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is there a weight limit on Disney rides

Disneyland and Disney World are called “The Most Magical Places On Earth.”

But, is this true for everyone at the parks?  Do we all get an equal experience at Disney, even big people?  Are there weight limits on Disney rides?

Luckily, Disney tries their best to be inclusive!  There are no weight limits for the rides at the Disney Parks.  Depending on the seats and the restraints, some rides might be less accessible than others.  But, the Disney crew members are always happy to help you in any way they can.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works!

Are You Pooh-Sized?

Wait, Pooh-sized?  What does this even mean?

Pooh-sized is the way that Disney talks about plus-sized people and I love it!  They also have a similar name for extra tall people.  They call them, “Baloo-sized”.

Personally, I love the idea of being Pooh-sized at Disneyland.  You can consider yourself Pooh-sized in the Disney world if you are considered plus-sized in the normal world!

Does Disney Have Any Size Requirements For Rides?

Yes, a few attractions do have size-based requirements!  Luckily for us though, these ride requirements are mostly based on height!  So if you are Pooh-sized, not Baloo-sized, you don’t need to worry about this! In other words, there’s generally not a problem with being heavy and instead, it’s the folks that are both big and tall who could have a problem.

In general, most of the rides at the Disney parks have size regulations that have to do with guests being tall enough to go on the ride.  Usually, the requirements for some of the more exciting rides require that guests are 40 inches or taller to ride them!

Luckily, there really are no weights at Disney that keep you from getting on rides.  What might cause an issue though are the different types of seats on attractions and the restraints used on the seats.  Let’s discuss these to save you some trouble on your next trip!

Do The Seats Make a Difference When It Comes To Bigger People and Disney’s Rides?

Absolutely!  As we know, being fat can sometimes make things a little more difficult.  Sitting in a seat designed for a much smaller person can not only be difficult but can also be intimidating.

But the good news is, there aren’t weight requirements for most of these rides and instead the limiting factor is going to be the type of seating available.

Keep reading to see which seats are most fat-friendly so you can decide ahead of time if there is a ride you would rather not get on!

Bench Seats

Some of the rides at the Disney Parks have bench-style seats.  What we mean by this are long seats that don’t have any arm rails or seat dividers. These are similar to the higher weight capacity gondolas-style seats that you may have seen used in parasailing and other types of activities.

This style of seat is great for Pooh-sized guests (remember, that’s what they call us plus size folks).  With bench seats, you can take all the room you need to spread out and get comfortable in your row.  When entering the attraction, you can always request that you have your own row.  Usually, you won’t even need to do this.

The crew members at Disney are trained well to pay attention to seating and make sure that rows don’t get too crowded.

This video of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland California shows a quick peek at how the seats are arranged on this ride.  This is a great example of how the bench-style seats would look.

You can see that the rows are long and spacious!  Plenty of room to get comfy and enjoy the ride, literally! So whether you’re 40 pounds or 400 pounds, you can enjoy a bench style ride at Disney.

Double and Triple Seats

A more challenging seating arrangement is rides or attractions that have double or triple seats.

Double and triple seats are cars that are meant to seat 2-3 people in each vehicle!  Think of Peter Pan and the Haunted Mansion for some popular examples.  While these seats are very similar to bench seats, they are not quite as spacious!

Just like with the bench seats, the easiest way to deal with these slightly more restrictive seats is to plan ahead and be prepared to ask for your own car if you feel like you might be too crowded!  In addition, because these seats are a little bit tighter, you might need a little extra time to get in.

The crew members at Disney are more than happy to slow down the ride or even stop it to make sure you get on safely and comfortably!

Double and triple seater rides definitely accommodate Pooh-sized people but you may have a bit more trouble compared to bench seating.

Single Seats

Single seats might be the most intimidating kinds of seats in the Disney parks!  Single seats tend to be much more conservative with space and restraints, which we will talk about in a minute!

The great thing bout single-seat attractions is that these rides almost always have a tester seat up front!  These rides tend to be the faster, more exciting rides at the parks.  Tester seats are provided for guests to try out while waiting in line.

Trust us, this can really help with the anxiety of getting into a seat that you’re not sure you will fit into.

If you do find out that you won’t fit comfortably in a seat before waiting in line, you can save yourself so much time!  This way you make sure you spend more time having fun and less time waiting for a ride you won’t be able to enjoy.

The seats on the Matterhorn at Disneyland California are a great example of a single seat.  Here is a picture of what the seats look like!

While they aren’t super small, you can also imagine they might be a pain to get in!  Make sure to take advantage of those tester sears when you can!

Other Specialty Seats At Disney Theme Parks

Most seats at the Disney Parks fall into one of the three categories above, but there are a few special exceptions!

All Disney attractions are one of a kind and special.  The features of these rides are unique, including the seating styles!

Bucket Seats

On some rides, you will be faced with a type of seating that we like to call bucket seats.  These seats can be super uncomfortable for a fat person to use.  What makes a bucket seat difficult is that you have to step down to get into the seat, hence the name, bucket!  The reason that this can be a problem is that it becomes a lot harder to also get out of the seat!

Think of it like a little hole you let yourself settle in, and then get stuck in!  Generally, these types of seats are accommodating but if you are plus-sized and also pretty tall, these seats really have the potential to trap you. If you do get into one of these situations, we recommend that you use the back of the seat to support yourself and push off of that to try to get out.  If you are having trouble, don’t be embarrassed to ask a friend or crew member for help!

Splash Mountain Seats

Another example of special seats you can find in Disneyland is the seats for Splash Mountain.  The ride requires that guests sit in a row.  The “car” for this ride is actually more of a little log boat!

However, these seats do have a good amount of wiggle room.  If you’re the largest person in your group, just always make sure you sit in the last seat!

Restaurant Seating

Although the restaurants in the Disney Parks aren’t exactly rides, they are certainly another magical experience to enjoy!  Themed restaurants make a trip extra special.

Unfortunately, these restaurants usually have seats with armrests for guests!  As you know armrest and plus-sized people just don’t get along well!  But, we found out that you can always ask for a seat without armrests and the restaurant will provide you with one!

They’re well-prepared for this so you shouldn’t expect too much trouble.

So, now that we’ve got all of our seating concerns covered, let’s talk about the accessibility of restraints on the rides!

Why Would Restraints Make Seating More Difficult?

As you saw above there a many different types of seats on the rides at Disney!  While all of these are Poof-size friendly, some are just going to be more of a struggle to sit in than others.  So, if you combine a difficult seat with a difficult restraint type, you’re probably not going to have the best time on a ride.

Of course, Disney has a variety of restraints on the rides that range from no restraints all the way to full shoulder restraints!  Here are the three most common types of restraints you’ll find at Disney, with comments on how fat-friendly they all are!

Lap Bars

Many of the attractions you can find at Disney have bars that come down and rest on your lap during the ride.  A lot of the rollercoaster-style attractions have these kinds of restraints, like Big Thunder Railroad!

These lap bars are surprisingly accessible to Pooh-sized guests.  Because they are completely out of the way when entering a ride, they make getting on and off easy!  These bars are super adjustable and truly are a one size fits all scenario.

The biggest problem you will face with these lap bars is that they will only fit the largest person on the seat.  If you are at the park with a smaller friend, it might be difficult for both of you to sit together on a ride like this!  This is because your smaller friend will have a good amount of empty space between their body and the restraint.

While this could be dangerous on more action-packed rides, a more mellow ride wouldn’t be an issue!  So just make sure you know that if you sit next to a smaller person on one of these rides, they might get knocked around a little bit!

Open Seats Without Restraints

Another common type of restraint found in the Disney parks is open seats!  Open seats are seats with no restraints and they really are the best seats for everyone!  These types of seats are found on attractions that are more relaxed, and don’t need any extra safety measures!

We talked about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride above.  This ride has bench-style seating with no restraints.  Many of the bench-style seats are open with no belts or bars to keep guests seated.

As a Pooh-sized person, you won’t have any trouble getting comfortable in an open seat!

Normal seat belts

The third common type of restraint you can find at Disney is a normal seat belt.  This is just a cloth belt that buckles around your waist.

While these kinds of restraints are comfortable because they’re not rigid (like the lap bars), the belts themselves aren’t always long enough.  If you are big, especially around the middle of your body, a normal seat belt at Disney might not fit around your waist.  Or, if it does, you might be squished and uncomfortable on the ride.

But of course, we’re at Disney and they really do try to accommodate everyone!  So, on any ride that has a seat belt type restraint, you can ask for a seat belt extender.  A seat belt extender is an extra piece that clips into the normal seat belt to give you a lot more room and comfort!

Is There Anything Else To Worry About?

Outside of seating on rides which we have thoroughly covered, are there any other concerns you might have as a big person at Disney?


If you’ve been to Disney before you know that you walk, a lot!  Being very fat can make long days with lots of walking hard!  We know that walking is good for us but to enjoy a day at Disney, there could be better options.  Disney will provide you with an ECV (electronic convenience vehicle) if you feel the need to request one!  And trust us, it could make your trip way easier so don’t hesitate to ask for an ECV.

One other thing you might be nervous about at Disney as a fat person are the turnstiles at the entrance gates.  These turnstiles are typically not sized for larger guests!  If you take a look at the turnstile and don’t want to squeeze through, don’t worry.  There is always a gate where wheelchairs and strollers can pass through, and Disney crew members are happy to let you through this gate!

Can You Enjoy Disney and Be Fat?

100% Yes!

I’ve never had a problem and neither did my friends some of which are around 400 pounds. You’re more likely to have a problem if you’re super tall rather than super heavy!

Disney is an inclusive company that wants everyone to have a great experience.  Remember, if you have any doubts about your weight and how it will affect you on a ride, talk to a crew member.  They can slow down rides to make getting on easier, arrange the seats to make you more comfortable, and find you seat belt extenders!

We hope that you feel comfortable enough to know that you can have a great time at Disney, no matter what your size!

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