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woman wearing jeans and hiding belly fat

Every woman should have at least one pair of jeans that makes her feel confident. Sometimes though, even when they hug our lower body in all the right places, belly fat still hangs over the front.

While I’m always preaching that people should love their bodies, it’s hard not to feel like your belly is ruining your outfits.

So, how do you hide your belly fat in jeans?

You can hide your belly fat in jeans by choosing jeans that fit well. High-waisted and darker-colored jeans are also good for hiding a belly. Wearing shapewear under your jeans, pairing jeans with the right shirt, or wearing a blazer are also great ways to give yourself a slimmer appearance. 

Next, I’ll dive deeper into these tips on how to hide belly fat in jeans and include some pictures so you can see what works (and doesn’t work).

Start with the Right Pair of Jeans

The jeans that you’re wearing change how you look for several reasons. Let’s take a closer look.

Wear High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans are really a lifesaver when you’re trying to hide your tummy, muffin top, FUPA, or whatever you’d like to call it. Just look at the difference between these two photos.

side by side comparison of belly fat in jeans

When you put on high-waisted jeans, all that area that normally sticks out over the tops of your jeans disappears. I’ve also found that high-waisted jeans stay up better because they hug above the hips, so they’re less likely to slide down.

When you’re plus-sized, looking your best often comes down to knowing how to play tricks on the eyes. Don’t get me wrong- I’m all about curvier bodies wear whatever they’d like. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel confident, either!

Wear Appropriately Sized Jeans

When your jeans are too tight, they dig into your skin and create rolls. This means instead of smoothing over your hips and belly like they did in the previous photos, they’re going to create extra lumps and bumps.

You also want to avoid jeans that are too loose. While it might be tempting to by a bigger size and just throw on a belt, jeans that are too loose have a baggier appearance that can make you look bulky, especially if you’re plus-sized.

Choose Darker Colors

Something else to consider is the color of your jeans. Darker colors are naturally more slimming, so going with a dark blue jean or black makes you look slimmer. Plus, if you pair the darker colors with a lighter top, it draws attention away from your waist area.

That being said, don’t let this suggestion alone keep you from putting on those lighter colored jeans, especially if you feel good in them. There are plenty of other ways to hide belly fat in jeans that we’ll get to in a minute.

Consider Jeans with an Elastic Waist

While I have a few pairs of jeans that are staples in my wardrobe now, there were a lot of years when I struggled with finding jeans that would fit my hips, butt, thighs, and waist without bunching or making me look bulky around the belly.

Elastic waist jeans have stretch around the waist and a lot of them also have stretch in the rest of the jeans as well. This means that they hug your curves (whether you’re curvy or full-figured) without sliding down or fitting in one area and being baggy in another.

Plus, elastic waist jeans are designed a lot more stylish than they once were. Even if you don’t go with an elastic waist, I’ve found stretchier materials are a must when I’m jean shopping because of my unique body shape.

How to Hide Belly Fat with Jeans and Shapewear

As a curvier woman, shapewear isn’t necessarily my go-to except for those occasions when I want to feel hot. That being said, if you want to hide your belly fat, wearing shapewear or a sculpting body suit underneath your jeans can help you achieve that smoother appearance that you want in the tummy area.

Choose Undergarments That Fit

If you are going to wear shapewear or a body suit with your jeans, having undergarments that fit is really important. There is a difference between clothing that is rigid because it’s made from firm fabric to help shape your body and undergarments that squeeze your body because they are too tight.

Undergarments that are too tight are more likely to roll down, while undergarments that are too loose or worn out might slide around, which creates fabric ripples that make you look bulkier. Additionally, a too-tight body suit is going to create unflattering back fat bulges at the top of your shirt.

Opt for Firmer Fabric for More Shaping

Shapewear has different levels of compression. Softer fabrics help smooth your skin and the highest levels of compression actually help shape your body and make your waist look slimmer.

There are some dangers associated with too much compression, especially for longer periods of time. Doctors at Cleveland Clinic recommend avoiding fabrics that irritate your skin and wearing the proper size, instead opting for smaller to appear thinner. You also shouldn’t sleep in shapewear or wear it for an extended period of time.

Shapewear is one of those things you should buy using your measurement, so you get the right fit for your body. If your shapewear is too tight, it’s going to cut into your skin and create bulges that create bulges in your thighs or unwanted back fat.

Use a Bodysuit to Keep Everything Tucked in

Bodysuits typically resemble bathing suits because they have a one-piece design. When you pair them with jeans, it’s pretty easy to choose a body suit that helps smooth things and tucks areas like your FUPA into your jeans.

Like with shapewear, it’s pretty important that you choose a body suit that fits well. When it’s too tight, it’ll press into your skin and create lumps, bumps, and creases that give you a bulkier look.

Something that I personally think is a necessity when it comes to bodysuits for plus-size women is snaps of some kind at the bottom of the garment. If you’ve ever worn a one-piece jumpsuit and needed to use the bathroom, then you know all the hassle that goes along with not having that opening at the bottom.

Pair Your Jeans with the Right Top

Your jeans are only half of your outfit and there’s a lot of different styles of shirts that flatter the plus-size body. For starters, any type of top that is tighter around the waist and then flows outward covers up your belly (kinda like the way certain styles of pleated skirts do).

With this shirt, for example, the major benefit is that it’s tight around the bottom, where it grabs onto the waist. The middle, by contrast, is loose enough that it flows over any problem areas for a more flattering appearance.

That being said, not all flowy tops are created equally. This shirt, for example, doesn’t really have a shape. Since it doesn’t accentuate the waist, it results in boxy, bulky look that isn’t really flattering.

Other Shirts and Patterns That Help Hide Your Tummy

In addition to how the shirt is cut, certain patterns are more slimming than others. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wear certain patterns, but it’s helpful if you’re trying to look slimmer.

When wearing polka dots, for example, choosing a smaller polka dot pattern is often more flattering on the plus-size body Darker backgrounds with lighter dots also have a slimming effect.

Contrary to popular belief, vertical stripes can actually make you look bigger than you are, while horizontal stripes are more slimming. This is true for both fat guys and plus-size women, though it can change based on the size of the stripe and the rest of your outfit.

Finally, if you’re wearing tighter clothes, then you also might want to avoid patterns that are going to stretch or become distorted. This distortion makes you look bigger than you are.

Consider a Belt to Accentuate Your Waist

A waist belt is something else that I’d consider a must-have for plus-sized women. You see, one of the things I’ve found is that there are a lot of clothing manufacturers out there that don’t really understand the shape of the curvy woman’s body.

Instead of designing plus-size specific clothing, some clothing designers just blow up the same designs they use for smaller sizes. These clothes don’t really accentuate your curves as they should and this is one of the reasons that plus-size clothing is sometimes ugly.

A belt also works well for dresses and oversized shirts like this flannel. Adding a belt creates a waist and helps the garment flow better over your curves.

Add a Blazer to Hide Trouble Areas

Adding a blazer or open-front sweater to your outfit is a great way to show off your shirt but still cover up areas like your hips and lower back, where even the best-fitting jeans can give you a little bit of tummy overhang.

Blazers are a pretty great fashion accessory for the plus-size woman. I’d even go as far to call them a must-have because they are great for covering up back fat that can happen if you’re wearing a strapless dress, waist trainer, or tight clothes, too.

Any type of jacket or sweater that’s open in the front works well too, especially if you find blazers a little bulkier. I have several thin sweaters like these. As you can see, they create the illusion of an hourglass figure without showing off trouble areas like my rolls in this form-fitting tank top.

I love that they’re longer on the sides to cover up my hips and waist, but a little shorter in the back, so they still show off my shape without looking bulky.

Final Word

Hopefully, these pictures and advice on how to hide your belly fat with jeans help you dress in a way that makes you feel most confident. Starting with jeans that fit well is a must, but choosing high-waisted, darker colored, or elastic waist jeans can also help you hide your belly.

Shapewear and bodysuits are a good option for people who want to slim their bellies a little and help get rid of a muffin top. Just be sure to wear shapewear that fits and avoid wearing it for long periods of time.

Pairing your jeans with the right top also helps give you a more flattering appearance. Choosing tops that accentuate your waist and flow over your curves helps. If your top doesn’t have a waist, adding a waist belt can create one!

Finally, adding a blazer or sweater to your outfit can help smooth over trouble areas like a muffin top, overhang, rolls, or back fat.

If you have any tips on how to hide belly fat on a curvier body, feel free to drop a comment. I’m always looking for new tips to try out!

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