Should Plus Size Women Wear Polka Dots?

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should plus size women wear polka dots

If you’re already familiar with some of the content I’ve published here, then you probably have heard me say that I hate the idea that men and women should or shouldn’t wear something based on their body type. I’m very pro “if you want to wear it and it fits, wear it!”

That mantra that I have doesn’t really stop when it comes to any specific patterns. That being said, when I shop, I do look for clothes that flatter my body and make me feel confident.

So, should plus size women wear polka dots?

Yes, plus size women absolutely should wear polka dots. I don’t believe that you should avoid certain patterns just because you are a curvier woman. That being said, many women find that smaller polka dot patterns are more flattering than large, bold polka dots when they are looking for an all-over design. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at whether or not curvy gals should wear polka dots and I’ll give you some helpful advice on choosing flattering clothing styles with polka dots. I’ll also talk a little bit about those people who say plus size people should avoid certain patterns and why.

Should Plus Size Women Wear Polka Dots?

You absolutely should wear polka dots as a plus size woman, particularly if you find polka dots on a piece of clothing you love. I’ve seen high-waisted bikinis and 50s style dresses that have the cute, retro polka dot design and they give off major vintage vibes.

The vintage feeling of certain clothing is definitely one that I can get behind, particularly when it comes to cute polka dots. Some other articles of clothing I personally own that are covered in polka dots include a red and white dress from Shein, a black one-piece shorts romper from Torrid, and a few assorted polka dot tops.

As confident as I feel in my polka dots, there’s no doubt in my mind that all other plus size women should wear them if they’d like, too! Here’s just one example of a curvy woman flaunting her curves and looking cute in polka dots.

Are Polka Dots Slimming?

Yes, some polka dots are slimming. That being said, not all polka dot patterns are created equally. For example, a black or red dress with some small, white polka dots is extremely flattering on the body. However, big, bold polka dots in a multicolor pattern are more likely to look bulky and unattractive on the plus size body.

In addition to the polka dot pattern itself, the style of whatever article of clothing it is on is also going to affect whether or not they have a slimming effect. A skin-tight mini dress is going to have a different effect than a dress that accentuates your curves with a more flattering cut.

Why Do Some People Say Plus Size Women Shouldn’t Wear Polka Dots?

The reason some people say plus size women shouldn’t wear polka dots is because it goes along with the same idea that people who are larger should not wear patterns. (I really don’t agree with this- I think curvy women should wear whatever they want regardless of what other people think).

People usually say to avoid patterns for two reasons. First, if you are wearing something that’s especially form-fitting, the fabric stretches and the pattern can be skewed a little. However, you can avoid this by wearing clothes that fit a little better in most cases.

Second, some people say this because any type of bright color or pattern draws attention. Surprisingly, we only have to look at all the ugly plus size clothing out there to know that even fashion designers believe this. Or at the very least, they are too lazy or don’t want to put the money into doing the market research and find out what curvy bodies really want.

While polka dots have a long history in fashion, they haven’t always been made for the curvier body. However, if you’ve ever put on a piece of polka dot clothing and fallen in love with the fit and the pattern, then it’s pretty evident that these people are absolutely wrong.

What’s the Best Way to Wear Polka Dots When You’re Plus Size?

I don’t feel that you should ever let your body hold you back from wearing the clothing you want. I believe you should always put on the bikini or rock the crop top, simply because we are all only given so much time to walk this earth. If you keep putting off wearing the things you love until you’re thinner or more in shape, then that might not ever happen.

That being said, there are ways to style polka dots that are generally more flattering on the plus size body. Here are some tips for that (if you want them).

1. Choose Smaller Polka Dots

For people who love polka dots but also want to wear them in a way that compliments their body, one thing that will help is choosing polka dots that are smaller in size. Large polka dots don’t break up the fabric the same way that smaller polka dots do and they tend to make patterns “louder” if you know what I mean.

By contrast, small-to-medium-sized polka dots really do look a lot more flattering on the curvy body. They break up the color behind them well and the result is a pattern that you’ll love.

2. Consider Lighter Polka Dots on a Colorful Background

My personal preference is lighter polka dots (I think most of my clothes have white polka dots on them). I also like bold or dark background colors like red or black. However, that’s because red and black colors suit my skin tone and body shape really well.

You can really choose any background color you like. A lot of swimsuits and vintage dresses I’ve seen, for example, might be bright blue or yellow in color with white dots. Manufacturers do this because the darker background and lighter polka dots are easier on the eyes and more flattering.

3. Choose Different Styles of Clothing That Flatter Your Body

Finally, you may find that the real difference when it comes to polka dot patterns actually has less to do with the pattern and more to do with the style of clothing. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to what flatters your body best because it’s really about your specific body shape.

Something that has made me feel more confident in my skin and my clothes is choosing clothing that accentuates all my best features. For example, I really like dresses that are tight around the bust and waist, but then flare out over my hips and butt. They really show off my curves well.

Final Word

Should plus size women wear polka dots? You absolutely should, particularly if it fits your particular style or you find a piece of clothing that catches your eye.

While choosing smaller polka dots is more flattering than larger ones, especially when the cut of the clothing flatters your body, you should ultimately wear whatever you feel most confident in. Fashion is all about letting that inner beauty shine!

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