for plus-sized women, including why you can (and should) wear a crop top when you have a bigger tummy and how to rock the look with confidence.

Wearing a Crop Top When You’re Plus-Sized is All About Confidence

When it comes to style, confidence is really the key to pulling off any look. Self-confidence is all about being comfortable in your own skin and knowing that you look great and are a talented individual, regardless of what anyone else thinks. It’s an attitude, not something that you only have if you’re thin and considered attractive by beauty standards.

When I spent six months in Asia, there were definitely times when I thought I was attracting some stares. However, I didn’t let those stares make me scared of showing off my body or all that it was capable of. I had countless adventures doing everything from hiking local mountain ranges to bicycling down streets for a cultural experience. I didn’t let those stares affect how I represented myself with pride or force me indoors.

If you struggle with confidence in a crop top, start with a longer style and work your way towards showing with whatever amount of skin you’re most comfortable with. Fringe styles have fabric that hangs down and covers exposed skin a little more, while some styles come just to the edge of your bottoms, so you’re barely showing any skin at all.

How to Style a Crop Top When You’re Bigger

While I’ll never be one to body shame, I will say that there are certain styles that are more or less flattering on a plus-sized person’s body. You should always dress however you feel most confident, but these style suggestions are both bold and flattering on the bigger gal’s body.

Choose the Right Type of Crop Top

By definition, a crop top is any garment styled for the top of the body that shows the belly. That being said, some are styled shorter to expose the upper and lower parts of the belly, while others might be more modest and only show the navel. The waistband of whatever pants you are wearing might also affect how much skin you’re showing, so the other garments you choose play role in your overall look, too.

That being said, there is no single length or style of crop top that is going to be the perfect fit for every curvy woman’s look. It really depends on how confident you are and how much skin you want to show. There are even designs that have fringe made of fabric or beads hanging down from the shirt, so they give a little peek at your tummy without actually showing a whole lot.

Pair with Well-Fitting, High-Waisted Bottoms

I’ve found that when it comes to crop tops, high-waisted bottoms are my go-to pairing. I love high-waisted bottoms with most styles (especially because it gives me somewhere to hide my FUPA). Crop tops are no exception to the rule.

Crop tops work best when they are paired with tight, well-fitting bottoms. If you’re especially worried about how your tummy looks, you can even choose a more rigid style that will help you hold your tummy’s shape better. Capris, cotton drawstring pants, shapewear leggings, and elastic-waist jeans are all staples of my wardrobe that look great with a crop top.

You can also check out this video for a look at a few crop top styles that look great on this plus-sized woman.

Use Your Crop Top to Accentuate an A-Line Dress

For women who are easing into the idea of wearing a crop top, it works well as an overshirt with an A-line dress. (An A-line dress is basically one designed to fit well and be more narrow on top, then flair out beginning around the waist area so the overall shape of the dress is triangular, or similar to the letter “A”).

Of course, this type of style is one that works best with a lightweight dress, since anything with sleeves or that is made from heavy fabric will give your upper body a bulkier appearance. I personally love wearing a crop top with a sleeveless dress or something with spaghetti straps, because while I’ve gotten a little more confident about a lot of areas of my body, my extra arm jiggle is something I’m still a little self-conscious about.

Match Crop Top Length to the Rise of Your Bottoms

Like all clothing styles, there’s no one-size-fits-all piece of clothing that’s perfect for every body shape or occasion. While high-waisted skirts, skorts, and pants all look great with a crop top, high-waisted really describes any bottom that sits above your waist.

For the best style, you’ll want to match the length of the crop top to the rise of the waist. You can show as much (or as little) skin as you would like this way and it makes it easy for you to show the part of your stomach that you love best.

I have a ruched shirt with a tie design in the middle and I love how it dips down to cover almost all of my stomach, but still leaves a strip of skin that goes across my navel when I pair it with high-waisted leggings. Use this same idea to show off the area of your stomach that you are most confident about.

Don’t Expect Everyone to Love Your Look

When it comes to the decision of if you should wear a crop top as a plus-sized woman, the biggest factor is really how you feel about the way you look. There are always going to be people that judge your appearance regardless of your body type, but their opinions really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Something I have noticed is that while there are usually people I’m worried about giving me dirty looks, there are also people who love my confident style (even when the confidence is something I’m faking). Really, being yourself and wearing a crop top that makes you feel good also inspires other bigger people to do the same.

To Crop Top, or Not to Crop Top?

While there are tons of cute crop top styles that you can wear as a plus-sized woman, there are times when it’s not really appropriate to wear a crop top. You generally shouldn’t bare it all in professional situations- you’d never wear a crop top if you were trying to get a job when you’re fat. It also wouldn’t be appropriate to wear a crop top to events like a wedding or a funeral. These are just general rules whether you are plus-sized or not.

In more casual situations, like trips to the beach or an outdoor get-together, crop tops are a cute and comfortable fashion choice. Of course, if you’re going with a group of people, then knowing your audience might help you decide if you should wear a crop top or not. For example, it wouldn’t be the best choice if you’re going to a family reunion with mostly older, more conservative relatives.

Something else to consider when choosing a crop top is what you’ll be doing. While it’s great for casual wear, I personally wouldn’t wear a shorter, looser crop top if I was planning on doing an athletic activity like sports at a family reunion like volleyball.

However, I love wearing a crop top to the beach and even while paddleboarding. It also makes it easier to get a tan as a fat person while paddleboarding, especially on that white area of my stomach that doesn’t usually see the sun because of my rolls.

It also isn’t my first choice for the grocery store, since all the bending I’m usually doing makes it too easy for my bottoms to slide down or my top to show more of my body than I’d like to.

Final Word

With my first crop top experience, I learned that it wasn’t really a “crop top body” I was lacking- it was confidence. It’s something that’s built over time, especially as I realized that there wasn’t a single person’s opinion that had control over my self-worth.

When it comes to the question “Can you wear a crop top if you’re fat?”, the answer is a confident, “yes”. Plus-sized women rock crop tops with style and you’re every bit as beautiful as those other plus-sized bodies you’ve seen in the media. Hopefully, this article helps you gain the confidence to step out in one, too!

Camila R.

Camila is a body positive blogger and fat activist that's focused on helping people of all sizes live life big! That means accepting yourself at any size and just enjoying life! She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two chihauhuas.

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