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Does Rainbow Clothing Run Small?

When it comes to shopping for clothes things do seem to be changing for plus-size women. You see more and more brands like Rainbow adding a plus-size section to their online stores.

Most importantly Rainbow clothes aren’t old-fashioned, instead, they actually look stylish, fit to adorn full-figured women of various different body types.

But just because fashion brands like Rainbow are bringing plus size clothes to the table, does it mean they will fit us big girls, or does Rainbow clothing run small?

Clothes from Rainbow can run small, in some cases, they run about 3 sizes too small compared to the average American manufacturer. This isn’t the case for all Rainbow clothing, some garments are true to size or even big. Since there are no customer reviews under each garment it’s hard to know what you’ll get.

I want to talk about Rainbow sizes in more detail and see if it’s a brand that is suitable for plus-size women, the pros and cons of this retailer, and my tips for those of you who are planning on buying from them for the first time!

Does Rainbow Clothing Run Small?

Rainbow plus size clothing can run small, but that truly depends on the article of clothing. In some cases, you can end up with a top that’s 3 sizes too small, a true-to-size shirt, or a pair of leggings that are too big.

For the most part, you should be cautious if you wear a 3X size or above, and unless you’re on the smaller size of the plus size spectrum there’s a big chance that the clothes won’t fit you well or they will be too tight.

This might come as a surprise since the Rainbow plus-size size chart looks quite expansive at first glance. In fact, there seem to be two different size charts for their plus-size clothing. Strangely enough, one goes up to 4XL and the other one up to 6XL.

Here’s their official plus-size chart:

Plus Size Dresses and Tops

Plus-Size Sizing Rainbow Numerical Sizes Bust Waist Hips
1X Not Disclosed 38/41 30/34 42/47
2X Not Disclosed 42/45 35/37 48/51
3X Not Disclosed 46/50 38/43 52/55
4X Not Disclosed 51/56 44/50 56/60

Plus Size Bottoms

Plus-Size Sizing Typical Numerical Sizes Rainbow Numerical Sizes Waist Hips
1X 16/18 14/16 35/36 40/41
2X 18/20 18/20 37/38 42/44
3X 20/22 22/24 40/41 45/47
4X 22/24 26/28 43/44 48/50

If you decide to navigate the plus size section by selecting the size, then you will see that the sizes actually go up to 6XL, which is quite confusing.

But no matter which way you look at it, the numbers you see under the bust, waist, and hip sizes, are not as expansive and they don’t necessarily align with plus size guide clothing conversions.

That of course isn’t surprising since every manufacturer kind of makes its own rules when it comes to sizing.

If you feel like you are in between sizes, or you like a looser fit then going one size up might actually work better for you. Don’t forget that Rainbow garments are also made mostly from synthetic fabrics that have at least a little stretch.

Are Rainbow Clothes True to Size?

There are Rainbow garments that are true-to-size, or they are true-to-size according to their size chart.

That’s why you will need to be careful when comparing the Rainbow sizes to typical American clothing. If you are a 3XL then you might need to size up to a 4XL to get that true-to-size fit.

Are Rainbow Clothes Too Big?

While it’s more likely that you’ll end up with clothes that are a size too small, you can still end up with a piece of clothing that is too big or too big in all the wrong places.

For example, the leggings I got from Rainbow ended up too loose on me, and I even decided not to size up because I knew leggings can be quite stretchy.

Surprisingly the waistband was too loose for my belly and they kept sliding down and that’s not something you want from your leggings, since you can’t even wear a belt to keep them in place.

Which Rainbow Clothes Usually Run Small?

This section reflects mostly my experience, so if you don’t have my body type then you might not run into these issues or you might find that the opposite is true for you.

I’m top-heavy, and sometimes I do struggle with finding blouses and shirts that fit my arms or sit in a flattering way around my belly.

While the loose shirts on Rainbow actually fit me perfectly well, even their dresses for that matter, their blouses, and well-fitting tops ended up squeezing my arms, and yes it’s just as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Personally, I’d probably have to get the largest size to get these tops to fit me, and even then I’m not sure they would.

After seeing this video I think that Chrissyb would also agree with me!

Is Rainbow a Good Brand for Plus-Size Clothing?

When I found out that Rainbow has a plus-size clothing line, I quickly jumped on their site to see if there was anything that would catch my eye.

After a couple of blouses, tops, a shirt, and two pairs of jeans I have a few good and bad things to say about Rainbow.

The Pros of Shopping from Rainbow Plus-Size Clothing

I must start by saying that the low prices definitely removed most of my guilt of splurging for a couple of clothing items that I felt were missing from my closet.

I knew that my first buy could’ve been either a disaster, a success, or something in between, but the cheap price tag made it much easier to take the risk.

Another thing that I enjoyed while browsing the site was the variety. Like most fast fashion brands, Rainbow also tries to keep up with the latest trends and it’s nice to see that their plus-size clothes are involved in this process because I often find clothes made for larger women boring to put it plainly.

With Rainbow, you get that pop of color or the quiet neutrals, distressed jeans, or cute joggers and leggings. I also love their peplum tops that are just perfect for full-figured and curvy women, or for women that want to accentuate their waist and add some volume to the hips.

The site itself is easy to navigate, there are images with plus size women of various body types wearing the clothes, and you get color options even before you click on a particular garment.

Once you click on a piece of clothing you get more details, like the sizing options, you also have a size chart and the dimensions of the model, as well as a very detailed product description and care instructions. You even get to see where the product was made.

You also get free shipping on all of your orders as long as you spend more than $75 dollars.

Unlike brands like PrettyLittleThing instead of relying on the online store, you can get a closer look at Rainbow clothing if you live in the US because their stores are located in over 30 states.

The Cons of Shopping from Rainbow Plus-Size Clothing

The price of Rainbow clothing is definitely something that a lot of plus-size retailers like Torrid can’t compete with, however, you do pay for what you get because the quality of Rainbow clothes can be very disappointing, to say the least.

Of course, as with most fast fashion brands, you can get certain Rainbow garments that will last you a long time, but some of them won’t survive the first wash.

Another big downside to Rainbow clothes is the fact that most of them only go up to size 4XL. On this note, I also want to add that not all of their plus size clothes go up to 6XL or 4XL, and if you are on the larger plus size spectrum that can actually limit your choices.

So, Should You Buy Plus-Size Clothes From Rainbow?

With all of these in mind, I will have to give Rainbow a 6.5 out of 10. This brand is very affordable which means that fashion trends and beautiful-looking garments are accessible to everyone, as well as plus-size folk.

However, their sizing can be confusing and it’s not consistent. That being said, you could make Rainbow sizes work for you after a few hits and misses.

My biggest issue with Rainbow is the quality, and the fabrics they often use are from poor materials that don’t last long. Of course, that’s what you get for the low price but subsequently, you end up spending more money.

Tips for the Plus-Size Shopper on Rainbow

Now that you know what you’re getting into with Rainbow I’d like to give you a few tips in case you want to try them out!

Know Your Measurements

No matter where you’re shopping from, knowing your bust, waist, and hip measurements will guarantee that the chances of you receiving clothes that are true to size are on your side.

Use Their Size Charts

Size charts can be deceiving, and I’ll be the first to admit that Rainbow size charts are confusing, but if you know your exact measurements there’s a bigger chance that the Rainbow clothes will fit you.

In some cases, you might have to take a chance, but once you try their clothes you will have a better idea of how honest their size chart is.

Check Out Their Reviews

This is a tricky one because Rainbow don’t allow any reviews under each individual garments, and you only get generic reviews in their review section, which is very frustrating for a plus-size customer.

You can, of course, read reviews on forums, and check out the video reviews on Youtube or Instagram by plus size influencers to get an idea of what you can expect. The only downside here is that you won’t get a review on a specific item of clothing you were looking to buy.

Consider the Stretch Factor

As I mentioned before Rainbow clothes are made from synthetic fabrics and most of them will have at least some stretch, especially after a few wears.

To me, this isn’t always positive, because they either will stretch in places I don’t want them to, or they will show as see-through.

It’s also important to note that if you’re not careful with the washing and drying instructions these synthetic fabrics can also shrink and no amount of stretch factor will bring them back to their original form.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot to consider when shopping at Rainbow as a plus-size woman especially when it comes to sizing.

That’s because there’s some risk involved. You might end up with a top that’s a size or two too small, or the pair of jeans that looked so cool in the picture won’t look as flattering.

On the flip side, Rainbow is an affordable retailer that offers a large selection of plus-size clothing and accessories to budget-conscious customers.

The options for fashionable and trendy garments are unlimited, and even with all the risks involved, I can’t deny that Rainbow can help you experiment with your style and find what looks good on you, without breaking the bank!

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