5 Best Belly Band Holster For Fat Guys and Big Dudes

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Best Belly Band Holster For Fat Guys and Big Dudes

Finding a comfortable concealed carry setup can be a bit of a hassle for fat guys and big dudes. You’ve got all the same choices as anyone else but you’re frequently stuck with only one or two brands that actually fit or you’re required to make some modifications to pull it off.

But one of my favorite ways to carry is usually completely ignored by fat guys and that’s the belly band holster approach.

A belly band holster is comfortable, safe, and subtle. It also allows me to carry regardless of what I’m wearing since you don’t need a belt for a belly band holster to work. Most fat guys seem to think that the belly band holster just isn’t an option for them since their gut is too big.

But from one big belly to another I can tell you that most fat guys can rock the belly band holster if they find the right one- more importantly, if they understand how to wear it.

We’re going to look at my favorite options for big dudes along with a quick overview of how to actually pull this off.

But if you want to skip ahead and see what made the list you can see the winners here:

  1. Best Sizing Options: AlphaHolster Belly Band Cross Draw Holster – Up 64 Inches
  2. Best Overall: ComfortTac Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry
  3. Best Neoprene Belly Band On A Budget: Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster
  4. Best Magnetic Retention Strap: KAYLLE XL Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry
  5. Best For Multiple Magazine Carry: BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Now let’s dive in!

Where Should Fat Guys Wear A Belly Band?

If you just took the name at face value, you might assume that the belly band should be worn around your belly. While that is an option, it’s probably not a good idea for bigger or fat guys for a couple of reasons.

First, wearing your belly band directly on your gut requires that the band fit your belly at the widest point which can be a bit of a challenge, at least for me.

Second, you’re going to have a big printing issue if you wear your firearm on your stomach since that’s where your gut is most likely to push. Guys with chests big enough to push their shirts out, whether that’s a result of pec or moobs, can get away with carrying directly on the belly and avoid printing since clothing will be loose on the stomach.

But that’s not an option for me and the tightest part of my shirt is my stomach.

Finally, going that route doesn’t take advantage of your natural curves! That gut isn’t a liability, it’s an asset for advanced concealed carry.

Don’t believe me?

Just check out this quick clip showcasing a belly band concealed carry option and how they’ve positioned just below the belly:

Ain’t no printing problem there! That’s how you use your natural belly shape to successfully and subtly carry.

Not only that, but proper belly band placement opens up a lot more options so you’re not looking for something that has to fit at the widest point of your belly. Instead, you’re most likely placing your belly band below your stomach.

What Should Fat Guys Look For In A Belly Band?

Now that we know where to carry our belly band, we still need to know how to pick out a good one so let’s break down what you should look for. These factors are the same ones we used to decide which belly bands were good enough to make the list and which ones we left off.


If it doesn’t fit then it doesn’t matter how good of a belly band it is. That makes proper sizing the most important factor to consider. You won’t find any belly band with sizing less than 54 inches on this list but remember that you’ll want to wear your belly band below your gut so make sure you’re sizing appropriately.

When it comes to holster size, you’ll need to make sure that the belly band supports your specific firearm. If you’re trying to carry a pretty common pistol then you’re not going to need to worry about this too much.

But if your preferred piece is a little large, then you should double-check the belly band holster size to make sure you’re in the clear. Many brands will specifically list the firearms they support so there’s no confusion.


One of the big benefits of going with a belly band instead of a gun belt as a fat guy is comfort. Gun belts can absolutely work for fat guys but it’s not without some work and belts will always dig into your gut more than a belly band.

The great thing about belly bands is that they’re almost always going to be more comfortable than anything else you’re used to, at least when it comes to concealed carry options.


Belly bands come in a variety of material types but it’s almost always going to be some kind of synthetic fabric. They’ll also use several types of material throughout the construction but we’re really focused on the portion that comes in contact with our skin.

The higher quality belly band holsters will have heavy amounts of neoprene which is the same stuff that wetsuits are made from. This is great for staying comfortable since neoprene is unlikely to irritate the skin. It’s also flexible enough that you can easily move around even with a tight belly band holster.

However, the downside is sweat and cost.

As a big guy, I’ve just accepted that I sweat more but if you’re in any kind of heat when wearing a neoprene belly band holster, you should expect to deal with some major sweat around the area. Neoprene is also more expensive than elastic which means you’ll need to pay a premium price for this premium material.

We’ll also take a look at some pure elastic belly band holsters. These can also work well for fat guys and since the material is thinner they may not cause the same amount of sweating. They’re also not as “locked in” as a neoprene band would be since pure elastic belly bands will move a bit more.

Elastic may be a bit itchier as well but you can usually solve that with an undershirt.

Then you have belly bands with a mix of both that try to balance out the pros and cons of each.

Overall, your choice will depend on how much you sweat already, how much you care about it, and your budget. Every belly band on this list can work for fat guys so the material you go with will come down to preference.

Easy To Draw

Draw speed is the biggest weakness when it comes to belly band holsters and you’re not going to win any quick draw competitions by having to lift your shirt up to access your weapon.

Still, some belly band holsters will make this easier than others so we’ve focused on options that have more flexibility when it comes to positioning and doesn’t have any unnecessary extras that could slow down your draw when it matters most.


You already know the obvious factors when it comes to holster safety but one that gets missed quite a bit is simply whether or not the holster stays in the right place. In other words, if a belly band is constantly slipping lower on your body then it’s not safe.

That could lead to big problems like the firearm being dislodged especially when you sit and your thighs move towards your gut. But just as important, you need your firearm to be in the right spot when you need it. Belly band holsters that can’t stay tight on a bigger body aren’t safe.

The first step to preventing this is finding the right size but we’ll also be looking at belly band holsters with powerful velcro or other connection points that will keep everything in place even on fat guys.

Best Belly Band Holsters For Fat Guys

With all the background information out of the way, here’s a quick look at some of the belly bands we’ve reviewed before we dive into the benefits of our top picks.

The three belly band gun holsters being reviewed


Best Sizing Options: AlphaHolster Belly Band Cross Draw Holster – Up 64 Inches

AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster
2,279 Reviews
AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster
  • Runs up to 64 inches which is perfect for big guys with big bellies
  • Works for almost any firearm including larger revolvers
  • Thin elastic keeps your weapon in place while letting your belly breath
  • Easy on the budget

You’re a big guy so let’s get right to the point and start with the largest belly band holster I could find with sizing up to 64 inches. I know there are plenty of guys with bellies that are bigger than 64 inches but remember you can wear a belly band holster just below your gut (check out the quick video above if you haven’t already) and most big dudes will be able to make this work.

The design on the AlphaHolster Belly Band is dead simple. Made almost entirely of elastic there’s nothing fancy about it but it does get the job done. Because the construction is simple and relies almost entirely on elastic, it’s also pretty darn easy on the budget.

The downside to the elastic material, and especially with this belly band in particular is that it can get pretty itchy if applied directly to your skin. The simple fix here is to use an undershirt that will eliminate any itchiness.  Using an undershirt with a belly band holster isn’t a bad idea to begin with, even if you’re using a more comfortable material like neoprene since you don’t want it to smell over time.

Super flexible elastic is also a good option for fat guys since this belly band can easily be shifted wherever it can fit.

The holster on this belly band is flexible and stretchy which is both a pro and a con. On the pro side of things, it means this holster can fit just about any weapon but that also means that you shouldn’t expect a perfect fit. There’s a small latch to keep your firearm in place and while it might take a little getting used to it shouldn’t be a problem for most guys.

Overall, this is the belly band holster you turn to when you need length and size above all else. Yes, it’s comfortable and does a great job at what it’s designed to do but the extra length is the real stand-out feature as neoprene belly bands will be more comfortable on bare skin.

You can read more reviews and see today’s price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Overall: ComfortTac Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

On Sale ($13.00 OFF)
ComfortTac Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry
  • 54 inches which can work for many fat guys
  • Neoprene waist band means extra comfort and no itching
  • More than 25,000 five-star reviews on Amazon

If you’ve been diving into the world of belly band holsters you’ve probably seen the ComfortTac belly band popping up and it’s for good reason. This is the go-to belly band holster for most folks and it works great for fat guys. You can see it below before we talk about what’s so great about it.

Showing the ComfortTac Belly Band with Gun in Holster

Don’t be fooled by the skinny girl showing off her hip carry on the Amazon image. That’s just there to get your attention. This belly band holster can be worn wherever you prefer including just below the gut which is the sweet spot for me.

Because it’s made from comfortable neoprene, there’s no issue with wearing this directly on your skin. Neoprene is very flexible but still stiff enough to prevent rolling that you’ll see in some pure elastic bands.

Plus, this belly band is really roomy when it comes to having room for your extras like ammo or magazines. Here’s a look at the width of the pockets compared to the pockets on the Ghost Concealment option.

Showing the thickness of two different belly bands

But neoprene also leads to more sweat around the belly band. That’s a big deal for me and honestly, it’s impossible to completely avoid sweat when wearing a belly band. Fortunately, ComfortTac does try to combat this a little with these little air holes that are all around the inside of the belt. You can see them in this photo.

Air holes on the ComfortTac Belly Band

The trigger guard on the ComfortTac is the only thing I don’t love. It’s functional but not as high quality as some of the other materials used which is a bit disappointing. Still, it’s pretty far from a deal breaker.

The other concern that some guys may have is the strap that hooks the firearm in place. This is pretty standard on belly bands and I can’t take this away from the ComfortTac too much. After all, belly bands aren’t really made for quick draw situations.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get the jump in the right situation or successfully draw when you need to but having a weapon under your shirt with a strap locking it in will always be slower than a traditional set up.

Even with these caveats, there are still plenty of happy fat guys with reviews across the internet and more than 25,000 five star reviews on Amazon backing this belly band up.

You can read more of those reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Best Neoprene Belly Band On A Budget: Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster

Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster
  • Runs up to 54 inches in length
  • Comfortable neoprene waist band
  • Easy on the budget

Ghost Concealment is another great belly band option if you want to go for neoprene without breaking the bank. They may not be as well known as ComfortTac but that doesn’t make them any less of a quality belly band holster- here’s what it looks like.

Picture of the Ghost Concealment belly band

They score extra points out of the gate by using a model that actually looks like us instead of a skinny female. It’s like the guys at Ghost Concealment are shooting up a flair and saying, “Hey Fat Guys! This is for you!”

And they’re not wrong.

This comfortable neoprene belly band holster can easily be fit below a big belly without rolling, causing extra itchiness or printing. There’s some extra venting on the waistband as compared to other neoprene options but it’s not enough to make a difference for most fat guys. I’ve already said if you’re wearing neoprene you’re going to have some sweat- venting or not.

I also like that this fits a wide variety of guns, but in a way that is really snug. There’s a gun strap with a snap button and as you can see from this video, the gun sits in the holster securely, in a way that makes me feel like it isn’t going anywhere.

As with most belly band holsters, you can wear this just about anywhere. If you’ve got the classic fat guy physique of a big belly with no butt then behind the hip carry could be a good spot but it’s really just up to your personal preference. I also love that this is one of the longest options, so it should work regardless of the size of your belly. You can see how it compares to the length of the ComfortTac belly band here, which offers plenty of room on its own.

Comparing the lengths of the Ghost Concealment and ComfortTac Belly Bands for guys with big bellies


Overall, the Ghost Concealment belly band makes a great option for most fat guys. In addition to being really long, it’s also super stretchy and comes with plenty of pockets for your gun and accessories. Plus, it’s easy on the budget with comfortable neoprene and solid size choices.

You can read more reviews and check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best Magnetic Retention Strap: KAYLLE XL Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

KAYLLE XL Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry
  • 55 inches means more room for big bellies
  • Magnetic closure retention strap allows for quick, quiet and easy access to your firearm
  • Velcro hook technology allows for quiet adjustment

Belly bands won’t allow you to be quick on the draw, and that’s really just the nature of any concealed carry.

But what a belly band lacks in speed it can make up for in subtlety. Not only will a potential threat not know that you’re carrying a firearm but with a quiet retention strap they won’t hear you reaching for your weapon either. Here’s a look at this choice from KAYLLE.


Even if it is unlikely that a bad guy will hear a little piece of velcro unlock as you adjust your retention strap, it is nice to have a quiet option and this belly band from KAYLLE delivers.

They use a simple but functional magnetic clip that locks your weapon in place. Is it as strong as a thick velcro or snap connection?

Probably not.

But in some cases, that’s a positive thing. You can still draw out of a magnetic clip while keeping your weapon in place the rest of the time. When you do draw out of the magnetic strap, it will also be silent, which can be a major benefit if you don’t want someone to know you’re drawing your weapon.

This belly band doubles down on keeping quiet with a more modern-style velcro that keeps noise down. While you aren’t going to be removing your belly band with a potential bad guy around quieter velcro could still be a nice positive for fat guys. While it is stretchy and plenty long, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t quite have the length of some other picks, like the option from Ghost Concealment in this picture.

Comparison of the length of the KAYLLE and Ghost Concealment gun belts

When I sit down, my belly is always pushing against my belly band (and my belt, jeans, and everything else) which can create some shifts and in some cases, noise from the velcro. This belly band should help prevent that and while that’s nice it’s still not a critical feature.

I also like that this seems like it’d fit a wide variety of guns. Not only does the holster have plenty of room for your weapon, but it also is really stretchy. You can see me stretching the material in this picture.

Showing where the gun goes for the KAYLLE belly band

Made from comfortable neoprene and other quality materials, this belly band is another good choice. At the end of the day, the big difference isn’t the velcro but the magnetic and much quieter retention strap for your firearm.

It’s also ready for fat guys with a total length of 55 inches.

You can read more reviews and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.


Best For Multiple Magazine Carry: BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry
  • 55 inches in length to leave room for a big belly
  • Extra pouches for multiple magazines or extra like flashlights, knives or other gear
  • Comfortable neoprene with plenty of positive reviews

Every belly band holster will, of course, carry your weapon. Some will allow you to add a magazine and then others like the Bravobelt allow you to carry a whole lot more.

In addition to the holster for your firearm, you’ll also get two magazine pockets and a cell phone pocket. While you can’t put a firearm in the cell phone pocket you can add other tactical items to that spot. You can also replace a magazine pocket with a small flashlight if it makes sense for where you’re going.

Hopefully, you don’t get into a situation where you need multiple magazines but some guys will rest easier knowing they have it if they do.

As with several other options on this list, the Bravovelt is made from comfortable neoprene and features a snap-style retention strap.

The holster also comes with both left and right barrel exits to accommodate whatever your shooting preference is.

When it comes to being fat-friendly, the Bravobelt is available at a length of 55 inches which should work for most big dudes. Remember, this best worn under your belly so even with a gut that’s bigger than 55 inches you can still pull this off.

If you’re looking for double mag carry and overall flexibility with what you carry, it’s worth checking out the Bravobelt. You can take a closer look at the magazine pockets and see the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Closing Thoughts

I love belly bands and I love them even more for fat guys.

As a fat guy, I’m naturally a little hesitant about anything that sounds like it’s supposed to go around my stomach because I know I don’t have a stomach like everyone else.

But proper belly band placement isn’t about the belly at all and these holsters make amazing concealed carry options for big dudes. It’s one of the few holsters that actually takes advantage of your natural and masculine man curves.

In other words, your big belly can help conceal your carry and prevent printing with a well placed belly band holster.

What do you think? Are you going to rock the belly band holster?

Leo Reed

Leo is fat and proud! Coming in at 405 pounds, Leo has been fat his entire life and is constantly on the hunt for products that help improve the life of fat folks around the world.

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