What is Husky Size in Clothing?

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Clothing manufacturers use different terms for sizing to make it easier for customers to find what they want. One of these terms used for boys’ clothing is “husky”.

So, what is husky size in clothing?

Husky size is used to describe clothing for boys designed for the bigger body, much like big and tall might be used to describe clothing for bigger men. Usually, husky bottoms are a little roomier in the hips, waist, and thighs, while husky tops might have a little more room in the chest. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at what exactly husky size means and the differences between boys’ husky and regular clothing.

What is Husky Size in Clothing?

Husky size is used to describe clothing made for boys that is a little roomier in certain areas than regular-sized clothing. This roomier fit is perfect for the boy who might need a little room around the chest of his shirts or around the waist and thighs in his pants.

A lot of clothes are made one-size-fits-most when it comes to kids, particularly when they are younger. The problem with this is that kids with bigger waists might have to go the next size up. Often, this means the length is too long for the child’s body.

Fortunately, as kids reach youth sizes, manufacturers do start offering bigger, roomier clothes. This includes husky size for boys and juniors plus for girls.

What Does Husky Size Mean in Pants?

For pants, husky size means that there is extra room around the waist, hips, and thighs. However, the inseam of these pants is the same (or close to) as it is in regular-size pants.

If you’ve ever had to “go the next size up” when shopping with a child and then found that the pants were an inch or two below the ankles, then you likely understand the frustration that can exist before kids are big enough to fit into husky sizes.

This leaves options of choosing too-small, uncomfortable-around-the-waist pants, going with pants that are too long, or making alterations to the bottom hems to make the legs shorter. It’s a hassle when manufacturers could just make clothing for kids that aren’t one-size-fits-all.

What Does Husky Size Mean in Shirts?

For shirts, husky usually means that there is more room in the chest area than there is in regular-size shirts. This extra room is great for kids that might be a little stockier or even kids that are big-boned. You can see how much of a difference there is by checking out the size charts below.

Husky vs. Regular Size

How does husky size compare to regular-size pants and shirts? Like when comparing 1X to XL clothing, husky size is just a little bit bigger in certain areas, offering a roomier fit.

How Do Husky Pants Compare to Regular Boys’ Pants?

Compared to regular-sized pants, you’ll find that husky boys’ pants have extra room around the waist, hips, and thighs. This accommodates boys that might be a little bigger around the middle.

Even though there’s more room in the waist, the length of the inseam is often the same or within 1-2 inches, so pants that have a bigger waist aren’t too long. Here’s a look at how regular boys’ pants compare to husky boys’ pants from French Toast.

Size Regular Waist Size (inches) Husky Waist Size (inches) Husky Hip Size (inches) Husky Waist Size (inches) Regular Size Inseam (inches)

Husky Size Inseam (inches)


25.5 29 29 31.5 25.5



26.5 30.5 30.5 33 28



28 32 32 34.5 29.75



29.5 33.5 33.5 36 31



31 35 33.5 37.5 31.25


20 32.5 36.5 36.5 39 31.25


How Do Husky Shirts Compare to Regular Boys’ Shirts?

Compared to regular-sized shirts, husky boys’ shirts are usually roomier in the chest. Here’s a look at a size chart that I put together using info from Gap by Old Navy. It shows the differences in husky vs. regular-size shirts in their line.


Regular Chest Size (inches) Husky Chest Size (inches) Regular Sleeve Length (inches) Husky Sleeve Length (inches)
M 27 29 24.5



28 30 26 26


29 31 27.5


XXL 30 32 27.5-29


How Do I Know if My Son Needs Regular or Husky Clothing?

The biggest factor when choosing between regular size or husky size clothing is your son’s measurements and how the clothing fits him. If he’s currently in regular sizes, he might have difficulty moving around comfortably if his pants are too tight.

If you’ve bought bigger sizes and his pants are too long, it’s another indicator he might need a husky size instead. You’ll also notice they dig into the skin where the waistband is, especially if he’s been sitting a lot.

With shirts, it might be tight around the shoulders or chest if he needs a roomier fit. Don’t confuse the fit for shrinkage, though. A lot of shirt materials that have a higher cotton content shrink in the dryer, so sometimes it’s best to buy shirts the next size up.

Use His Measurements

Aside from the way that regular clothes fit (or don’t fit) him, you can use his measurements to find out which pants fit best. This is especially helpful if you’re shopping online, or if you just really aren’t sure what he needs.

To measure his chest, have him stand with his back straight and his arms raised in the air. You’ll want to measure the widest part of his chest.

To measure his waist, have him keep his back straightened while you measure the natural waist. You’ll want to measure the narrowest part of the waistline.

To measure his hips, have him stand straight with his feet shoulder-width apart. Then, measure the widest part of his hips. This is usually where you want the pants to sit to keep them from sliding down.

To measure his inseam, start measuring at the groin where the leg crease is. Measure down to his ankle.

Some clothing manufacturers also recommend their sizes based on a height/weight range. I don’t recommend using this info because a person’s height or weight doesn’t always reflect their body shape accurately.

Try Clothing On

Finally, the best way to find out if husky size would better fit his body type is to have your son try a few different sizes on. Try the size that he wears in husky and regular, as well as the next size up.

You should also have him do things like walk around, bend, and sit in the pants once he has them on. Check for whether they slide down too much, if he has room in the waist, and if he can comfortably move. For shirts, have him move his upper body around.

Final Word

What is husky size in clothing? Husky size is the equivalent of plus sizes for girls, but for little boys. Kind of like men’s big and tall sizes but for the youth. With husky pants, the inseam is close to the same size as regular sizes, but the waist, hips, and thighs are roomier. Shirts have a roomier chest area.

Husky is a good choice for boys that need a little more room in their clothes, without having to size up and buy clothes that are too long or disproportionate. Not only will he be more comfortable, but the right size clothes will fit better on his body and make him feel more confident, too.

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