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how to cosplay when you're fat

When you’re fat, you may have a different perception of the world compared to a thin person. Until recently, the media focused more on thin bodies than fat ones. 

Fat adults were raised to see people that didn’t necessarily look like them, which mentally put them in a constrictive place.

Primarily seeing thin people in movies, on tv shows, and even in cartoons, you may not see yourself in the characters that you admire. Which may leave you with questions about dressing up as characters you love. 

One question you may ask is, how can I cosplay if I am fat?

Cosplay has no size limitations nor does it have restrictions saying fat people can’t role play as thin characters! When you are ready to Cosplay, the best way is to find a character that you love, and simply do it! Create a costume that you feel confident wearing and explore the Cosplay community!

That’s the quick answer but we’re going to go into a lot more detail with everything you need to know about successfully cosplaying at any size!

What Is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a combination of the words “costume” and “play.” When someone likes a character from an anime, cartoon, video game, comic book, television show, or movie they dress up like that character. They often mimic the character’s body language, voice, and overall appeal to become as similar to the character as possible.

Some cosplayers will buy their costumes, but many create the costumes from scratch, often sewing or gluing pieces and things together and painting or adding accessories to them to get their final outfit. 

Cosplay is performance art, but it is visual art too. The time and creativity spent on creating their costumes is definitely an art form that should not be denied. 

Some cosplayers may create their costumes for personal use, but many use their costumes as part of a larger subculture. They dress up in their Cosplay and go to conventions or events where they can see others dressed up and enjoying the Cosplay community.

Cosplay is a subculture of people who share their experiences, photos, and videos online and in person with their peers.

Should I Cosplay As A Fat Person?

Absolutely! Cosplay has no weight limit or restrictions on body shape! As long as you are comfortable being dressed up as the character you choose, that is all that matters! 

This video perfectly represents why fat people should participate in Cosplay if they are interested and not limit themselves!

Can I Modify Cosplay For My Fat Body?

Of course! As fat people, we have extra curves and folds which we may want to hide. You may want your Cosplay to be as accurate to your character as possible, there is no rule saying that it must match exactly. Modifying your costume can help ease you into the Cosplay community without feeling too exposed.

You can also adjust your costume in less visible ways and simply adding an elastic waist or even a drawstring can make you feel more comfortable.

But remember, you don’t have to hide your body if you are fat! You can wear whatever you want, as long as you are comfortable wearing it.

If the Cosplay you choose has a very revealing outfit, you can modify the costume to cover areas of your body that you want to conceal. For example, if the character wears a mini skirt and a crop top, you can make it a midi skirt and a full coverage top. It is still possible to look like the character while also being comfortable!

You can also wear something under the Cosplay. If you really want to match the character and don’t want to modify the Cosplay, you can wear a bodysuit or another full coverage outfit underneath. 

What Are The Best Plus-Size Cosplay Characters?

Any character, regardless of their size, can be Cosplayed by a fat person. There are thousands of characters to choose from when you are ready to Cosplay. But, if you want to Cosplay as a character that is also fat, here are some great fat Cosplay character ideas!

The Queen Of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is from Alice in Wonderland. She is a well-known character that may or may not be loved by everyone due to her villainous ways! She is plus-sized and eccentric, which may or may not be a perfect fit for you! 

She has multiple accessories to play around with while creating this Cosplay. Her dress provides full coverage, which is great for those who don’t want to show too much skin. 

Since there are multiple versions of Alice In Wonderland, you have many variations of The Queen to choose from! 


Shugesh is from the anime show Dragon Ball Z. He is a Sayan warrior who represents the fat community but is also strong and muscular. He is an honorable warrior who is very skilled in what he does, which may be the perfect character for someone with a similar personality!

He wears armor that exposes his arms and legs with accessories that go along with his warrior theme. This Cosplay outfit can be modified by adding longer sleeves or left the way it is depending on your comfort level!

Shugesh also has his great ape form which turns him into a monkey! This variation would provide fuller coverage as well as another way to Cosplay as this character!

Majin Buu

Majin Buu is also a character from the anime show Dragon Ball Z. He is a magical entity who will turn you into something delicious and gobble you up! If you wish you could turn your enemies into something yummy and eat them, he may be your go-to Cosplay character!

He doesn’t wear much to cover his large belly, just an open vest, and a cape! He does however wear pants and boots on his lower half! 

His skin is pink which would help if you chose to modify this Cosplay. Adding a pink bodysuit underneath would not only make it full coverage, but you would look more like him!

Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin is from the TV cartoon Family Guy. Chris is an aloof teenager who is easygoing and simple-minded. He is the middle child in a family of goofballs and is trying to find his way in the world. Relatable, right?

Chris wears a simple outfit consisting of black pants, a blue t-shirt, sneakers, and a ball cap. Cosplaying as him would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to put extensive effort into a costume, or someone on a budget ad you could wear a pair of black chinos or even black jeans for the look

A fun variation of this costume would be Chris’s goth look. Goth Chris emerged after he joined a punk rock band and would be fun for musicians or fans of the episode!

Princess Fiona

Princess Fiona is from the movie Shrek. She was once a thin princess who was cursed and made into an ogre. While this may be slightly backhanded, to think an ogre can’t be as desirable as a princess. Fiona has represented being the underdog by becoming a feminist icon! She has a wonderful husband and a happy life, so take that as a sign that being unique can still bring you great joy!

Fiona wears a full-length green gown that fits her curves. Her hair is pinned back and she sports a tiara on top of her head. She represents beauty and comfort with her low heel shoes. 

Princess Fiona is green, so you could add a green bodysuit or body paint to your costume. Or, you can go as her human version who wears the same dress, but she isn’t green!

Can Fat People Cosplay As A Skinny Character?

Cosplay has no limitations, especially regarding fatness. Fat people can Cosplay as fat or skinny characters! Above we showed some examples of fat characters that fat people can Cosplay as, and below we will talk about a few skinny characters. Never limit yourself to only playing fat characters as a fat person. You can Cosplay as whoever you want and below are some good options that will work for folks of any size!


Belle is a character from Beauty and the Beast. She is a common woman who discovers a castle inhabited by a beast when she is searching for her missing father. She becomes his prisoner, but they soon fall in love, revealing the beast is actually a prince, and she becomes his princess. 

Belle wears a simple white blouse, a blue dress, and a white apron at the beginning of the movie. Once she becomes a princess, Belle transforms and her clothing becomes more extravagant. Her princess dress is a gold full-length gown with accessories such as earrings, a necklace, and a tiara.

Although Belle is represented as a thin woman, a fat woman (or man) can also dress up as her character.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is an iconic character from the DC comic, Batman. She is wild and funny with a wicked sense of adventure. Her sense of style matches her eclectic personality and is unique and easily modified.

Harley Quinn wears short shorts and a midriff showing top paired with high boots and pigtails. She shows a lot of skin and is proud of her body. This Cosplay is good for fat people who want to reveal their curves! You can also adjust the length of the shorts to your measurements as needed

Harley Quinn’s costume can be modified by adding fishnets, a jacket, or a bodysuit underneath. Not everyone is ready to reveal themselves, which is why modified Cosplay outfits are a great way to stay modest, but still embody your favorite characters!


Goku is from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He is a Sayan male who was sent to earth to destroy it! He is slender with muscles and trains to be a great warrior which is reflected in his physique. 

Goku wears a Gi, which is a martial arts uniform. A Gi is something that can be worn by anyone fat or not and can be modified to fit in a way that is comfortable for you. 


We all know Spider-Man aka Peter Parker from the Spider-Man comics and movies. Spider-Man is a slender character who starts as a teenager named Peter Parker and becomes Spider-Man after being bitten by a mutant spider. Ouch! But extremely cool!

Spider-Man has many variations of his costume depending on the movie or comic book. The commonality is that he wears a skin-tight suit that has a spiderweb design from head to toe. Skin-tight suits can cause anyone to be apprehensive, but they are made for anyone, even fat people! 

Should I Worry That I Will Be Fat-Shamed?

Generally, the Cosplay community is accepting of all body shapes and sizes. Cosplay is about having fun while dressed up and interacting as your favorite characters. So you shouldn’t have to worry too much about being fat-shamed. 

While the community is supposed to be a safe place, there is always going to be a bad apple in the bunch. It is possible that you will be discriminated against or fat-shamed while doing Cosplay as a fat person. 

We want to believe the world is inclusive and non-judgmental, but that isn’t our world. We live in a society that still has those who will shame you regardless of how nice you are to them.

To help you overcome your fears do the following:

Set Boundaries 

Create boundaries for yourself. When we set boundaries for ourselves it helps us know when to move on. Don’t allow anyone to overstep your boundaries or allow them to make you feel uncomfortable. Limit yourself to exposure to toxic behavior.

Choose Your Community Wisely

Choose to surround yourself with a community of people who make you feel good about yourself. Watch the way they treat others, and make sure it matches the way you treat others as well. If they fat shame others, they will probably fat shame you as well.

Treat Everyone With Kindness

Be kind to everyone. When you are kind it makes you feel good. So even if someone isn’t nice or kind to you, you know that you were a good human, and it wasn’t due to your lack of graciousness.

When you practice these rules for yourself it will limit your exposure to people who may try to make you feel less than for being fat.

How Can I Get Over My Fear Of Being Fat-Shamed?

If you allow yourself to always live in a state of fear, you will never live for yourself. You will be living according to the judgments of others. Which is not fair to you.

If you are afraid that you will be fat-shamed, it may be easier to stay at home and hide away for the rest of your life. But, is that really the easiest option? Think about the mental effects isolation can have on you!

Sometimes it’s best to put our fears aside and face them. If someone does fat shame you, remember you are worthy of being around nice people. Ignore them and move on.

Put yourself out there and Cosplay freely and happily. You will find others who accept you and they will help you gain confidence when you are entering the community. The more confidence you have, the less likely the words of others will matter to you!


Cosplay is a fun way to dress up like the characters you love. It enters you into a world of like-minded people who share the love of costumes and community. Never limit yourself because you are fat.

Honestly, many bigger and plus-size people suffer more in their imagination than they do in real life and when you put yourself out there you may be surprised at just how many communities are friendly to bigger folks. From things like Crossfit to cosplay to hula hooping and ice skating (and everything in between), there’s a whole world of supportive folks out there just waiting for you to join them!

Dress up as thin or fat characters, remember it’s the characters that you like, not the characters that you match! Putting limitations on yourself because of your fatness will cause you to miss out on the joy and new friendships that Cosplay can bring.

Camila R.

Camila is a body positive blogger and fat activist that's focused on helping people of all sizes live life big! That means accepting yourself at any size and just enjoying life! She lives in New Mexico with her husband and two chihauhuas.

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