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woman wondering what to do with back fat before putting on tight clothing

Nobody likes putting time and effort into their look, only to lose their confidence when they look in the mirror and notice something like unflattering back fat.

That being said, having to find a whole new look isn’t always reasonable, either. Plus, I’m not one to let a little jiggle or back fat stop me from wearing an outfit that I love.

So, how do you hide back fat in tight clothes?

You can hide back fat in tight clothing by wearing shapewear or using contour type to stretch and smooth the skin. The type of bra, tank top, or other clothes you are wearing also makes a difference. Finally, you have the option of putting something over your back fat, like a shawl. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at how to hide back fat in tight clothes. Hopefully, these tips help you feel as confident as you should when you rock that form-fitting look.

How to Hide Back Fat in Tight Clothes

To start with, the best way to hide back fat in tight clothes is to take steps to minimize it. This includes things like choosing the right fabric and undergarments.

If you still have back fat you want to make less noticeable, you can try shapewear to sculpt it or contour tape to smooth it out. Covering up problem areas is also an option. Let’s take a closer look at some of these tips.

Avoid Undergarments that “Squeeze”

There are times when back fat really can’t be avoided, depending on the cut of the top of the dress that you’re wearing. That being said, some bras, shapewear, and other undergarments “squeeze” your body.

Anything that squeezes extra skin or fat that you might have is going to create the illusion of lumps or rolls at the top of your back. While most of us are aware that we have back fat, the wrong type of bra or shapewear makes it look a lot worse than it typically would.

Likewise, panties or shapewear for the bottom half of your body creates rolls if they dig into your hips or waist too much. Undergarments are also more likely to roll down or move around if they’re too small.

Even if you’re wearing shapewear that compresses your body, it isn’t supposed to dig into your skin. In fact, properly-fitting shapewear shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear.

Choosing the Right Dress

Garments that have a little extra stretch are going to conform to the shape of your body better. The thing I’ve always appreciated about stretchier fabrics is that they generally fit well as long as you have the size that you need.

While it might seem like a sturdier fabric is going to hold everything in place, material that’s too stiff actually has the opposite effect. It squeezes different areas of your body and pushes them around, making rolls and bumps look worse than they need to. This is made worse if your dress size is too small.

While you do want something that stretches, keep in mind that fabric with too much give isn’t always the most flattering either. Too much give lets everything fall out of place, kinda like a bra or shapewear that’s too worn out.

Something else that could help is choosing a top or dress that has a V-shaped design in the back. Anything with a “V-shape” is going to elongate your back, making it look thinner by playing with perception.

Go Full-Coverage When Possible

Wearing a supportive bra or tank top under your dress that offers a little more coverage is going to smooth skin out, instead of making it look lumpy or bulky. That extra support also helps hold everything in place, so you stay looking great throughout the day.

Of course, full coverage isn’t always something that’s practical depending on the cut of the clothing. This is especially true for dresses or tops that are strapless, halter-style, or have cutouts in the back. Don’t worry-I’ve offered a few tips for hiding stubborn back fat when it’s exposed like this in the next few sections.

Use Shapewear

The advantage of shapewear compared to a bra is that there is a little bigger range when it comes to the different styles of shapewear and how they fit under your tight clothes. You can buy shapewear for the top of your body, the bottom half, or even a one-piece that offers support everywhere.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s important with shapewear that you choose the right size. Squeezing into something tighter is not going to hold things in place better. In fact, squeezing into shapewear is going to create more back fat that you have to deal with because it pushes fat up like a waist trainer when it’s too tight.

That being said, there are different levels of compression for shapewear. Some are meant to smooth the skin, while others shape and sculpt your body. High-compression shapewear is more likely to create back fat because of the way it pushes fat around instead of smoothing over it.

Cover Up Problem Areas

While I don’t believe you should ever feel you have to cover up your body because you’re a curvy or full-figured woman, there’s nothing wrong with dressing how you feel most confident. Sometimes, that involves covering up those areas that we worry about so much so we can focus on having a good time instead.

Any type of shawl, sweater, or cute jacket works well to cover up areas like back fat, even when you’re wearing tight clothing. Plus, there are a lot of options out there, so it should be pretty easy to find something that looks great with what you’re wearing.

This is a tip that I used myself when I attended a wedding last year. I found a halter-style dress with a slim waist that flared out, resulting in a look that was really flattering on my body type.

The only downside was that the top of the dress showed off a little back fat underneath my armpit. I’m also fairly sensitive about my arm fat (especially in pictures, which don’t always look like the mirror). Instead of putting back the dress, I paired it with a black shawl that matched my shoes.

It really was the best of both worlds. I pinned the shawl in place so I didn’t have to worry about holding it in place the whole time and I didn’t have to sacrifice how beautiful and confident I looked in the dress I had chosen.

Try Boob/Contour Tape

Contour tape (also called boob tape) is a single-sided, skin-safe tape that you can use to smooth, pull, and sculpt unwanted fat. This works well when you are trying to hide back fat in a dress or an open-back top. It even works for stopping your shapewear or underwear from rolling down.

The thing with hiding back fat is that it’s not the easiest to apply contour tape yourself, especially if you have short arms like I do or aren’t especially flexible. Plus, it requires a lot of awkwardly craning your neck around in the mirror so you can see what you are doing.

So, if you can have a close friend or your spouse help you with this, I really recommend it. To apply the contour tape, you start by attaching it just under wherever your fabric comes across your back. Pull the tape (and your skin) forward and attach the other end of the tape to your ribs.

You can also apply the tape and pull the skin downward, attaching it to your back. Keep in mind that you don’t want to go with cheap contour tape here- otherwise, sweat is going to cause it to slip out of place. This is problematic for people who sweat more, especially if you end up on the dance floor after a few drinks like I do.

Should You Wear Tight Clothes if You’re Fat?

When it comes to what you should be wearing when you’re fat, the only real answer is to wear what makes you feel most confident. That being said, tight clothes actually have an advantage over baggier clothes and the way that they fit your body.

When you wear something like a baggy shirt and sweatpants, there’s a lot more room between your actual body and the fabric. As you move around and the fabric moves with you, the end result is an outfit that looks bigger and bulkier than it normally does.

Tighter clothes actually help hold everything in place, hug your curves, and help you accentuate the areas of your body that you feel good about. That being said, there is a difference between clothes that are styled to be tight and clothes that are a size too small. Always go with the proper size, otherwise your outfit will have the opposite effect.

So, should you wear tight clothes if you’re fat? You absolutely should, especially if they make you feel confident. When it comes down to it, you should rock the crop top, wear the bikini to the beach, and rock the shorts, even if you have cellulite or fat that jiggles a little bit. You deserve to feel good about yourself and how you look, too.

Final Word

Being a plus-size woman or bigger man doesn’t mean that you have to opt for bigger, baggier clothes. In fact, tighter clothes are often flattering because they show off your curves and let you accentuate the part of your body you feel most confident about.

Hopefully, these tips on how to hide back fat in tight clothes make it easier for you to feel confident, despite your trouble areas. Choosing the right undergarments and shapewear, opting for stretchier fabric, and using things like accessories or contour tape will help you keep back fat hidden, even in tight clothing.

Keep in mind that we all have things we don’t like about our bodies, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel good about your overall look. You shouldn’t let worries about something like rolls or a little back fat stop you from living your best life!

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